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What is photo RF hair removal?

Permanent hair removal system that adds high frequency energy to light

In conventional hair removal lasers, light is strongly absorbed by the melanin of the epidermis and diffuses deeply, so that the entire hair follicle that extends to the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue may not be able to receive sufficient energy.

Furthermore, in dark skin, there is a risk of burns, so the irradiation output cannot be increased. Or, light hair and soft hair may not be able to achieve a sufficient therapeutic effect in such cases, as light energy is difficult to absorb because of the low amount of melanin.

The pain of laser hair removal varies from individual to individual,Super Photo RF (Ultima)Hair removal by is a hair removal method with much less pain.Anesthetic cream is also used for patients who are vulnerable to pain.

Hair removal performed at a medical institution can achieve a hair removal effect in a short period of time.
It goes without saying that the cost of hair removal is cheap and that hair can be removed beautifully.

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Treatment timeAbout 15 minutes
Number of treatments1-6-10 treatments are performed every 2 weeks.
Side effectsReport does not.

Hair removal at the beauty salon is not recommended!

Recently, an increasing number of male patients are paying high costs for esthetic treatments and are negotiating retreatment with little hair loss.
Estimated over 100 million yen for several tens of hours using a hair removal method called a needle.

However, not only is it not effective, but there are people who are in a serious state due to redness due to strong folliculitis and partial necrosis of the skin.
With the advancement of technology and medicine, hair removal with a needle is impossible except for special treatments.
Unbearable pain and inflammation, and poor effectiveness. There is no merit in any way.

Moreover, hygiene management is completely different between medical institutions and esthetics.
There is also a risk of infection with hepatitis B due to body fluids, and there is no possibility of infectious diseases such as viruses, and there is a possibility of being infected with hepatitis virus without knowing it.

From needles to lasers, and the combination of pulsed light and high frequency, there is a change to a very effective treatment with less risk and pain.
Believing in PR advertisements that seem false, paying a large amount of hair loss and receiving hair loss at risk.
Hair loss is a medical practice and is also a gray zone and black zone in esthetics.


Oral 1 times 19,000 yen(Tax not included)
Above mouth, below mouth 1 times 29,000 yen(Tax not included)
Above mouth, below mouth, cheek 1 times 39,000 yen(Tax not included)
Above mouth, below mouth, cheek, neck 1 times 49,000 yen(Tax not included)
Men Waki ​​4 times course 60,000 yen(Tax not included)
Male both upper arms 4 times course 326,250 yen(Tax not included)
Male forearm 4 times course 217,500 yen(Tax not included)
Chest hair 6 times course 529,200 yen(Tax not included)
Abdomen 6 times course 264,600 yen(Tax not included)
Men's bikini line 4 times course 217,500 yen(Tax not included)

Risk, side effects, complications

Our hospital uses a system called Photo RF for permanent hair removal.

IPL 680-980nm intense pulse light is a method of destroying the hair center with optical energy and electrical energy by irradiating light and high frequency.

Light is also absorbed by the skin, so there is a higher risk of burns in patients who are tanned or have dark skin. When burns occur, blisters and scab formation may occur and pigmentation may occur.

In the case of wrinkles, acne-like inflammation called folliculitis may occur after hair removal.
For this reason, it may be necessary to take antibiotics after the operation when removing hair with a high density.

The appearance of acne is suppressed by taking antibiotics or applying it externally after hair removal.
Not recommended for gray hair because it has little effect.


You can also remove armpits, arms, legs, bikini lines, i-line, o-line, and beard.

脱毛Apply gel and apply light and high frequency to the place you want.

Before treatment, the unwanted hair of the part to be removed is shaved.

Although there are individual differences, it is usually 4 to 6 times for female armpits.
In the case of male beard, it is 8-10 times.

If you have pain, use anesthesia cream, and rest assured that it will be cooled using a care system that can be cooled at -20 ° C.
(In the case of male hair loss, we recommend applying an anesthetic cream.)
Even if redness appears, it will disappear within 48 hours, and anti-inflammatory drugs are also applied.

Depending on the range, it takes 2 to 3 minutes for both arms and 5 minutes for beards.

After the treatment, we apply vitamin c derivative which has the effect of suppressing inflammation, but you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible and apply sunscreen.

Since there is a cycle in the hair, please leave about 1 month to a month and a half.

Some hair may be removed by impact immediately after irradiation, but will fall off after the date has passed.

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