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Beard hair removal, body hair removal

What is medical hair removal?

In conventional medical hair removal, light is strongly absorbed by the melanin in the epidermis and diffuses deeply, so energy may not reach the entire hair follicle extending to the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue. 

In addition, irradiation power cannot be increased for dark-skinned skin due to the risk of burns. Alternatively, it can be said that in such cases, a sufficient therapeutic effect cannot be obtained, such as the fact that light-colored hair and vellus hair have a low amount of melanin and thus do not easily absorb light energy.

The pain of medical hair loss varies from person to person,Anesthetic cream is also used for patients who are vulnerable to pain.

Hair removal performed at a medical institution can achieve a hair removal effect in a short period of time.

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Treatment timeAbout 15 minutes
Number of treatmentsTreat about 4 to 4 times every 10 weeks.
Side effectsReport does not.


Oral 1 times19,000 Yen(20,900 yen)
Above mouth, below mouth 1 times29,000 Yen(31,900 yen)
Above mouth, below mouth, cheek 1 times39,000 Yen(42,900 yen)
Above mouth, below mouth, cheek, neck 1 times49,000 Yen(53,900 yen)
Men Waki ​​4 times course60,000 Yen(66,000 yen)
4 times course on both male elbows326,250 Yen(358,875 yen)
4 courses under male elbow217,500 Yen(239,250 yen)
Chest hair 6 times course529,200 Yen(582,120 yen)
Abdomen 6 times course264,600 Yen(291,060 yen)
Men's bikini line 4 times course217,500 Yen(239,250 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Risk, side effects, complications

In our hospital for hair lossAurora andUse a system calledA method of destroying the center of hair with optical and electrical energy.

Light is also absorbed by the skin, increasing the risk of burns in patients with sunburn or pigmented skin. Burns can cause blisters and scabs, and may cause pigmentation.

In the case of wrinkles, acne-like inflammation called folliculitis may occur after hair removal.
For this reason, when performing medical hair removal for dense beards, it may be necessary to take antibiotics after the treatment.

The appearance of acne is suppressed by taking antibiotics or applying it externally after hair removal.
Not recommended for gray hair because it has little effect.


You can also remove armpits, arms, legs, bikini lines, i-line, o-line, and beard.

脱毛Apply gel and apply light and electron energy where you want.

Before treatment, the unwanted hair of the part to be removed is shaved.

Although there are individual differences, it is usually 4 to 6 times for female armpits.
In the case of male beard, it is 8-10 times.

If you have pain, use anesthesia cream, and rest assured that it will be cooled using a care system that can be cooled at -20 ° C.
(In the case of male hair loss, we recommend applying an anesthetic cream.)
Even if redness appears, it will disappear within 48 hours, and anti-inflammatory drugs are also applied.

Depending on the range, it takes 2 to 3 minutes for both arms and 5 minutes for beards.

After the treatment, we apply vitamin c derivative which has the effect of suppressing inflammation, but you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible and apply sunscreen.

Since there is a cycle in the hair, please leave about 1 month to a month and a half.

Some hair may be removed by impact immediately after irradiation, but will fall off after the date has passed.


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  • 1987 Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
  • 1987 Entered the First Surgery Department, National Gifu University Hospital
  • In 1991, trained in general cosmetic surgery under the guidance of the director of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and Dr. Cai.
  • 1993 Cosmetic surgeon guidance and chief doctor at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide
  • 1996 Year Sakae Clinic opened
  • 2011 Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • 2012 Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

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