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Hyaluronic acid injection

What is hyaluronic acid injection?

Wrinkle improvement expected in a short time

Hyaluronic acid has high water retention and is abundant between cells. It is made naturally in the body, but decreases with age. It will need to be injected regularly to maintain it, as it will eventually be absorbed into the body.

It has the effect of making wrinkles less noticeable in 2-XNUMX minutes after injection, and since it is injected with a fine needle, it has less pain and can be expected to improve wrinkles.

Recommended treatment

  • Those who are worried about wrinkles
  • One where conspicuous lines are conspicuous
  • One where fine lines are conspicuous
  • Those who care about postoperative downtime
  • Those who wish to perform treatment without using a scalpel
  • Those who do not like pain

Hyaluronic acid
Wrinkle treatment by injection

Presented at academic meetings,
Highly evaluated injection wrinkle treatment

Hyaluronic acid injection is effective in removing wrinkles in 1 to 2 minutes. Less pain and big wrinkles can be expected.

It uses hyaluronic acid, a new material that contains lidocaine, an anesthetic that has been featured in many academic meetings.

In this hospital, the director gives a symposium at academic meetings and gives a lecture. A seminar for dermatologists also gives a lecture and gives treatment using the techniques and materials that are being taught. Makeup is possible from the day of treatment and swelling hardly appears.

It is most effective to do it three times in one cool. It is an effective wrinkle treatment that the director has instructed many cosmetic surgeons in the past.Hyaluronic acid injection is recommended because it will keep the wrinkle treatment effect longer.

You will be able to see the case photos and confirm the actual effects and risks so that you can be convinced and receive treatment. The only side effect is internal bleeding, swelling for several hours due to anesthesia, and there are few reports of allergy.

Treatment timeAbout 5 minutes
DurationBeginner 6-8 months
Multiple times 1-2 years
Side effectsPossibility of partial internal bleeding


Ensures satisfactory results. The treatment will be performed by Director Suetake.

Partial 0.5cc 1 times50,000 Yen(55,000 yen)
Total 1.0cc 1 times98,000 Yen(107,800 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).
* Additional treatment one month later is free.

Risk, side effects, complications

Hyaluronic acid used in wrinkle and cosmetic surgery treatment uses a formulation containing anesthesia.
This is because of its long-term use record and its use in large quantities worldwide and its risks and effectiveness have been confirmed.
Since hyaluronic acid is injected, the needle may hit the blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue. In this case, internal bleeding may occur.

Internal bleeding often occurs a few days later, and may also appear due to gravity moving to a site other than the injection site. During the procedure, the injection site is cooled and compressed to minimize internal bleeding.

In some areas, the bulge of hyaluronic acid may be noticeable along the wrinkle line, but will improve over time. This phenomenon is rare, but it can be reversed with hyaluronidase, a drug that dissolves hyaluronic acid.


Although there are individual differences, there is almost no pain because it is performed with a fine needle while cooling.

Although there is no redness or swelling, internal bleeding may occur in rare cases.
Since you can make up from the day, you can hide it even if internal bleeding occurs.

Can be treated with makeup.

You can inject. It also helps prevent wrinkles from deepening.

Introduction of the clinic

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Medical doctor

Director and Medical Doctor Nobuhiro Suetake

  • 1987 Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
  • 1987 Entered the First Surgery Department, National Gifu University Hospital
  • In 1991, trained in general cosmetic surgery under the guidance of the director of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and Dr. Cai.
  • 1993 Cosmetic surgeon guidance and chief doctor at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide
  • 1996 Year Sakae Clinic opened
  • 2011 Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • 2012 Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

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