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Beautiful skin cosmetics
Beautiful skin cosmetics produced by director Nobuhiro Suetake
Produced by director Nobuhiro Suetake, who provides aging care treatment from the inside and outside.Skincare specialists carefully examine each ingredient and formulation, and these cosmetics are designed to lead to beautiful skin based on various clinical results.We have commercialized skin care products that have been researched and developed based on our experience in treating age spots, wrinkles, acne, and atopic dermatitis so that more people can use them.In fact, it is used at Sakae Clinic and many medical institutions as a treatment for beautiful skin, and has been introduced in many magazines such as 25ans.
Product Information

DRVC + (Vitamin C derivative lotion)
10,000 (11,000)

A lotion that has been commercialized with a vitamin C derivative lotion that has been used for many years as a treatment for spots, wrinkles, dullness, and acne. Removes active oxygen that causes skin aging, removes dullness of skin, prepares texture, and keeps bright and beautiful skin.

AC plus gel
10,000 (11,000)

Repels skin problems and gives you moisturized skin. In addition to the effects of vitamin C derivatives, the effects of retinol and tocopherol can be expected to remove active oxygen, prevent rough skin, and prevent dullness.

Daily peel soap
1,800 (1,980)

Peeling facial soap with fruit acid (AHA). Helps with the generation of skin cells, removes dead skin and dirt containing melanin, and prevents acne and other problems.

Sera milk
14,000 (15,400)

A serum containing 10% ceramide, a moisturizing ingredient that protects your skin from dryness, UV rays, and germs, and helps you maintain a healthy stratum corneum.

Moisturizing mineral cleansing gel
2,500 (2,750)

Botanical moisturizing ingredients nourish your skin while firmly adsorbing and removing makeup and dirt without putting any strain on your skin.After washing, it is moist and comfortable to use.
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