Director introduction

Introduction of Director Nobuhiro Suetake


As a cosmetic surgeon, I decided to provide medical services to patients with a new medical system, looking at the original treatment of cosmetic surgeons, and will not provide any risky treatment.

Sakae Clinic only provides medical care that I can take responsibility for.
We do not take a medical attitude to do anything that is popular.

In our hospital, the director, Suetake, and other doctors will study and study clinically.

Director and Medical Doctor Nobuhiro Suetake

Director's beliefs

Think of patients as relatives,
Treatment without risk
I will do it.

Greetings from Director Nobuhiro Suetake

Artist activity

With the only light in the world
Integration of electronics

Artist Nobuhiro Suetake homepage

Since childhood, he has had a keen interest in comics, art, electronic equipment and electronic components, and dreamed of life as an artist. In particular, I admired Shotaro Ishinomori's cyborg 009 and was impressed by how human and machine fusion offers great potential.

I used to draw comics and paintings from my childhood every day, but the style of the painting was not understood by the surroundings and teachers. As a cosmetic surgeon, he has created a collaborative art work of electronic circuit boards, electronic components and light that no one has tried in the world, taking advantage of the modeling technology of living bodies in the microscopic world and engineering knowledge as a scientist.
I hope we can provide healing to the human race with photographs of the work as autonomic nerve art.

Director's career

Director Nobuhiro Suetake
● Graduated from Showa 54 Prefectural Gifu High School
● Showa 62 year 3 month Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
● Showa 62 Year 5 month First Department of Surgery, Gifu University Hospital
● Showa 62 Joined the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery
● Trained at major cosmetic surgery clinics nationwide since 11 in 1989
● Heisei 3 Yearly experience in Nagatome Memorial Hospital, the largest in Asia, plastic surgery, director of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Tsuji, experienced over 5 operations in Japan , Chief Doctor.
● Introduce the late Dr. Masashi Inaba (Chairman of the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery) to Dr. Tsuji.
● Supports Japan and Taiwan cosmetic surgery society exchanges.
● In Heisei 7, certified as the youngest specialist in the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Association. (At the age of 33)
● Heisei 8 year 9 month 27 day Sakae clinic opened
● Heisei 8 year 9 month 27 day Sakae clinic director
From 19 in Heisei 4, engaged in research on aging care medicine and sports medicine at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.
Heisei 23 year 3 month Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine Doctoral degree
Thesis Evaluation of autonomic nerve system by heart rate variability and differential count of leukocytes in athletesIs listed on HEALTH, and the third author is the director of the Sports Agency, Daichi Suzuki (Seoul Olympic gold medalist), Professor of Sports and Health Sciences, Juntendo University

● I am instructing professional athletes to improve their skills, including Olympic athletes, Japanese national athletes, and professional baseball players.【For more information is here】
(2001, 2002, Suzuka 8 World Championship Sakae Clinic Team participates !!).
● Player Yuki Nakata, the Sakae Clinic TC General Manager, is elected to the Japan Women's 2004 Race for the first time in the 7 Athens Olympics in Japan.

Developed an athlete's scientific diet method and instructed athletes in weight-based competition such as many professional boxers.
Doctors cosmetics production guidance for doctors.

Tips for making the latest doctors cosmetics
Tips for making the latest Doctor's cosmetics Make remedies for spots, fine wrinkles, and acne (Japan Medical Central Association, Inc. (Medical Core)) 
Medical book DVD, video Supervision, guidance, appearance
Latest beauty dermatology seminar / Lecturer (organized by Allergan)
Supervision of cosmetics “La Pesible”

● Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine
● Doctor of Medicine
President of the 88 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
● Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery Certified Specialist No. 219
Vice President of Advanced Medical Science Sports Academy (AMSA)
2013, 2014 year, 2015 years, 2016 yearsEvery time, 2017 year Miss Universe Japan Aichi Convention Special Lecturer
● Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified) No.31532
Former Brazilian vacuum champion HEAT middleweight champion, RISE welterweight champion (K1 warrior) Danilo Zanorini Conditioning Trainer
● X-JAPAN lead vocal "Toshi" former body making, former personal trainer
2011 / 2012 Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race 2 consecutive championship, domestic official circuit recording holder Koji Akiyoshi Exclusive trainer
NODA Racing Academy Physical and Medical Trainer, Lecturer
● Lecturer at Tokyo Medical Sports College
● 36 generation, 38 generation Toyo Pacific Super Bantamweight champion (first 2 title in Chubu boxing history) Hiromasa Ohashi Conditioning trainer
● Krush YOUTH GP Champion (2011), K-1 Koshien Champion (2009, WBC Muaythai Japan Bantamweight Champion, former Shootboxing Japanese Super Bandamweight Champion and other physical trainers of Oishi Gym players
● Miss the glam Japan2018 National Director, Former Dutch League Professional Volleyball Player, Former Pro Boxer, Miss Earth Beauty Trainer Kyoko Hayashida, Japanese National Team Yukiko Uenono (Second Grand Prix) Walking, Physical Training Guidance

Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified) license
Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified) license

Suetake N: Treatment Acne vulgaris and Clinical Effect of Chemical Peeling. Presented at The 3th World Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2000

Suetake N: Extending Anti-aging Treatment beyond its Traditional Boundaries.Prested at The 4th World Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2005

Suetake N: Methods of wound treatment in cosmetic surgery. Presented at The 5th World Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2008

Suetake N: Evaluation of autonomic nervous system by heart rate variability and differential count of leukocytes in athletes. Presented at8th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress & MediSpa (AWMC2010), Monaco, April 2010

・ 2010 month 10 Top Athlete Co., Ltd. (athlete support corporation) founded Representative Director
・ NPO Klensa Junior Track and Field Athlete Project Training Guidance
・ Premier Ballet Class Junior Training Project Training charge
・ Oishi Dojo (gym) Karate / Kickboxing Junior Training Project Training
・ Supported F1 racing driver development project with NODA Racing Academy special lecturer (physical and mental training)
・ Golfard Professional golfer training project management and training
・ AVEX Artist Academy Nagoya School Special Student Class Lecturer Body Design Guidance
・ Miss Universe Japan Aichi Tournament (2013, 2014,2015) Beauty Camp Lecturer
・ Best Body Japan Judge of 1 Japan Tournament (Media Producer)
・ Copan Keitaro Hoshino Boxing Gym Junior Boxer Training Professional Training Training
・ 2009-2013 Martial arts group HEAT ring doctor
・ Sakae Clinic TC (Track and Field Club)
・ Olympic Japanese national team player development project
・ Development of biocom autonomic function measurement system, experiment and clinical application and introduction of medical check
・ Protocol preparation of PRP therapy for domestic top athletes and clinical research (Takesue Univ., Masato Naito, Masuji Moroto, Tetsuji Hiratsuka, Toru Suzuki, Masayoshi Wada, Reomineiro and other top athletes)
・ Verification of exercise and training evidence that is widely available
・ As a vice representative director of the Japan Advanced Medical Science Sports Academy (AMSA), dissemination of training with medical grounds, trainer training / education, support for disabled sports, support for athletes' second career, support for junior guidance.
・ As a director of the Japan Visual Abilities Training Association (former WBA World Super Flyweight Champion Kaku Iida) Training guidance, treatment results, and many others

・ Started artist activities as Nobu Suetake in 2015
・ 2017 year Thoracic training machine System development and supervision
・ 2017 Autonomous nerve salon Salon528 opened
Opened Cell Treatment Academy, trained autonomic nerve therapist and autonomic trainer.
・ 2018 Nagayu Onsen Naturopathic Kurhaus training project support
・ 2018 year TAJOXS ( J-Legger Training Project Guidance and education supervision of autonomic training for youth soccer

Advisor / Advisor
We will respond to your appointment.

Partnerships between specialists and companies

■ Adviser / Advisor Business:

All tip Beauty medical equipment as a clinician as a cosmetic surgeon and beauty dermatologist in the clinical front line, familiar with the treatment and beauty related product development advice, cosmetics development advice, strategy support for value-added-up of the beauty business, academic support Business is possible.

Juntendo University acquired in the Graduate School of Medicine doctoral the MD (instep), sports medicine, as the autonomic nervous researchers we are currently collaborating with Hiroyuki Kobayashi professor at Juntendo University School of Medicine.

He has co-authored and supervised with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi, and is striving to teach and disseminate new health methods, exercises and breathing methods. There are many media exposures such as comments on TV, coverage, media features, and supervision of health magazines.

The highest number of top athletes in From sports related companies and health product manufacturers, you can connect with top athletes, connect with companies, and do B-to-B.

■ PR on special areas:

(1) Beauty, anti-aging business planning, product development, branding, marketing, launch, management support

(2) Health promotion such as sports medicine, training, exercise, management in the field of preventive medicine, scheme creation for product development, and academic support.

(3) Deep knowledge about the beauty / sports / health industry, management utilizing human network, academic support, lecture activities.

* Regarding advisory services, we will respond seriously to all consultations and requests including advisory fees.

Of lectures and seminars
About request

Partnerships between specialists and companies

Lecture theme
Aging care, aesthetic medicine, energy color, state-of-the-art sports and aesthetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, the latest diet therapy, etc. that support sports with science.

  1. Current state of the art of aesthetic medicine
  2. Anti-Aging
  3. Anti-aging & aesthetic medicine business
  4. Cosmetic Surgery
  5. Cosmetic Dermatology & Internal Medicine
  6. Sports medicine
  7. Alternative medicine
  8. Autonomic nerve business
  9. Basics for those who want to learn autonomic nerves
  10. Breathing, state-of-the-art exercise

(Lecture fee: consultation required)
Talk time: 60 minutes to 90 minutes
■ Target: General, company, specialist, doctor, trainer, esthetician, therapist, comedy ...

Consulting services such as beauty business, new opening of beauty clinic, introduction of autonomic nerve business to salon are also conducted by a specialized team including specialists. If you are interested in consulting, please feel free to contact us.

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