NEWA lift

NEWA lift

What is NEWA lift?

Intense functionality
Specialized facial equipment

The NEWA lift is a facial device specialized for a single purpose, focusing only on sub-microwaves, which have been proven in professional treatments, for “skin tightening”.

Focusing on the “self-healing power of the skin” in cosmetic dermatology, the advanced technology 3DEEP technology using sub-microwaves has been used to deepen the skin, so it works on the original functions of the skin.

NEWA lift

Features of NEWA lift

Advanced technology of cosmetic dermatology DEEP technology

The immediate effect and long-term tightening effect that many people feel using the NEWA lift.

Simultaneously approach three depths of skin by flowing sub-microwaves between symmetrical electrodes.
Warm widely and deeply from the dermis to the subcutaneous tissue.

It is a slimming facial device that puts the essence of technology from “design” to “parts” and “gel” without any extra functions.
One of the reasons why many people are satisfied with the feeling of skin brought about by the high level of expertise of the NEWA lift.

3 simple steps,
Short-term intensive care

Easy 3 step

Cleaning the NEWA lift ends in 4 minutes on one cheek and 8 minutes on both cheeks.
A treatment that feels warm to the back of the skin and feels a good feeling.
Carefully looking at the mirror and watching TV, the professional finish in no time.
The reason why the NEWA lift is so popular is that it can be used easily.


In-hospital experience 5,000 yen(Tax not included)
NEWA lift 62,800 yen(Tax not included)

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