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Skin care ACR treatment
ACR treatment
Treatment using growth factors found in platelets
This treatment uses plasma, which contains a large amount of platelets.The treatment material is made by extracting platelets from the patient's own blood.It is a restorative medicine that aims at healing by utilizing the tissue repair ability of platelet growth factors contained in the blood and increasing the inherent healing power.Because it uses your own blood, it is a treatment with very few side effects.
Uses high concentration production unit
At our hospital, we use a high-concentration production unit.This unit can produce a larger amount of plasma containing platelets at a higher concentration than before, further improving therapeutic efficacy.Be careful if the treatment cost is extremely low or if the name of the lumber in the kit is not specified.We recommend that you receive treatment at a medical institution that has a large number of cases.Our hospital is conducting joint research with manufacturers.The price difference is reflected in the quality of the kit and the experience and technique of the practitioner.
Treatment theory
It uses components called platelets contained in your own blood.Platelets work in the human body to stop blood flow and repair broken blood vessels and cells.These platelets contain a component called ``growth factor'' that energizes and rejuvenates the cells of the body.The release increases collagen and hyaluronic acid production and restores capillaries.
Sites suitable for treatment
Wrinkles around the eyes
Forehead wrinkles
Wrinkles between eyebrows
Lip wrinkles
Neck wrinkles
Irregularities on the skin
Golf elbow
Meat separation
Achilles tendonitis
Tennis elbow
Acceptance date
Heisei 27/4/15
Cell culture processing facility number
Department of Health and Welfare
Tokai Hokuriku Welfare Bureau
Sakae Clinic has received a report from the cell culture processing facility required by the Law Concerning the Safety of Regenerative Medicine (Law No. 2014 of Heisei 11), which was enforced on 25 / 25 of 85. It was.
Prices(Beauty field)Medical expenses deductible
Face only 190,000
face + neck 290,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
ACR Sports Therapy
Our hospital has performed this treatment on athletes in Japan.
Sakae Clinic is a medical institution that provides this treatment in both the beauty and sports fields.In collaboration with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, we have begun clinical research on athletes.
This hospital provided this treatment to athletes in Japan.
This is a new treatment method in the sports field that is becoming widely practiced in Europe and America.
Not blood doping.
It seems that some trainers are concerned that this treatment may be doping and are questioning the athletes.Athletes' coaches have an obligation to obtain accurate information, even in English, and to convey it correctly.At our hospital, we constantly obtain information regarding treatment and strive to ensure that subjects and patients are satisfied with their treatment.Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Prices(Sports field)Medical expenses deductible
Counseling, consultation, first consultation fee 30,000
1st treatment 150,000
2st treatment 120,000
3st treatment 100,000
4st treatment 80,000
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
*Unit is ¥. *For each site (ex. right Achilles tendon, right elbow, right knee collateral ligament...If multiple, the cost will vary depending on the amount used.)
*The above includes the cost of materials, facility usage fees, drugs, treatments, conditioning, care, and training guidance provided by specialists and professional trainers.
*Plasma containing a high concentration of platelets is produced by collecting your own blood, but the production method differs depending on the facility.
At our hospital, we use a high-concentration production unit that has been studied for its effectiveness and extensive clinical experience.The preparation kit, technique, and experience are important points for therapeutic effectiveness.
As this treatment becomes more widespread, some facilities are disregarding medical ethics in order to reduce costs, so we need to be careful.Our hospital does not perform medical practices that mix other growth factors into the prepared injection material and inject it.We receive many inquiries from athletes, sports professionals, and coaches, but at our hospital, we do not have a program in which we only perform this treatment for athletes.We provide conditioning, training, and care guidance based on a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances that led to the injury, training methods, and other physical information.Training and care are required along with treatment.
Risk, side effects, complications
This treatment rarely causes allergic reactions because it is made from your own blood.
In addition, since it is made with a kit, it is not made through complicated procedures, so it does not become a dirty operation. Therefore, it is unlikely to cause infection.
Since it is treated by injection, the needle may hit the blood vessels of the subcutaneous tissue, and internal bleeding appears with a possibility of about 30% to 50%.
However, it cools down and performs a treatment with a fine needle and compresses it after injection, so even if internal bleeding occurs, it will disappear only in about a week, and it will not be apparent with a concealer or other cover. Depending on the amount of injection, swelling will appear only in the area under the eyes for several hours. The next day, it almost disappears.
In this hospital, we do not co-inject other than the prepared therapeutic preparation, so we have not experienced any trouble for a long time.
There are facilities that mix injections such as fiblast sprays, and there is a problem with the appearance of major troubles such as granulation.
Depending on the kit to be prepared, impurities may also be contaminated, and the preparation method and the concentration of platelets contained in the actual plasma will differ, and the effect will differ.
This treatment has different effects depending on the doctor's experience, the kit used, and the treatment used in combination, so we conduct clinical research in partnership with manufacturers and research facilities to develop effective treatments.
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