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Skin care VIVACE
Microneedle RF treatment deviceVIVACE
Free medical treatment (not covered by insurance)
Pain similar to laser treatment *Treatment device with almost no downtime
The microneedle electronic energy treatment device “VIVACE” is a treatment device that causes almost no pain or downtime like laser treatment.Microneedles are used to directly irradiate the dermis to remove wrinkles, lift up skin, treat wrinkles around the eyes, treat acne, tighten the skin, and treat uneven skin.
How long does it take to return to normal daily life after receiving treatment?
Collagen and elastin are restored
A specially manufactured microneedle is inserted into the dermis layer to transmit bipolar energy.
This energy coagulation initiates the skin's recovery mechanism, restoring collagen and elastin within the dermal layer.
It normalizes sebaceous gland secretion and is effective in improving skin elasticity, wrinkles, and acne.
1 special needles (shortest 36cm, adjustable to the longest 0.5cm) are installed at the end of the 3.5cm device, and radiates high frequency from the tip of the needle simultaneously with the LED.
Depending on the symptoms, you can set the irradiation depth, output, LED type, number of shots, etc.
Effectiveness can be seen by receiving three treatments once a month.
Recommended treatment
If you are worried about uneven skin
Those who are concerned about red face
If you are worried about dark skin
For those worried about fine wrinkles
Those who want to improve skin texture
Skin texture / Beautiful skin treatment
Laveen is a skin care treatment machine that is popular in South Korea, a beauty powerhouse.The biggest feature of Labian is its wavelength.It uses an infrared wavelength of 1927nm, which other machines do not have, to restore your skin.It improves the surface areas of the skin that affect the appearance, such as shrinking enlarged pores, fine wrinkles around the eyes, and uneven skin tone, which have been said to be difficult until now, and gives a rejuvenated impression.You can expect a total skin-beautifying effect, and you'll feel like your skin is as smooth as if you've applied BB cream.
1 times 180,000
Anesthesia fee 2,000 (2,200)
Needle fee 6,000 (6,600)
With gloss factor
3 times 486,000
Anesthesia fee 6,000 (6,600)
Needle fee 18,000 (19,800)
With gloss factor
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
*The unit is ¥.
Risk, side effects, complications
It is a treatment that reduces pain and reduces downtime.
Some bleeding may occur due to the treatment of inserting a fine needle. For some days, a fine acne can develop. In rare cases, in the case of acne skin, inflammation of the sebaceous glands may occur temporarily, causing acne to appear, partial folliculitis, and infection.
Not recommended for active acne treatment.
(Some areas where acne does not appear may be carefully and selectively performed.)
For sebum skin, where acne is prone to occur, it is recommended to take internal and external antibiotics to prevent infection and acne.

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