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Female genitals / small labia
We respect your privacy
It seems that many people are worried about the general standards for female genitalia (labia minora).There are various concerns about the labia minora, such as their size, differences between the left and right sides, and concerns about darkening, but in general, if the length of the labia minora exceeds 2 centimeters, surgery is considered appropriate.You can check your pre- and post-operative conditions on the monitor photos, so you can be satisfied with your surgery.You will be able to shower from the day after surgery.You can take a bath after 2 days.We do not use dissolvable sutures because they leave severe scars; we use nylon threads, which do not leave any scars.Stitches will be removed after 6 to 8 days.We have a medical treatment system that respects the privacy of patients undergoing labia minora surgery.We pay close attention to pain and scarring, and perform careful examinations, counseling, and surgery.
The surgery will not restrict your daily life.
The surgery time is about 20 minutes.Post-operative pain is minimal, and the procedure can be completed in just one hospital visit.
Surgery for female genitals
There are two methods of female genital surgery.
Please rest on the day of labia minora reduction surgery.There are no scars left after the surgery and the surgery can be restored to its normal shape.Labia minora reduction surgery is not a rare operation. Please don't worry about it alone, please consult us.A simple surgery will solve your problem.
We have published an article on a new wound care method after labia minora reduction surgery in the Journal of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Journal of the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery, Volume 45, No. 6 (March 2009) Wound treatment in cosmetic surgery
Nobuhiro Suetake Yukiko Morita Tomoko Kajisa

If you would like to know more about labia minora reduction surgery and other female genital plastic surgery, please check the link below.
https://chitsu.media/vagina/28281 https://chitsu.media/vagina/13766
Surgical cost (one side) 196,000
Surgery cost (both sides) 280,000
Accessory skin removal surgery cost (one side) 120,000
Accessory skin removal surgery cost (both sides) 180,000
Laughing gas anesthesia cost (if you wish to use laughing gas anesthesia) 15,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
*Surgery costs include initial consultation fees, re-examination fees, treatment costs, local anesthesia costs, suture removal costs, drug costs, wound care costs, warranty costs, etc.
*No additional cost required. (If you wish to receive anesthesia only during suture removal, additional charge will be ¥5,000, ¥5,500 including tax)
Risk, side effects, complications
Female genital surgery is not risky if performed by a specialist, but in rare cases bleeding may occur after the surgery.If a branch of the pudendal artery (artery) is severed and not properly clotted or sutured, bleeding may occur.This is a complication that can occur if you walk for a long time, ride a motorcycle or bicycle, or drink a large amount of alcohol immediately after surgery.Please remain calm on the day.It is also possible to remove too much, resulting in a depressed condition.Design and consideration must be taken to ensure that it does not look unnatural before surgery. The affected area may feel a little stinging when urinating for a few days.Genital infections are unlikely to occur.

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