Atopic dermatitis

Skin care atopic dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis
Recurrent itchy eczema
Atopic dermatitis is a disease in which itchy eczema repeatedly gets better and worse.In atopic dermatitis, the skin's "barrier function" (the function that protects the inside of the body from various irritations, dryness, etc.) is reduced, making it easier for antigens and stimuli to enter from the outside, and these impair the immune system. It binds to cells and causes allergic inflammation.In addition, the nerves that sense itching extend to the surface of the skin, making it easy to feel itching, and scratching further reduces the barrier function, creating a vicious cycle.When attempting to treat atopic dermatitis, our hospital prioritizes treatments for which there is evidence.Among these, we believe that semiconductor laser irradiation near the stellate ganglion is clinically effective.
Topical and oral medications are covered by insurance.
Atopy treatment
Laser irradiation of stellate ganglion
It has the same effect as steroids and can improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis without side effects.Treatment does not depend on age, and even children can receive irradiation.It has also been used as a treatment for atopic dermatitis at academic conferences, and is attracting attention as it has been reported to be more effective than using strong-class steroid ointment.By irradiating the vicinity of the stellate ganglion with a semiconductor laser, homeostasis can be achieved, and by restoring the disrupted balance of biological functions, it provides anti-aging care.The atopic dermatitis treatment performed at our hospital has no side effects and is a proven treatment method.
Placenta injection
Treatment with few side effects
Placenta is a treatment for atopic dermatitis with almost no side effects.Placenta is thought to have a complex effect, including immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, hormone-regulating, and basal metabolism-improving effects.
Care at home
Vitamin C derivative lotion
Vitamin C derivative lotion produced by Director Suetake.It has the effect of suppressing and reducing the production of melanin pigment, and is also effective against pigmentation.

Hot tub (HOT TAB)
Just put it in the bathtub and the hot tub will remove chlorine and limescale.People with sensitive skin and babies can also take a bath.The effect of bicarbonate ions increases blood flow, which opens the hair follicles on the skin and enhances the natural cleaning effect.It also prevents skin from becoming rough and dry due to sweat, sunlight, and UV rays.
Semiconductor laser therapy
Initial examination fee 3,000
1 times (5 minutes) 3,000
Placenta injection
Initial examination fee 3,000
1 ampoule 2,000
* From 2 ampoule.
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).

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