June 07, 2024

Japanese team wins the right to participate in the Paris Olympics!

Reading Time: <1 minuteThe Japanese team won first place in the qualifying rounds at the World Relay Championships held in the Bahamas and earned the right to participate in the Mile Relay Paris Olympics! congratulations. Athletes who practice vagus nerve function activation training "Lung Life" at our hospital Thanks to the wonderful running of Kaito Kawabata, the Japanese representative, the Japanese team took 3th place in the final. It was a race in which I definitely could have won a medal if I hadn't made Baton's mistake. https://www20240506.nhk.or.jp/news/html/10014441401000/kXNUMX.html If you run with the best members at the Paris Olympics, there is a good chance you will stand out. I look forward to it!
June 01, 2024

happy New Year.

Reading Time: <1 minuteHappy New Year! We look forward to working with her again this year. This year, I am serving as a director of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine. Part-time lecturer in hospital management, Juntendo University School of Medicine As a director of the Japan Lung Life Association As a director of Advanced Medical Science Wellness Academy As the director of Sakae Clinic, I will devote myself to contributing to aesthetic medicine and daily medical treatment.
June 20, 2023

ALBA [Lung Life] Special Feature

Reading Time: <1 minuteOn December XNUMXth, a special feature on [Lung Life] was published in the golf magazine ALBA and I explained it. Many top golfers, including top prize-winning tour pros, have been using the Lung-Kit technique that I developed in their training, and are seeing remarkable results. Of course, not only in the golf world, but also in the sports world, education, stress care, and femtech. [Lung Life] has also been introduced in support facilities for children with developmental disabilities, and has achieved remarkable results such as improving children's concentration, controlling emotions, and suppressing hyperactivity. [Lung Life] is a vagus nerve stimulation therapy. [Lung life] activates the vagus nerve. Vagus nerve activation is the next generation health method!
June 15, 2023

[Lung life] color special feature in golf magazine ALBA

Reading Time: <1 minuteCurrently, in the Department of Hospital Management at Juntendo University School of Medicine, we are conducting research on the human software of the autonomic and vagus nerves with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi.Lung activity, which activates the vagus nerve, has been a hot topic recently.It is becoming popular in many healthcare fields, and it has been confirmed that remarkable results have been obtained in the golf world as well, dramatically improving the performance of golfers. [Lung life] stimulates and activates not only the respiratory function but also the vagus nerve, which is the most important nerve in humans.By taking deep breaths along with exercise, your heart rate will fluctuate and your vagus nerve will be activated.Not only does it improve the movement of his ribcage, but it also increases the amount of ventilation he takes in each time, which increases the amount of oxygen he takes in and helps improve blood flow.It can be expected in the health field, but it is also so effective that it will dramatically change the training, conditioning, and care methods of athletes.I am confident that lung activity will definitely change the world of sports.Evidence-based health methods, training, care, and conditioning are now in demand. [Lung Life], developed by a team of specialists at a university medical school, can be said to be a next-generation health and training method that matches the times.Please pay attention. ALBA also introduces specific exercises for XNUMX steps.Please take a look!
June 26, 2022

Lung life!The world of sports will change!

Reading Time: <1 minute
Yesterday, the final day of the World Athletics Championships, the Japanese team ran the XNUMXm relay, and it was really cool.
Before the race, there was no attention at all...all the coverage was about the XNUMXm relay...
The Japanese team's best performance in the qualifying round!In the finals, he broke into the XNUMX-minute range, setting a new Asian record and a new Japanese record, and finished in XNUMXth place.Best result in the world tournament.
The mile relay will aim to win medals at next year's World Championships and the Paris Olympics.
Fuji TV's Mezamashi 2-sama will be broadcasting a training interview with Kaito Kawabata, who ran the second run.
of course!
Next generation and training
Kawabata does not do any static stretching before or after practice, and he almost never does weight training.
Improve respiratory function
Autonomic nervous function up
Improved core coordination
Improving balance ability
As a result of drastically changing his conditioning, training, and care methods with a focus on improving lung vitality, he has dramatically improved his performance, winning the XNUMXm championship at the Japan Championships last year, and contributing to the Japanese tie record at the Tokyo Olympics with the fastest time (lap time equivalent to the second-best lap time in Japan's history). This year's Japan Championship runner-up
From an unknown player to a top player on the Japanese national team!
The year before last, when he wasn't blessed with a sponsor, he bounced back from last year's big handicap, and I think his unrelenting efforts, Coach Aoto's efforts, and his vitality supported his success.
A long-awaited medal for Japan in the XNUMXm relay!
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June 19, 2022

Preventing the new coronavirus with Chinese medicine 

Reading Time: <1 minuteWhile the Omicron strain is rampant, it is definitely impossible to avoid the new coronavirus infection even if you are vaccinated.Although the risk of becoming seriously ill has decreased, if you become infected, it could spread the infection to the isolation facility, your family, and the surrounding area, and cause a cluster, so we want to avoid infection at all costs. https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/95e6225539e710336181db3d3ccca6360e971833 There was an article stating that Jingkurenkeito prevents new coronavirus infection.Although there is no evidence (no double-blind trials have been conducted on patients with the new coronavirus), it is assumed that there is a high possibility that it is effective.Traditionally, Chinese herbal medicine can be expected to have the effect of increasing the body's immunity and alleviating many symptoms, rather than the symptomatic treatment of western medicine, which is analgesic and antipyretic. “Jikakurenkeito is a Japanese herbal medicine that suppresses inflammation of the upper respiratory tract such as the conjunctiva, nasal cavity, and trachea, as well as the skin, and is a Japanese herbal medicine that was discovered in the Meiji era. It is more likely to proliferate in the upper respiratory tract, such as the nose and throat, than in the lower respiratory tract.We believe that Keikakurenkeito can be expected to be even more effective for Omicron strains,'' the doctor commented.As a preventive medicine, take one packet once a day after returning home or before going to bed.If you feel you may have had close contact during the day, you may take an additional packet during the day.If there is a possibility of infection and symptoms appear, we recommend taking Keikakurenkeito three times a day for 1 days.The strongest countermeasure → KeiganrengyotoIt improves nasal congestion and inflammation of the tonsils, and prevents viruses from entering cells.However, not only the new coronavirus infection but most bacteria and viruses invade through the pharynx (throat), and in the early stages of the disease, when inflammation occurs in the mucous membranes due to this invasion, maoto, kakkonto, maoto, maoto, etc. Ephedra agents such as Fuzisaishinto are effective.Maoto is thought to resist viruses by suppressing inflammation of the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract and increasing the body's defenses.Therefore, the Omicron strain proliferates 70 times faster in the bronchial tubes than the Delta strain, so these herbal medicines may be a preventive measure.Usually, Jingkuliankantang, Kamostat https://bio.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/news/p1/21/10/26/08757/If you have a slight fever, we recommend that you take maoto immediately. So, when I enter a place where I can't avoid contact with a large number of unspecified people, such as when I'm in a crowd or going out to eat, I always take precautions. Jingkulianyanyu + CamostatI am taking it. *Maoto can be expected to have a dramatic effect on fever and sore throat, so it is recommended that you always have it on hand.However, if you do not normally have physical strength or have high blood pressure, please be sure to consult your doctor before use. https://iss.ndl.go.jp/books/R000000004-I030473668-00 Based on these reports, I would consider taking Jingkurenkeito as a self-defense measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.There are some doctors who recommend camostat as a preventive drug, so I would like to introduce it to you.but https://www.mixonline.jp/tabid55.html?artid=71280 The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare does not recommend camostat as a treatment for infectious diseases because phase III trials did not yield effective results.However, these are not experimental results verifying the effectiveness of camostat as a preventive drug.
Camostat (Huoipan) to prevent new coronavirus infections
However, it is important to improve your immune system and respiratory function, so we recommend lung activation.     For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.
June 19, 2022

Nagoya Grampus former top coach & lung activity

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Yesterday, Mr. Toshihisa Iijima, the right-hand man of Coach Stojkovic and former Nagoya Grampus top team coach, who has been active as a J Leaguer for the first time in a while, visited the clinic and talked about lung activity, athletes' second careers, and training.
When I was an active coach at Nagoya Grampus, I brought Soji Taguchi, who had been selected for the Japan national team, to the clinic and, since he was a talented player, I was entrusted with training and guidance to help him improve his physical strength.Taguchi rapidly improved his physique through autonomic nerve training in which he stopped all stretching, and he became a regular player, had great success, and was named to the Japanese national team.
Coach Iijima's ability to identify talent has been remarkable ever since then, and last year he coached Chubu Daiichi High School and led them to victory in the Aichi National High School Soccer Tournament.
Currently, he is busy running a cafe with his wife, a former tour professional golfer who has won tour championships, as well as working as a commentator, running a private gym, and founding a club team.
The student requested to receive instruction on lung activation, and we had a great time having lunch together with a soccer player who trains athletes.
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June 14, 2022

Lung life seminar

Reading Time: <1 minuteThe clinic was held on February XNUMXth with the participation of Kaito Kawabata, Japan's Tokyo Olympic track and field athlete, trainers, acupuncturists, staff from companies and education-related businesses, and integrative medicine specialists.We have taken strict measures to prevent infectious diseases to minimize contact.
Kaito Kawabata will also be working as a lung trainer starting in April, drawing on his own experience.
Kawabata aims to break the Japanese record and win a medal at the Asian Games this year.
Aiming to participate in the world championship.
A medical aroma company distributed a prototype of Lung-Active Aroma and explained its development.
We had a demonstration of XNUMXHz music that regulates the autonomic nervous system.
The trainer will teach you how to actually perform lung exercises.
Functional anatomy
Exercise physiology
This was done based on autonomic neurology.
It is certain that lung activity will become a big hit, but I would like to work to popularize lung activity based on evidence.
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June 01, 2022

Paris Fashion Model Lung Life

Reading Time: <1 minuteYesterday, my friend Kiko Hayashida, who is active as a model for Paris Fashion Week, visited MTG before leaving for Paris Fashion Week.She had a meeting to make lung exercises a standard exercise for walking models and pageant contestants.During her childhood, she received numerous awards including being a promising Olympic player due to her special education in volleyball.After graduating from high school, she joined Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Springs, a V League team. She left the team at the age of 20 and became the first Japanese player to play in the Dutch professional league, playing as an ace attacker in HCCNET Martinus. After retiring at the age of 21, she lived in America and became a model and beauty specialist at the age of 27.She also provided workshop interpretation for her own mentor, Stephen Haines, and learned her knowledge and techniques about beauty contests. http://steven-smile.com/top.htm At the age of 32, he aimed to become a professional boxer and obtained his professional license in six months.During her time as a boxer, she was a beautiful model boxer with a unique career and was widely featured in newspapers, television, the internet, magazines, and other media. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20150407-00000007-wordleaf-fight After retiring from boxing, she got married and had children.While she mainly continues to teach beauty contests and women who aspire to become models, she also participated in September 37 as Miss Japan in the beauty contest ``Miss The Glam Monaco International 019'', which is officially recognized by the Principality of Monaco, at the age of 2019. She won the ``She is a Top Model Award''. *Miss the glam Monaco International is a beauty contest unlike any other in the world, featuring the world's most celebrity judges and guests. Influential people participate.Many media outlets from all over Europe participated, and the event was featured on TV and in magazines. http://the-glam.com/contests/en https://instagram.com/misstheglam?igshid=3ody6qgaqan6   Recognized for her achievements in Miss the Glam Monaco, she is scheduled to appear as a model at the "Milan Collection" in May 2020 at the age of 5.She received a direct offer from the local government and decided to participate as the first Japanese representative in Miss Europe Continental, a supermodel beauty pageant that will be held in Italy from the 38th of this month. https://www.misseuropecontinental.com/en/ It has its own route to the Paris Collection, Milan Collection, and Cannes Film Festival, and is highly trusted by the local community, making efforts in activities such as dispatching Japanese models to the country.Kiko Hayashida [Career history] Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Springs Netherlands Professional Volleyball League HCC net martinus Japan Boxing Association Class C license acquired Miss Gram Monaco 2019 Top model Miss Europe Continental 2019 Miss Cannes Film Festival 2021 Active Milan Collection model Active Paris Collection model
June 31, 2022

Fighter Noboru Samurai Player

Reading Time: <1 minuteLast night was the first Pancrase lightweight champion, Noboru Samurai. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%98%87%E4%BE%8DWe had a training meeting and dinner.Two weeks before the last RIZIN Kobe tournament, during practice, I was knocked down by my sparring partner's shoulder and hit my chest, causing damage to my rib cartilage.The pain was so intense that I was restricted in my breathing, and my movement was greatly restricted.Generally, costal cartilage injuries take about four weeks to fully heal in a resting state, so I was unable to practice at all for two weeks before the match.I don't want to use an injury as an excuse for losing...It's natural for a fighter.However, due to his weight handicap, inability to practice, and chest pain, he was unable to perform at his usual level and his punching power was halved.In the previous match against Chihiro Suzuki, the effects of lung training were dramatically evident and he won easily, but this time his ribcage movement was ironically restricted due to costal cartilage damage.Thoracic movement is a really important point for fighters and athletes.As a doctor, I have doubts about the fact that Umi Asakura was able to go through with the match in the RIZIN bantamweight final the other day without a doctor's stoppage despite suffering from a broken bone.Although prioritizing the performance may be good in the moment, it is assumed that there will be disadvantages in the future. At XNUMX years old, Noboru Samurai's challenges still continue.I look forward to seeing you in good health and giving a great performance!   For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.

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