Clinic introduction

Sakae Clinic
Sakae Clinic
Treatment that is gentle on the body without using a scalpel
Injections, blood draws, intravenous drips, piercings, and other medical procedures and laser irradiation must be performed by the director.
nurses do not do
At the Sakae clinic, "We treat any patient as a relative and treat him."
Sakae Clinic creates art spaces like museums throughout.
You can receive beauty treatments while being healed.
  • All treatments will be performed by a specialist doctor.
  • We provide patient-first medical services.
  • We will never recommend loans or unnecessary treatments.
  • We provide treatment with minimal pain.
  • We perform relaxing treatments and strive to provide healing treatments.
  • The staff will assist you with hospitality.
In-hospital introduction

Clinic entrance

Clinic reception

VIP Lounge

Counseling room

Treatment room

Treatment equipment

Music studio

Training studio

Spa treatment room
Introduction of doctor
Director Nobuhiro Suetake
Juntendo University School of Medicine part-time lecturer, doctor of medicine
Born in 1962.He is a medical doctor.Director of Sakae Clinic.While practicing aging care as a specialist, he also researches autonomic nervous system and sports medicine as a part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine.
JBC certified professional boxing trainer.
  • Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine and others
In-hospital medical safety initiatives
We strive to provide satisfactory medical services to our patients.
Although our clinic claims to be a cosmetic surgery clinic, we do not perform high-risk breast augmentation or liposuction surgeries.This is because we recognize that we lack the skills as specialists and the equipment as medical facilities to handle these risky surgeries.In order to provide better medical care to our patients, we must comply with the "Partial Enforcement of the Medical Care Law for Establishing a System to Provide High-Quality Medical Care" (published on March 19, 3). We are equipped with a strict safety manual in our clinic based on the government policy No. 30), provide education and training to our staff, and strive to provide satisfactory medical services to our patients.
Therapeutic equipment introduced
  • Ultrasound diagnostic imaging equipment
  • micro waves
  • bioptron
  • High power (1000mmW) semiconductor laser
  • CO2 Laser ESPRIT
  • Bradford blood analysis system
  • Heart rate variability analysis system (HRS)
  • Heart rate variability analysis trainer
  • ECG with automatic analysis
  • EMS (stereo dinator)
  • Micro Scope
  • T-Scan
  • Vasera (VS-1000)
  • YAG Laser (COSJET)
  • CRYO5 (Cryotherapy)
  • System for measuring active oxygen in the body

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