Greetings from the director

Sakae Clinic
Sakae Clinic
Greetings from the director
For cosmetic surgery, dermatology, plastic surgery such as spots, wrinkles, sagging, hokuro, and armpits in Nagoya, please leave it to "Sakae Clinic".
The director's EL method for treating underarm bloat and hyperhidrosis is a treatment that can be performed on everyone from children to the elderly.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us first.

At Sakae Clinic, we only provide medical services where I, as the director, can receive anti-aging care myself and also provide the same to my family.
Sakae Clinic collaborates with many research institutions to conduct research on autonomic nerves and aging care.
We will treat all patients who receive medical treatment at our hospital in a friendly manner.

I, a cosmetic surgeon, review the original treatment of a cosmetic surgeon and provide medical services to patients in a medical treatment system.
At Sakae Clinic, I only provide medical treatment that I am responsible for.
We do not take a medical stance of treating everything.
I and all the staff are working hard on training and research every day.Thank you for your cooperation.
Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists
With over 30 years of clinical experience as a cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist, I have been working as a science artist to create next-generation art that incorporates cutting-edge science.As the world's only gold leaf artist, he attracts attention from art people and celebrities around the world.Mr. Hiroto RakushoWe have decided to collaborate with.
“Expressing the universe through the fusion of science and traditional crafts. ”
We will be creating next-generation art and collaborating in a solo exhibition.
Director's career
Director, Doctor of Medicine, Artist / Nobuhiro Suetake

*Display based on lifting of restrictions on medical advertising guidelines
  • Medical book DVD, video Supervision, guidance, appearance
  • Supervision of cosmetics “La Pesible”
International conference presentation
  • Suetake N: Treatment Acne vulgaris and Clinical Effect of Chemical Peeling. Presented at The 3th World Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2000
  • Suetake N: Extending Anti-aging Treatment beyond its Traditional Boundaries.Prested at The 4th World Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2005
  • Suetake N: Methods of wound treatment in cosmetic surgery. Presented at The 5th World Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2008
  • Suetake N: Evaluation of autonomic nervous system by heart rate variability and differential count of leukocytes in athletes. Presented at8th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress & MediSpa (AWMC2010), Monaco, April 2010
December 1979, 3
Graduated from Gifu Prefectural High School
December 1987, 3
Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
January 1987
Joined the First Department of Surgery, National Gifu University Hospital.
February 1989-
Training at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide
Trained in general cosmetic surgery under the guidance of Dr. Tsai, director of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, a leading clinical and research medical institution in Asia.
Instructs cosmetic surgeons and serves as chief doctor at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide.
Opening of Sakae Clinic and appointment as director
From 2007 month
Engaged in research on aging care medicine and sports medicine at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.
January 2011
Obtained degree (Doctor of Medicine A) from Juntendo University School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine.
Part-time lecturer, Juntendo University School of Medicine
Artist activity
Fusion art of light and electronics
Since childhood, I have had a strong interest in manga, art, electronic devices, and electronic components, and dreamed of a life as an artist.I particularly admired Shotaro Ishinomori's Cyborg 009, and was moved by the great possibilities that the fusion of humans and machines offers.

Every day, I drew manga and paintings from an early age, but the style of the paintings was not understood by my surroundings and teachers. As a cosmetic surgeon, he makes use of his microbiological modeling technology in the micro-world and his engineering knowledge as a scientist to create electronic circuit boards, electronic components, and optical collaboration art that no one has tried yet in the world.
I hope we can provide healing to the human race with photographs of the work as autonomic nerve art.
Partnerships between specialists and companies
Lecture theme
Aging care, cosmetic medicine, energy color, sports that support science, sports medicine and cosmetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, diet therapy, etc.
  • The status of beauty care
  • Aging Care
  • Aging care & beauty care business
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Sports medicine
  • Alternative medicine
  • Autonomic nerve business
  • Basics for those who want to learn autonomic nerves
  • Breathing exercises, doctor-developed exercises
Lecture fee
Request for consultation
Lecture time
60 to 90 minutes
General public, companies, professionals, doctors, trainers, estheticians, therapists, medical doctors...
Our specialized team, including specialists, also handles consulting services such as beauty business, opening new beauty clinics, and introducing autonomic nervous system business into salons.Please feel free to contact us if you would like consulting.

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