Hyaluronic acid injection

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Hyaluronic acid injection
Wrinkle improvement expected in a short time
Hyaluronic acid has a high water retention capacity and is present in large amounts between cells.It is produced naturally in the body, but decreases with age.Your body will eventually absorb it, so you will need to inject it regularly to maintain it.It has the effect of making wrinkles less noticeable within 2 to XNUMX minutes after injection, and since it is injected with a thin needle, it is less painful and can be expected to improve wrinkles.
Recommended treatment
Those who are worried about wrinkles
One where conspicuous lines are conspicuous
One where fine lines are conspicuous
Those who care about postoperative downtime
Those who wish to perform treatment without using a scalpel
Those who do not like pain
Wrinkle treatment by injection of hyaluronic acid
Highly rated injection wrinkle treatment method presented at an academic conference
Hyaluronic acid injections make wrinkles less noticeable.We use hyaluronic acid containing lidocaine (anesthetic), which has been discussed at many academic conferences.Our director has given lectures as a symposium at academic conferences, and we provide treatment using the same techniques and materials that he has given lectures and guidance at seminars for dermatologists.You can wear makeup from the day of treatment and there is almost no swelling.To ensure that you are satisfied with the treatment, you can view case photos and check the actual effects and risks.The only side effects are internal bleeding and swelling for several hours due to anesthesia, and there are very few reports of allergies.
Treatment time About 5 minutes
Duration Beginner 6-8 months
Multiple times 1-2 years
pain None
Side effects Possibility of partial internal bleeding
Ensures satisfactory results. The treatment will be performed by Director Suetake.
Partial 0.5cc 1 times 50,000
Total 1.0cc 1 times 98,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
* Additional treatment one month later is free.
Risk, side effects, complications
The hyaluronic acid used at our hospital is a formulation containing anesthesia.This is because it has been used for a long time and is used all over the world, and its risks and effectiveness have been confirmed.With hyaluronic acid injections, the needle may hit blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue, which may cause internal bleeding.Internal bleeding often occurs after a few days, and may occur in a different area from the injection site because it moves due to gravity.During the procedure, the injection site is cooled and pressure is applied to prevent internal bleeding as much as possible.Depending on the area, hyaluronic acid swelling may be noticeable along wrinkle lines, but this will improve over time.Although this is a rare phenomenon, if it bothers you, it can be reversed using a drug called hyaronidase, which dissolves hyaluronic acid.

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