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Full body hair removal/beard hair removal
Medical hair removal at our clinic has the following major advantages compared to hair removal at beauty salons:
  • Since the irradiation is performed by a specialist, there is almost no risk of burns etc.
  • You will feel almost no pain as we use a newly developed medical hair removal device.
  • People who are sensitive to pain can receive hair removal treatment comfortably as a topical anesthetic can be used.
  • In the unlikely event that a problem such as folliculitis occurs, it can be treated immediately with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • The irradiation speed is fast, about 30 seconds for armpits, about 2 to 3 minutes for beard, and about 5 minutes for below knees.
  • Great effect per session, permanent hair removal possible with fewer hospital visits
  • Because hair removal is completed in fewer sessions, it is more efficient and cheaper than hair removal at beauty salons, etc.
A specialist will perform hair removal using the heat storage type IPL hair removal device ``Karon S'', which is the least painful of all hair removal devices.
(Nurses do not perform irradiation at our hospital.) The nurse's irradiation can be rough and there is a high risk of complications, so the doctor always checks the skin condition and hair thickness, density, range, color, etc. in detail before setting the power. .Kalon S is a medical optical hair removal device that uses IPL + powerful cooling device to achieve high-speed hair removal, resulting in hair removal with significantly less downtime and pain.While removing hair, you can expect beautiful skin effects at the same time.The feature of Charon S is that it emits a broadband wavelength of light from 610-950nm.A radical approach to unwanted hair, from shallow to deep hair.It is also considered effective for treating downy hair and gray hair.

One of the major features of Karon S is that it is capable of high-speed hair removal.Irradiation is possible with a sliding type and can irradiate the skin with 1 lights per second.
Overview of Charon S
attribute Medical optical hair removal device
type of light IPL
It is a medical photo-epilation device that uses a wide range of light called IPL instead of a laser, so you won't feel any pain.
Since IPL acts on the bulge area rather than the melanin pigment, it is now possible to remove hair on people with dark skin, those with sunburn, and VIO lines with almost no pain, which was previously considered impossible.
What is the approximate number of irradiations?
Armpit average 4 times
beard 8-10 times
Upper arm 6-8 times
Lower legs/thighs 6-8 times
Trunk 6-8 times
VIO 4-6 times
It is said that hair removal will be completed after the above number of irradiations.
Characteristics of Charon S
Unlike IPL hair removal and laser hair removal, which destroy the pigment in the hair root by absorbing it, it targets and destroys the bulge area, which is rich in stem cells for hair growth, which affects the depth, hair quality, and color. It is a hair removal method that suppresses the regeneration of various types of hair and is compatible with "downy hair" and "grey hair." Up to 1 shots can be fired per second, making it possible to treat a wide area in a short time, reducing treatment time and the number of hospital visits.Since it is possible to reduce pain with a small output, it is possible to treat areas with severe pain such as armpits, VIO, and beard without topical anesthesia.
At our hospital, nurses do not perform the procedure.The director himself is a specialist with extensive experience and also serves as a development advisor and consultant for hair removal equipment manufacturers.
Treatment time Approximately 30 seconds for both armpits, depending on other parts.
Number of treatments 4-10 times
Treatment interval 4 to 6 weeks
Side effects Report does not.
Underarm 4-time course 36,000
Below the elbow 4 times course 180,000
Upper elbow course 4 times 234,546
Below the elbow and above the elbow (both arms) 4 times course 331,638
Lower knee course 4 times 234,546
4 times above the knee course 289,092
Below the knees, above the knees (both legs) 4 times course 418,910
V or I or O line 4-time course 89,092
Upper back (dress line) 4-time course 89,092
Full back (up to the waist) 4-time course 125,456
Chest or waist 1 time 70,910
Chest or waist 6 time 361,820
Chest or waist 10 time 543,638
Around the mouth XNUMX time 12,546
Around the mouth 6 times 72,546
Mouth circumference 10 times 90,728
Whole face once 16,182
Whole face 6 times 90,728
Once on the whole face 145,274
S parts (sideburns, nape of the neck, fingers/insteps, toes/insteps, etc.) once 12,546
S parts (sideburns, nape of the neck, fingers/insteps, toes/insteps, etc.) 6 times 72,546
S parts (sideburns, nape of the neck, fingers/insteps, toes/insteps, etc.) 10 times 90,728
M parts (buttocks, waist, etc.) XNUMX time 16,182
M parts (buttocks, waist, etc.) 6 times 90,728
M parts (buttocks, waist, etc.) 10 times 145,274
If you have any other desired parts, please contact us.
anesthesia fee 10,000
shaving fee 10,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
Risk, side effects, complications
Light is absorbed by the skin, so patients with sunburns or darkly pigmented skin conditions are at increased risk of burns.When a burn occurs, blisters and scab formation may be seen, and pigmentation may occur.Folliculitis (acne-like inflammation) may occur after hair removal, but folliculitis can be suppressed by taking antibiotics and using topical medications.

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