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Hyaluronic acid injection

What is hyaluronic acid injection?

Big in a short time
Expected to improve wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid is a polymer that has the ability to retain a great deal of water. It is an ingredient originally in the human body, but it decreases with age. Since it is a substance that exists in the body, it is not worried about allergies. It will eventually be absorbed into the body, so it must be infused regularly to maintain it.

The effect of making wrinkles less noticeable appears in 1 to 2 minutes. It is less painful than conventional methods and can be expected to improve large wrinkles.

Recommended treatment

  • For wrinkles
  • One where conspicuous lines are conspicuous
  • One where fine lines are conspicuous
  • Those who care about postoperative downtime
  • Those who wish to perform treatment without using a scalpel
  • Those who do not like pain

Hyaluronic acid
Wrinkle treatment by injection

At the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
Announced and highly rated
Injection wrinkle treatment

With hyaluronic acid injection, the effect of extending wrinkles from 1 to 2 minutes appears. It is less painful than conventional methods and can be expected to improve large wrinkles.

It uses hyaluronic acid, a new material containing lidocaine, an anesthetic that has been featured in many academic presentations at the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society and the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Dermatology.

This is the method that many entertainers go to remove wrinkles. In this hospital, the director gives a symposium at a scientific meeting and gives a lecture at a seminar for dermatologists. It is. Makeup is possible immediately after treatment and there is almost no swelling.

The most effective method is 3 times and 1 cool. It is a safe and effective wrinkle treatment that the director has announced at the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society in the past.Hyaluronic acid injection is recommended because it will keep the wrinkle treatment effect longer.

It is recommended that hyaluronic acid injections be injected by a specialist because the effectiveness varies greatly depending on the skill of the treating physician.

You can confirm the actual effect and safety by viewing the case photos so that you can receive treatment with peace of mind. The side effects are internal bleeding and swelling for several hours due to anesthesia, and there are few reports of allergies.

Treatment timeAbout 5 minutes
DurationBeginner 6-8 months
Multiple times 1-2 years
Side effectsPossibility of partial internal bleeding

Risk, side effects, complications

Hyaluronic acid used in wrinkles and petit shaping uses a safe and secure formulation.
This is because it has been used for a long time and has been used in large quantities all over the world, and its safety and effectiveness have been confirmed.
Since hyaluronic acid is injected, the needle may hit the blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue. In this case, internal bleeding may occur.

Internal bleeding often appears a few days after treatment, and may appear by moving to a different site from the injection site. During the operation, the injection site is cooled and pressure is applied immediately after the operation so that internal bleeding does not occur as much as possible.

Depending on the site, the swelling of hyaluronic acid may be noticeable along the wrinkle line, but it will improve over time. This phenomenon is rare, but if you are worried, you can rest assured that it can be restored with a hyaluronidase-dissolving agent called hyaluronic acid.

In the hyaluronic acid preparation used at this hospital, no 1 cases have been reported for allergic reactions.


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Total 1.0cc 1 times 98,000 yen(Tax not included)

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