Blood vessel age measurement

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Blood vessel age measurement
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Aging begins with blood vessels.
Aging begins with blood vessels.
High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, smoking, stress, fatigue, etc. accelerate the aging of blood vessels.
CAVI inspection
The CAVI test is an index that reflects arteriosclerosis from the heart to the ankle, including the aorta, and the higher the arteriosclerosis, the higher the value.
It is an index that evaluates the unique stiffness of blood vessels that does not depend on the blood pressure at the time of measurement.

Since lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes are risk factors for preventing arteriosclerosis, it is important to prevent and treat these diseases.

In metabolic syndrome, which is based on visceral fat accumulation, it is said that the risk of cardiovascular disease markedly increases when each disease overlaps, even if each disease is mild or has not yet developed.
Blood pressure is considered to be important for diagnosing and evaluating arteriosclerosis itself and for efficient prevention.

Blood vessel age can be measured with a blood pressure pulse wave test (CAVI / ABI test).
In the blood pressure pulse wave test (CAVI / ABI test), arteriosclerosis can be easily detected, and the progress of arteriosclerosis can be confirmed numerically.

It is less affected by blood pressure and can be measured accurately without pain.
Blood vessel age test result report
After the inspection for about 5, we will print out the inspection result and give it immediately.
Blood vessel age measurement 5,000
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