Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Our hospital's efforts and guidelines for the Personal Information Protection Law
Regarding patients' personal information
Handling of personal information at Sakae Clinic
We are constantly striving to give our patients better medical services.
“Patient's personal information” is also practiced because it is very important to properly protect and manage it.
In this hospital, we will establish the following personal information protection policy and endeavor to ensure its implementation.
Privacy Policy
1. Collection of personal information
When this hospital collects patient's personal information, it will be done within the scope related to medical care / nursing and patient's medical care. When using personal information for other purposes, we will inform you of the purpose of use in advance and obtain your consent.

2. Use and provision of personal information
This hospital will not use personal information of patients beyond the scope of their intended purpose of use except in the following cases.
  • When the patient's consent is obtained
  • When used after being processed (*1) to a state where individuals cannot be identified or identified.
  • When the provision is required by laws and regulations, etc.
This hospital will not provide the information to a third party (* 2) without the patient's permission unless required by law.

3. Proper management of personal information
Our hospital will keep the patient's personal information accurate and up-to-date, and strive to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction, falsification of the patient's personal information or unauthorized access to the patient's personal information.

4. Confirmation and correction of personal information
When the patient is requested to disclose the patient's personal information, this hospital will confirm the contents without delay and respond according to the “Guidelines for Provision of Patient Information”. In addition, we will investigate and respond appropriately if corrections are requested for reasons such as the fact is not true.

Questions regarding the privacy policy and inquiries regarding patient personal information will be accepted at the reception desk.

6. Legal compliance and improvement of personal information protection system
This hospital will comply with Japanese laws and other norms regarding the protection of personal information and review each of the above items as necessary to continuously improve the system for protecting personal information.

* 1: It is not anonymized by simply erasing information such as an individual's name, but the information subject cannot be identified by any method.
* 2: A third party refers to an entity other than the information entity and the recipient (operator), and does not fall under the original purpose of use or has not obtained consent for the use of personal information by the information entity.

Purpose of using personal information of patients at Sakae Clinic
1. In-hospital use
  • Medical services provided to patients
  • Medical insurance office work
  • Accounting / Accounting
  • Report on medical accidents, etc.
  • Improving medical services for the patient
  • Other administrative operations related to patients
2. Use to provide information outside the hospital
  • Collaboration with other hospitals, clinics, midwives, pharmacies, home-visit nursing stations, and nursing care service providers
  • Answers to inquiries from other medical institutions
  • Requesting opinions / advice from outside doctors for medical treatment of patients
  • Subcontracting for sample testing, etc.
  • Explanation of medical conditions to family members
  • Insurance office work
  • Provision of receipts to examination and payment institutions
  • Responding to inquiries from examination payers or insurers
  • Notification of the results to business operators involved in health check-ups commissioned by business operators
  • Consultation or notification to medical professional organizations or insurance companies related to medical liability insurance, etc.
  • Other uses related to medical insurance work for patients
3.Other uses
  • Materials for maintaining and improving medical / nursing care services and operations
  • Provision of information to external auditing organizations
If any of the above items are difficult to agree with regarding the provision of information to other medical institutions, please notify the reception desk to that effect.
If there is no request, we will treat it as if you have agreed.
Information regarding the handling of personal information at this hospital is posted on the website, but we will distribute guidelines regarding the handling of personal information at this hospital to patients during medical treatment.
These offers can be withdrawn / changed at any time later.

Sakae Clinic Director Nobuhiro Suetake

Disclosure of medical records and other information

This hospital actively provides medical information in accordance with the “Guidelines for Providing Medical Information” as reported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's “Study Group on Information Provision, etc.”.

Purpose of providing medical information for the purpose of this hospital

Appropriate response to patients seeking medical information
Promoting active participation of patients in clinical practice
Ensuring a trusting relationship between patients and relatives and our healthcare professionals
Consider not to be a disadvantage to the patient
As a result of providing medical information, it is intended to help provide high-quality medical services that satisfy patients.

What is the provision of medical information?
“Providing medical information” refers to providing information about the patient's physical condition, medical condition, diagnosis, treatment, etc. obtained during the medical care process.
In addition, “Provision of medical information” is performed by “Description of medical treatment contents” and “Disclosure of medical records etc. (so-called medical records)”.
Furthermore, if there is a request other than the explanation during medical treatment, medical records etc. (so-called medical records etc.) will be disclosed by the patient's application.
From the meaning of handling the privacy of “personal information”, which is very important for patients themselves, we handle them strictly in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” established by our corporation.
In other words, “In-treatment explanation” will be given at any time during the examination, but “Browsing of medical records, etc.” requires an application, and please understand that the person in charge of the corporation will have time to review.

Contents of medical information
According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the content of medical information provision is as follows, but it is supposed to be provided as necessary in consideration of the state of medical treatment, the patient's medical condition and medical treatment content, etc.
In addition, we try to avoid foreign languages ​​and technical terms as much as possible to make it easier for patients to understand. However, if you feel that the explanation is difficult to understand or the term is difficult to understand Please feel free to contact us.

In accordance with the “Guidelines for Providing Medical Information,” we try to carefully explain the following items to the patients who are undergoing medical care.
Diagnosis name or expected diagnosis name
Medical policy, medical plan and medical results
Inspection contents and inspection results
Treatment details, effects, and side effects
Risks and complications of treatment, surgery, and invasive examination (inspection act equivalent to treatment, surgery, etc.)
Alternative treatment methods (other alternative treatment methods)
Other matters for which the patient himself requested an explanation
On the other hand, if the patient himself expresses "hope not to know", we respect this. In addition, if the patient is a minor, etc., and is deemed not capable of judgment, medical information will be provided to the parent or guardian during treatment.

What cannot be disclosed
Materials other than medical records (materials created for medical safety management purposes, etc.)
Persons for whom medical information is provided (application)
As a general rule, the person who can request the disclosure of medical records becomes the patient himself / herself, but there are cases where a person other than the patient himself / herself can request the disclosure on his / her behalf as follows.

If the patient has a legal representative, the legal representative.
However, minors who are over 15 years old can only apply for the patient depending on the nature of the disease.
Voluntary guardian who has been given proxy rights for medical contracts
Relatives who have been given proxy rights by the patient and those who are equivalent
If the patient is an adult but there is doubt about the judgment ability, the relative who is actually taking care of the patient and the equivalent

Unfortunately, the handling of the patient's death is treated as a special case. (See below)

As described above, due to the principle of privacy protection, medical information is provided to family members and relatives who have not been entrusted by the patient, friends, employees, and insurance companies. It is not subject to. Furthermore, our company will not “provide medical information” to anyone other than the patient against the will of the patient.
Above all, we will respect the patient's intention first, so please understand even if you are a family member or relative.
The definition of relative or equivalent is as follows.
● “Relatives” refers to relatives, spouses, and relatives within 6 relatives (in 3 section of civil law), and “same person” refers to a special relationship of 725 under section 958 of civil law, such as wife Refers to the person.

How to provide medical information
“Providing medical information” refers to providing medical information to patients, etc. through appropriate methods according to the specific situation, such as verbal explanations, issuing explanatory documents, and disclosing medical records. Masu.Furthermore, "disclosure of medical records" refers to issuing copies of medical records, etc. in response to a patient's request.
* Definition of “medical information provision” methods in the “Guidelines for Provision of Medical Information”

If the subject wishes to disclose medical records, etc., he / she will be asked to submit a separate application form to the corporation after confirming that the person has a valid qualification.

Personal information provision costs

For disclosure of medical information, a prescribed disclosure fee will be charged.
Also, please note that the patient's application is a prerequisite, and depending on the amount of records, there may be a delay of several days for work.

Disclosure fee
100 yen + consumption tax (per A4 size 1)
200 yen + consumption tax (per A3 size 1)
For medical certificate / symptom details, 5,000 yen + consumption tax (per 1)

Special cases when the patient himself / herself died
As a general rule, medical records are disclosed to the patient himself / herself, but when the patient himself / herself was unfortunately rushed during hospitalization, etc., the person himself / herself could not express his / her intention. Exceptions apply when there is an application from the bereaved family.
In this case, from the viewpoint of ensuring a trusting relationship with the bereaved family as well as the patient, only the “legal heir” and “adult guardian” accept the disclosure with the following documents attached: .

 ●Certified family register of the deceased person...until the person passes away (removed from the register)
 ● Application documents of this corporation signed by the heir (disclosure request for personal information, agent confirmation)
 ● In the case of "symptom inquiry" or "medical certificate" for insurance benefits, a list of insurance beneficiaries issued by the insurance company

However, strict provisions are established in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to cover very important “personal information”, and disclosure may not be possible if it does not match.

Requests and precautions regarding the confirmation of the target person
When providing information based on the “Guidelines for Provision of Medical Information”, we place great importance on protecting the privacy of patients.
As mentioned above, provision of medical information to patients means `` information explanation '' and `` disclosure of information '', but there is no element of provision to patients other than the target person (including patients). It is not included. And we handle it with extreme caution so that false medical information is not provided. In particular, since there is no tolerance for “confirming the target”, we handle it strictly.
Therefore, if you are requesting medical information provision during a period other than during the medical examination, be sure to bring the following to confirm the target person.

Certificate (identification card, license etc.) that can confirm the person
In addition to the above, the agent designated by the patient himself / herself is a certificate (insurance card, etc.) that shows the relationship with the patient.
In the case of an application by the patient himself/herself, as a general rule, we will inform you of our review results in a written response within two weeks after receiving the application.
However, in the case of a request from someone other than the patient, please note that there may be a slight delay from the time the application is received until the response to the screening results is processed in order to confirm that the person is eligible.
In addition, information cannot be provided if it cannot be confirmed that the patient is a target for providing medical information or if it is unclear.

In addition, since it is the duty of the staff to provide a clear and easy explanation, please do not hesitate to ask the staff in charge, such as a doctor in charge, if you have any questions.

Consultation desk
If you have any inquiries regarding the provision of information, please contact us from the inquiry.

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