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Treatment to replace with new skin
Fractional Resurfacing is a single laser irradiation that activates collagen in the skin and promotes skin revitalization by delivering fine irradiation of 1 to 100 microns per square meter.Treatment to replace with new skin.
It is attracting attention as a laser system that improves skin unevenness, sagging, and enlarged hair follicles.
Fractional laser system SELLAS
A laser system that can be expected to have a whitening effect
In order to improve skin unevenness, sagging, hair follicle opening, etc., the carbon dioxide laser could activate the skin, but it had high risks, pain and side effects, and required long-term treatment and downtime, which was disadvantageous. .
Fractional Resurfacing is a laser system that plays a fundamental role in the medical care that can replace skin with new laser, remove wrinkles and spots, and achieve whitening effect.
How long does it take to return to normal daily life after receiving treatment?
There are two types of skin recovery lasers.
Fractional Resurfacing stimulates uneven skin and skin that has been damaged by aging or UV rays.
Until now, skin recovery lasers have been classified into "Lasers that exfoliate the skin" and "Lasers that do not exfoliate the skin," and both have advantages and disadvantages.
Lasers that exfoliate the skin promote skin revitalization, but they involve long-term treatment and downtime.However, Fractional Resurfacing is a treatment that replaces the skin and promotes the recovery of collagen by applying fine irradiation of more than 1,000 microns per square meter without exfoliating the skin, and is expected to be a treatment that brings out the effects. I am.
Fractional Resurfacing is effective for a wide range of skin treatments
Fractional Resurfacing is a new concept treatment that regenerates the skin in a short time, and can treat skin irregularities, age spots, hair follicles, wrinkles, etc.
Not only is the treatment period and recovery period short, but you can also expect fast recovery speed and skin improvement effects.
You can feel the full effect even after the first treatment, and even after the treatment, you can continue your daily life including makeup.
Treatment time
Treatment time About 5 minutes
Number of treatments Treatment is 4-6 times at 10 weekly intervals.
pain None
Side effects Report does not
Recommended treatment
If you have trouble with depressed skin
Those who want to make scars and surgical scars inconspicuous
If you are worried about opening the hair follicle
Those who want to improve skin texture / dullness
The effect of treatment
Introduction of growth factor + laser irradiation
Until now, treatment with laser alone was the main treatment, but this hospital has introduced growth factors, various vitamins, and antioxidants to realize an effective treatment with less downtime that does not rely on laser-only invasion. Did.
It is not common sense to advance scab formation from the theory of wound treatment.
Laser treatment alone is not recommended because of the risk and long duration of pain and redness.
Introduction of growth factor + laser irradiationIs an effective treatment and is considered a standard treatment.
Partial 45,000
Whole face 1 times 80,000
Whole face 6 times course 432,000
Whole face 10 times course 640,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
*If numbing cream is used, there will be an additional charge of ¥1 (¥2,000) per session.
*The Growth Factor Introduction course costs ¥1 (excluding tax) per session (full face).
*For treatment of scars and skin irregularities, we will consult with you depending on your budget.
*The initial examination fee for scars is ¥10,000 (excluding tax).
Risk, side effects, complications
Fractional is a treatment that uses the thermal energy of laser to rebuild the skin from the epidermis to the dermis. Because the thermal energy of the laser is applied to the skin, redness appears depending on the intensity of the energy.
In the case of beautiful skin treatment, redness will appear only on the day, and in the case of treatment of uneven skin, it will be about 3-4 days with a sunburnt degree. No swelling. Soreness may appear for about 3 hours after the procedure.
Pain will not continue until the next day.
Skin roughness and makeup may worsen from around day 3.
The appearance of a fine scab may be observed at the crater site when treating uneven skin.
In women with occult melasma, melasma may temporarily worsen after laser irradiation.
When treating patients with blemishes, it is necessary to use a combination therapy with internal medicines and external medicines so that pigmentation and liver spots do not appear or worsen.
In this hospital, not the nurse but the director of the hospital, Suetake, is in charge of all treatments.
The introduction of a growth factor during the procedure will reduce pain and increase the therapeutic effect.
Improve skin texture and hair follicle enlargement, beautiful skin treatment
LABIAN is a popular skin treatment system in Korea, a beauty powerhouse.
Ravian restores skin at a wavelength in the infrared region of 1927nm.
You can expect total skin beautification effects.
In particular, you can feel that your skin becomes smoother and smoother, just like applying BB cream.


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