Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
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Enough oxygen is distributed to every corner of the body
It is a device that inhales oxygen by applying high pressure inside the capsule.Normal air has an oxygen concentration of about 20.9% and a pressure of 1 atm.Inside the oxygen capsule, the air pressure and oxygen concentration are raised above atmospheric pressure.This increases both the amount of oxygen that binds to hemoglobin in the blood (bound oxygen) and the amount of oxygen that dissolves directly in water such as blood, lymph, bone marrow, cerebral nerve fluid, and joint fluid (dissolved oxygen). The amount of oxygen that is directly dissolved in the blood, called "dissolved oxygen," is extremely small, but dissolved oxygen can be increased by entering the oxygen capsule.This dissolved oxygen plays a very important role.Dissolved oxygen is smaller than the one bound to hemoglobin, so it can easily pass through capillaries.Oxygen is delivered to peripheral cells, fingers, feet, and tissues covered with capillaries (in the case of the heart, the end of the coronary arteries), where oxygen normally cannot reach, improving metabolism and improving physical function. You can expect to maintain and improve your health and physical strength.When you exercise, sugar (glycogen) stored in your muscles produces energy and at the same time produces lactic acid, which is said to cause fatigue.Human fatigue is said to be due to the accumulation of lactic acid.Oxygen breaks down lactic acid into carbon dioxide and water.Although any health method can improve blood flow and oxygen supply, it cannot increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.The biggest advantage of oxygen capsules is that they can increase the amount of oxygen in the body.
Expected effects
The pressure inside the capsule is 1.35 pressure
The air pressure inside the capsule is 1.35 atm (same as water depth 3.5m).By taking in good quality oxygen, lactic acid, which is a fatigue substance, is decomposed and removed, and it is effective for fatigue recovery.In addition, oxygen is distributed to the skin, which is a mass of capillaries, and the metabolism of collagen that keeps the skin firm is activated, which is expected to have a beautiful skin effect.The oxygen you take in is not only in the blood, but also spreads to the lymphatic fluid and the cerebral fluid, which improves the flow of the whole body and relieves swelling, coldness, and stiff shoulders.Even if you are on a diet, you will be able to burn fat easily, you will not get tired easily, and you can diet efficiently.The newly developed APF2R specification uses a natural hormesis radon sheet and a radon ore aspirator (2 becquerels), and the inside of the capsule is bathed in negative ions and radon (low radiation) throughout the body for a comfortable time. It is a beauty and health "aging care" body care system that allows you to spend your time.
What is Radon-222?
HormesisIn one of the treatments, natural ore is specially processed and exposed to low radiation and negative ions that are good for health, such as radium hot springs and radon hot springs. It is said that it protects you from various diseases and makes your body healthy and energetic.
Radon mat with radon suction device (2 Bq)
Poor physical condition, stress, fatigue, sleep disorder, fatigue
Beautiful skin, collagen production, metabolism promotion, diet
Fatigue recovery / conditioning / cardiopulmonary function improvement
Self-healing improvement, fracture, sprain, bruise, meat separation, etc.
*Hormesis is a phenomenon in which a substance is harmful when used in high concentrations or in large amounts, but has a beneficial effect when used in low concentrations or in small amounts.
Ideal for athletes
Great for conditioning and care
It is effective for athlete performance improvement, beauty and health promotion, disease prevention for the elderly, and rehabilitation.High pressure makes you feel good, but low pressure can make you feel unwell, make you feel sluggish, and hurt old wounds.This is because the blood flow in the body changes, and the atmospheric pressure has a great influence on the autonomic nerve function.Previously, attention was focused only on improving the concentration of oxygen dissolved in plasma, but it has now become clear that the effect of hyperbaric pressure on the autonomic nervous system may be of great help in conditioning and care.At Sakae Clinic, we are conducting research on changes in autonomic nervous function in athletes before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy to confirm the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in improving autonomic nervous function.At our hospital, we perform tests and analyzes using an autonomic nerve function measurement system and a heart rhythm scanner manufactured by BIOCOM.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy 30 min 6,000
*The unit is ¥.

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