Scars / surgical scars

Sakae Clinic for scar and surgical scar treatment in Nagoya

Sakae Clinic for scar and surgical scar treatment in Nagoya

Skin care scars/surgical scars
Scars / surgical scars
Treatment to replace with new skin
Fractional Resurfacing is a single laser irradiation that activates collagen in the skin, promotes skin recovery, and creates new It is a treatment that replaces the skin.
It is attracting attention as a laser system for improving scars, surgical scars, etc.
Fractional Resurfacing is a laser concept that is the basis of skin recovery, replacing the skin with a new system, removing wrinkles and spots, and even providing whitening effects.It is a treatment that effectively utilizes the skin's mechanisms and promotes its natural recovery ability.
It irritates skin damaged by scars, surgical scars, aging and UV rays.Lasers that restore the skin are classified into "lasers that peel the skin" and "lasers that do not peel the skin," and both have advantages and disadvantages.Lasers that exfoliate the skin can speed up skin recovery, but they involve long-term treatment and downtime.
However, Fractional Resurfacing is a treatment that replaces the skin and promotes the recovery of collagen by applying fine irradiation of more than 1000 microns per square meter without exfoliating the skin, making it an attractive treatment that brings out more reliable effects. Expected.This system is effective for a wide range of skin treatments.
Fractional Resurfacing is a treatment based on the concept of restoring the skin in a short period of time, and can treat scars, surgical scars, skin irregularities, etc.
Not only is the treatment period and recovery period short, but you can also expect faster recovery speed and improved skin.You can feel the full effect even after the first treatment, and you can resume your daily life after the treatment.
For patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery in the past and are worried about problems, aftereffects, or scars.
At our hospital, Director Nobuhiro Suetake, who conducts wound treatment research at Juntendo University School of Medicine, will answer any concerns you may have after cosmetic surgery.

Consultation for patients who are suffering from unsatisfactory results after undergoing cosmetic treatment at other clinics, ugly scars left after cosmetic surgery, or unsatisfactory progress after treatment. I am undergoing medical treatment.
Scar treatment may be covered by insurance or may be eligible for medical expense deductions.
We provide medical treatment that does not burden you physically, mentally, or financially as much as possible.Please feel free to contact us.
Introducing 3 types of fractional laser systems
For those who have such problems
Scars and surgical marks have been left
If you are concerned about skin irregularities due to acne or trauma
Those with skin necrosis
Surgical scars from cosmetic surgery and wakiga surgery
Wakiga treatment mark
Effect of treatment with fractional
Growth factor introduction + laser irradiation and growth factor effect
Until now, the main treatment was laser alone, but at our hospital we have introduced growth factors, various vitamins, and antioxidants to provide effective treatment that does not rely solely on laser invasiveness and has less downtime. Masu.Fractional laser treatment alone is not recommended as it is risky and pain and redness will continue for a long period of time.
Growth factor introduction + laser irradiation is an effective standard therapy.
Case photo
Number of treatments 6 times
cost 1 (30,000) once
Risk: side effects Temporary redness and crusting
Number of treatments 6 times
cost 1 (20,000) once
Risk: side effects Temporary redness/scab 2 days
Surgical site
Skin necrosis
Number of treatments 1 times
cost 80,000 (88,000)
Risk: side effects Side effects: Temporary swelling
First medical examination / counseling fee Examination and counseling fees are eligible for insurance and medical expense deduction.Please contact us.
Once 20,000
* The cost varies depending on the treatment range.
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
* Only counseling by a counselor is free.
*Transportation expenses (by public transportation) and treatment expenses are fully eligible for medical expense deduction.
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