Wrinkle removal injection

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Wrinkle removal injection
Wrinkles that can be made by facial expressions
Anti-wrinkle injections have the effect of weakening muscle movement and are effective for wrinkles caused by facial expressions (expression wrinkles, cosmetic jaw surgery).It has long been used in the fields of ophthalmology and neurology to treat conditions such as eyelid and facial spasms.Its effectiveness has been proven by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, and it is widely used around the world.Director Suetake will be in charge of the treatment.
Treatment time, number of treatments, side effects, etc.
Treatment site Eye corners, eyebrows, forehead, jaws
Treatment time About 5 minutes
Therapeutic effect 4-8 months
(Average 6 months)
Treatment manifestation 2-7 days
pain None
Side effects There is a possibility of partial internal bleeding.
For those who have such problems
Those who are worried about wrinkles of the outer corner of the eyes when they laugh
Those who are worried about wrinkles of the forehead when facing up
Those who are worried about wrinkles between the eyebrows when frowning
Those who can make dried plums on their jaws
Sites suitable for treatment
It produces effects by injecting it into areas of concern, such as wrinkles around the corners of the eyes when smiling, wrinkles between the eyebrows when frowning, and deep horizontal lines on the forehead.

The duration of the effect on wrinkles varies depending on the individual, but usually a single injection can improve wrinkles for about 4 to 8 months (average 6 months).
amount Makes forehead wrinkles harder
Between the eyebrows Makes vertical lines between the eyebrows more difficult
Wrinkles around the eyes Makes the wrinkles of the corners of the eyes more difficult to laugh
The side of the nose Makes it harder for wrinkles to form on the nose when you laugh
Chin wrinkles Reduces wrinkles like umeboshi seeds on the chin
Oral Makes vertical lines on the mouth more difficult.
Effect of wrinkle removal injection
Number of treatments 1 times
cost 25,000 (27,500)
Risk: side effects Possible internal bleeding

Number of treatments 1 times
cost 30,000 (33,000)
Risk: side effects Possible internal bleeding
Number of treatments 1 times
cost 50,000 (55,000)
Risk: side effects Possible internal bleeding
Number of treatments 1 times
cost 50,000 (55,000)
Risk: side effects Possible internal bleeding
This will be treatment with medicines that will be used under the personal responsibility of the doctor.
Name of hyaluronic acid used
Made by Medytoxformulation ofDa Vinci Tech Co., Ltd.Purchased by requesting personal import agency.
*At our hospital, we thoroughly manage the hyaluronic acid in accordance with established methods by explaining all information such as the effectiveness and risks of the hyaluronic acid used, its ingredients, storage methods, etc. to the patient orally and in writing, and recording it in the medical record. .
Please rest assured that injections and care will always be carried out by our director, Nobuhiro Suetake, who is a specialist, and will not be performed by nurses.
Internal bleeding at the needle insertion site
Disappears within a week
Vagus nerve response
Pain at the needle insertion site
We use extremely thin needles to minimize pain.
Redness at the injection site
Swelling at the injection site
Allergies at the injection site
As of August 2022, 8, there are no reports of allergic reactions.
Excessive injection volume
Even if excessive hyaluronic acid is injected, it can be restored to its original state using a drug called hyaronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid.
If the manufacturer reports a case of side effects or complications due to hyaluronic acid injections used at our hospital, we will definitely disclose the information on our website.
Eye corner 50,000
Between the eyebrows 30,000
amount 50,000
Chin 60,000
Whole (brow, forehead, eyebrow) 100,000
Wrinkle removal injection flow
1. Reservation by phone
We accept reservations by phone.
2.Explanation of treatment from counselor
In a private room, a professional counselor will listen to your request in detail and explain the treatment method and details of the treatment.
3. Counseling by the director
The director, Suetake, will examine you, show you a photo of the case after the treatment, and give you easy-to-understand counseling about the effects and risks of the treatment, as well as specific treatment methods.
4. Application and payment for treatment
If you are satisfied with the procedure, sign the consent form and pay the procedure fee.
5. Treatment and treatment by the director
The doctor will always be in charge of the operation.The actual treatment time is about 20 minutes for the entire face.To reduce pain, the injection site is cooled with a -XNUMX°C cooling system, and firm pressure is applied to prevent internal bleeding.We guarantee the effectiveness.In the unlikely event that wrinkle improvement is deemed insufficient, retreatment is free of charge.
6. After-sales follow-up
Aftercare charges are included in the treatment fee. If you have any concerns after returning home, please feel free to contact us via toll-free number or email counseling.

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