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At our hospital, we strive every day to provide our patients with high-quality medical services.
“Patient's personal information” is also practiced because it is very important to properly protect and manage it.
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Reservation only by phoneWe have decided to do so.Reservations can be made by phone, even on public holidays.
Our clinic requires reservations make a reservation by phone in advance during business hours before visiting the clinic.
At Sakae Clinic, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare stipulates that the medical care law is revised."Medical Advertising Guidelines"In line with this, we use appropriate expressions for access from advertisements.
We appreciate your understanding as there are restrictions on the following expressions.
Prohibited expressions, etc. (excerpts)
  • Before and after photos of treatment effects before and after treatment
  • Expression of superiority compared to other medical institutions
  • Introducing patient experiences
  • Highlight campaigns and costs

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