Treatment of acne and uneven skin

Skin care Acne and skin unevenness treatment
Treatment of acne and uneven skin
What is acne?
The condition called acne is a skin condition called acne vulgaris.
The red crushed state that often occurs on the face, neck, chest, back, etc. is the state where the hair follicles (bag-shaped part that wraps the hair) and the sebaceous glands are inflamed.
Causes of acne
Acne bacteria proliferate excessively in sebum, and white blood cells release active oxygen to kill acne bacteria and sprinkle it on acne bacteria,
Inflammation occurs.
This is a state in which the skin becomes rusty, changing from a red state (inflammation) to a brown state (pigmentation).
It often remains as uneven skin.
Acne types
Acne is roughly classified into red, white and black 3 colors.
Red acne
Acne with red and inflamed hair follicles. Stimulating the affected area exacerbates inflammation, so it is important to avoid touching it as much as possible. It gets worse when irritated by a mask or hair.
White acne
It is a state where sebum that has not been inflamed has accumulated. Acne is a condition in which the hair follicle is closed by a keratin plug and the skin is raised white, also called comedo.
Black acne
Like white acne, there is no inflammation and sebum is accumulated. Since the hair follicles are open, the clogged sebum oxidizes, causing blackheads to appear black. This is also called comedo. Acne that looks black due to clogged plugs is also called black acne.
The inflammation on the surface has subsided, but the inflammation remains inside and redness continues.
After redness disappears, melanin increases and brownish pigment remains.
Uneven crater
The dermis tissue is destroyed by inflammation, leaving new skin.
Can I kill acne?
When I press lightly on the area, it hurts and there is redness.This is the initial state of red acne.
Do not crush it while it is still red.After a few days of redness, a white substance will become visible on the surface.This is pus.
This pus is a wreckage in which white blood cells have finished fighting bacteria. The fact that the pus has accumulated has been said that the inflammation has subsided and can be crushed at this time, but it is not recommended.
Be careful when crushing and spreading the inflammation to the surrounding area, which may cause sickness or severe acne folliculitis. Basically, it is recommended to take antibiotics and apply external medicine without crushing acne.
Anti-acne measures you can do yourself
Acne care at home, beautiful skin cosmetics Reversal + plus
Beautiful skin cosmetics devised by director Nobuhiro Suetake.DRVC+ (vitamin C derivative lotion), which is the basis of Reversal + plus, is also included in Japan's only medical education video, produced and supervised by Director Suetake, and which serves as the basis for the guidance of many cosmetic dermatologists and dermatologists. It is appearing.We have commercialized skin care products that have been researched and developed based on our experience in treating age spots, wrinkles, acne, and atopic dermatitis so that more people can use them.In fact, it is used in our hospital and many other medical institutions as a treatment for beautiful skin, and is often featured in many national women's magazines such as 25ans.These skin-friendly skin cosmetics are made using dermatology and are made with particular attention to each skin-beautifying ingredient and blending ratio.
Other measures against acne
Measures for face washing and skin care
Friction and irritation can make acne worse, so avoid washing your face excessively or scrubbing your skin, avoid getting hair on your face, and wear a cloth mask when wearing one.For those who are more concerned about infection control, we recommend using a non-woven mask over a cloth mask.
UV protection
UV rays can dry the skin and cause acne to worsen, so it is a good idea to use hats, parasols, and sunscreen.However, some sunscreens can be very irritating to the skin.We recommend products that are gentle on the skin, such as those that do not use UV absorbers.
Measures for eating and sleeping
Daily diet is also essential for acne prevention. It is a good idea to be conscious of a well-balanced diet with three meals a day, and actively ingest protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and vitamin C.Sleep also plays an important role in skin metabolism.It's a good idea to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day so you don't get stressed or lack of sleep.
Treatment for acne and skin irregularities that can be used by insurance
It seems that many people stop treatment immediately if they do not get better even after going to a dermatologist, but since acne treatment takes time, please do your best to continue treatment for at least 3 months.At our clinic, we treat acne and skin irregularities.We incorporate drugs and treatments that have just been released, including cosmetics for beautiful skin, so please feel free to contact us for anything related to acne and uneven skin.
Internal medicine (drinking medicine) ・ Vitamin B6 → Suppression of sebum
・ Antibiotics → sterilize bacteria
・ Chinese medicine
Topical medicine Ointment that inhibits the growth of acne bacteria
・ Antimicrobial cream → Kills acne bacteria
・Anti-inflammatory cream → Reduces redness of acne
・ Keratolysis lotion → remove clog
Unaccountable acne treatment
Ultima, a treatment that recognizes the effect
Less damage to skin and recommended for beautiful skin and acne treatment.
Heat energy can be efficiently applied to the dermis layer without being affected by the amount of melanin in the epidermis. It is believed that this will reduce the risk of pain and burns caused by conventional light energy, and enable treatment that is not affected by skin color or hair. At the same time, the cooling system works and there is almost no pain.

Acne treatment that suppresses sebaceous glands using light and electronic energy
Treatment of uneven skin Fractional
It is a treatment method that activates collagen in the skin by irradiating 1 to 100 micro units or more per 1000 cmXNUMX with a single laser irradiation, promoting the activation of the skin and replacing it with new skin. It is attracting attention as a laser system that improves fine wrinkles and enlarged hair follicles.

Effective for skin irregularities and tightening
Treatment of uneven skin Lavieen
It uses a wavelength in the infrared region of 1927nm to restore the skin.You can expect total skin beautification effects such as opening up hair follicles, reducing dullness, and improving skin tone. You can feel your skin becoming smoother and smoother, just like applying BB cream.

Restores skin and improves skin texture
Treatment for acne and skin irregularities VIVACE
Using microneedles, it directly irradiates inside the dermis to remove wrinkles, creases around the eyes, treat acne, tighten the skin, treat uneven skin, etc.

Acne treatment with little downtime
The flow of acne and skin unevenness treatment
1. Reservation by phone
We accept reservations by phone.
2.Explanation of treatment from counselor
In a private room, a professional counselor will listen to your request in detail and explain the treatment method and details of the treatment.
3. Counseling by the director
Director Suetake will consult and present a picture of the case after treatment, and give you easy-to-understand counseling on the effects, risks, and specific treatment methods.
4. Application and payment for treatment
If you are satisfied with the procedure, sign the consent form and pay the procedure fee.
5. Treatment and treatment by the director
The director will be responsible for all medical examinations and procedures. (Nurse does not operate)
6. After-sales follow-up
Aftercare charges are included in the treatment fee. If you have any concerns after returning home, please feel free to contact us via toll-free number or email counseling.
Acne remedies
Oral medication (including Chinese medicine) Insurance adaptation
External medicine Insurance adaptation
Comedone extrusion (white and black acne removal treatment) Insurance adaptation
Once on the whole face 30,000
External medicine 162,000
Comedone extrusion (white and black acne removal treatment) 240,000
Partial 45,000
Once on the whole face 80,000
The whole face 6 times course 648,000
The whole face 10 times course 960,000
* If you use anesthesia cream, it will be an additional 1 yen (2,000 yen) each time.
The growth factor introduction course costs 1 yen (20,000 yen) each time. (Whole face)
Please consult us for treatment of scars and skin irregularities according to your budget.
Beautiful skin mode once 39,800
Beautiful skin mode 6 times 214,920
Beautiful skin mode 10 times 318,400
Skin recovery mode XNUMX time 89,800
Skin recovery mode 6 times 484,920
Skin recovery mode 10 times 718,400
* Skin recovery mode includes anesthesia cost + growth factor introduction cost.
Once 180,000
Anesthesia fee 2,000 (2,200)
Needle fee 6,000 (6,600)

With gloss factor
3 times 486,000
Anesthesia fee 6,000 (6,600)
Needle fee 18,000 (19,800)

With gloss factor
* Skin recovery mode includes anesthesia cost + growth factor introduction cost.
Beautiful skin cosmetics
Beautiful skin cosmetics
In-hospital vitamin C derivative lotion
Acne treatment cosmetics 10,000

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