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Fractional laser system SELLAS

Fractional Resurfacing means that 1 times of laser irradiation activates collagen in the skin by irradiating 100 to 1000 micro units or more per 1 cubic meter, prompting skin regeneration.Treatment to replace with new skinis. It is attracting attention as an innovative laser system that improves scars, surgery marks and pregnancy lines.

Fractional Resurfacing is a laser system that plays a fundamental role in regenerative medicine that can be replaced with new skin with a laser and removes wrinkles and spots to achieve a whitening effect.It is a treatment that uses the skin mechanism and promotes the inherent regenerative ability.

Fractional Resurfacing is a progressive laser that stimulates scars, surgery, skin that has been damaged by aging and UV rays. To date, skin regeneration lasers are classified as “laser that peels off the skin” and “laser that does not peel off the skin”, but both have merits and demerits. Lasers that exfoliate (stretch) the skin strongly promote skin regeneration, but with long-term treatment and downtime.

However, Fractional Resurfacing is an attractive treatment that brings out more reliable effects by treating the skin by exchanging the skin and prompting the regeneration of collagen by irradiating the skin more than 1000 micro units per cm2 without peeling the skin. It is expected as an effective treatment. This laser is effective for a wide range of skin treatments.

Fractional Resurfacing is a new concept that regenerates the skin in a short time, and can treat scars, surgical marks, pregnancy lines, etc. Not only the treatment period and recovery period are short, but also you can expect fast recovery speed and skin improvement effect. Even the first treatment can feel a sufficient effect, and even after the treatment, it can be used in all daily life including makeup.

Cosmetic surgery at another hospital
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To patients who are worried

In this hospital, the president of the 88 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society, a specialist certified by the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society, and a long-standing director of cosmetic surgery as a cosmetic surgeon will answer any postoperative problems in cosmetic surgery.

Consultation and medical treatment of a patient who is suffering in a state where aesthetic medicine is received and satisfactory results are not obtained, ugly scars remain in cosmetic surgery, and the progress after treatment is unsatisfactory We are

Scar treatment may be covered by insurance or medical expenses deductions.

We provide medical care that does not burden the body physically, mentally, and economically as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us.

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Surgical scars due to surgery

Scar after double tie-over fixation by surgery


Surgical site

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Treatment of skin necrosis

Treatment of skin necrosis with PRP therapy

Miradry and
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First medical examination / counseling fee10,000 yen(Tax not included)

Treatments such as scars, surgery marks and pregnancy lines will be consulted according to your budget.
* Only counseling by a counselor is free.
* Some scars, transportation expenses (by public transportation) and treatment costs are fully deducted from medical expenses.

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