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Important points for wound treatment

Here are some of the most important items in wound treatment.

[1] Cleaning

The first care that should be taken immediately after injury is hemostasis and cleaning. In particular, cleaning should be done carefully as it reduces the risk of infection due to contamination. If foreign matter is mixed deep in the wound, or a large amount of mud, sand, or glass is mixed, it should be sent immediately to a specialized medical institution for appropriate debridement * and brushing. In this case, anesthesia is often necessary. Washing is done with clean saline and in medical books, but this is completely unfounded,Washing with tap water is sufficient. Since tap water is everywhere and can be treated quickly, it can be used in any situation.

[2] disinfection

Of the disinfectant povidone-iodo (brand names isodine, neoyodin, microshield), isodine seems to be frequently used as a disinfectant in general sports and medical settings. However, the bactericidal action of isodine is due to the oxidizing power of iodine, and the bactericidal power is not only effective against bacteria, but acts on all living cells,Also kills the cells needed to heal the wound. The cytotoxicity of isodine has already been clarified in each paper. If bacteria and some organic matter coexist, the bactericidal power of isodine is reduced. Since the wounds that are suppurating are full of organic matter, the sterilizing power of wounds that are full of pus or bleeding is significantly reduced, and the cytotoxicity of the additive remains. Then, the act of disinfecting the woundThis is not an action for sterilization, but a condition that makes it easy to infect wounds and makes wound healing worse. It's not a disinfection but a wound.Macilon,Scratch dryThe same applies to disinfectants such as oxyflu. In medical practice, chlorhexidine (hibiten, muskin) has been reported to cause many deaths due to anaphylactic shock (see Reference 4).Disinfection that not only makes wound healing worse, but also carries a great risk and also increases pain should not be done except in special cases. In a situation where you want to heal wounds as soon as possible, disinfection of the wounds is harmless and unprofitable. In my more than 20 years of clinical experience, there have been no cases of infectious diseases or prolonged wound healing without disinfecting the wound. In addition, we have seen many cases of athletes who changed their gauze every day, disinfected their wounds, delayed healing, and interfered with the competition. In the sports world, these actions can threaten athletes' lives.

Some say, “What if you get tetanus if you do n’t disinfect?”

It may also be most worrisome for athletes who are often injured outdoors.


Disinfection is not the first choice for tetanus prevention.

<About tetanus>


What is a disinfectant?

DisinfectantDestroy by destroying proteinsTo


It does not distinguish between bacterial proteins and human proteins

Which is stronger, human cell or bacteria?

Taking isodine as an example, the bactericidal action of isodine is due to the oxidizing power of iodine. Therefore, its bactericidal power is not only effective against bacteria but acts on all living cells.

Only 10% isodine solution has bactericidal effect.When diluted to 1%, sterilizing power can hardly be expected.However, isodine diluted to 0.1%Can annihilate all the cells that are most important for wound healing (fibroblasts, epithelial cells, neutrophils, etc.).


By disinfectionHuman cells die and bacteria survive
(Example: Burkholderia cepacia)

The more disinfected the wound,
What will happen?

Disinfectants are not harmless or safe

■ Chlorhexidine (hibiten, hexazac) caused respiratory arrest due to anaphylactic shock.

■ A fatal accident occurred due to accidental ingestion of chlorhexidine (Macilon) for household disinfection. The death rate is high.

■ Povidone iodine (Isodine) has a high rate of causing contact dermatitis.

<Risk of “disinfecting wounds”>

<No disinfection of sutured wounds (surgical wounds) required or strictly prohibited>

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[3] Gauze

What happens if you apply gauze directly to the wound? Applying gauze to a wound does not prevent infection, heal the wound quickly, or reduce pain. If effective, exudate control and temporary hemostasis can only be achieved. When you remove the gauze attached to the wound,Roughly peel off the place where the cells that have caused bleeding and gathered for healing have gatheredIt will be. When gauze is applied, blood is absorbed by the gauze and the wound is driedKill the cells that appear to heal the wounds. Therefore, the act of putting gauze directly on the wound should not be done except in special cases. Gauze is a destructive material for wound surfaces. For the purpose of wound protection, the simplest and fastest possible care is to apply food wrap directly to the wound and then apply gauze on it. In the first place, resident bacteria enter the wound from the surrounding skin, so there is no medical basis for applying clean gauze.

What is gauze?

■ Around 1870, it can be seen that bacteria do not grow in a dry state.

■ Then, if the wound surface is dried, bacteria will not increase and will not become infected?

There was a doctor in the 19 century who thought.

Gauze"Dry the wound'

    ↓   ↓   

Dry the wound surface,
Stop epithelializationMake


When dry, it sticks to the wound surface and during treatmentPain and bleedingMake

    ↓   ↓   

Gauze and sophratur
Is it really a treatment for wounds?

However, gauze may be required to remove large amounts of exudate.

Gauze bites into the wound!

My gauze
It hurts when peeled off


Other gauze
It doesn't hurt when peeled off

    ↓   ↓   

The pain of the patient (others) is not painful!


The doctor who puts on the gauze
Do you know the pain of the wound?

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[4] Wet care

One of the most important cares is not to let the wound dry. The same is true for suture wounds. In the past, it was said to be the gold standard for wound care by allowing it to dry quickly to create a scab, but drying the wound will definitely delay wound healing. Wounds that are thought not to go to a medical institution are infected, depending on the care, the pain can not continue due to intense pain, the wounds do not heal forever and feel mental stress, or finally healed If you think, you may suffer from ugly scars.

[5] bathing

Bathing does not delay healing. As a cosmetic surgeon, we have performed many surgical operations so far, but it is much longer than the time when the patient is bathing-restricted. Has been shortened and has been cured. If bleeding stops, bathing and showering from the next day is possible. Even if you have a head injury, you can wash your hair with shampoo the next day if you do not stimulate it. If you are scared and do not wash your wound, it will become filthy, and filth can accumulate and become a source of infection.

[6] Cream

A component of the cream contains a surfactant. It is essentially the same as a surfactant, a neutral detergent. Cream is a mixture of water and oil. When it is applied to the skin, it will be smooth and smooth. But why is the skin not wrinkled or wrinkled when the cream is washed off? This is because the surfactant in the cream has broken down the skin oil. Skin oil (sebum) is an essential nutrient source for the survival of normal skin bacteria that protect humans from infection. It is a ridiculous fool to wash it off.

The hydrophobic group of the surfactant in the cream isBinds to cell membrane proteins and destroys cell membranes. The dermatology textbook states that “Cream preparations should only be used on healthy skin” means that healthy skin is protected by the keratinized layer, so it is okay to apply cream. Let's do it. In other words, if you apply cream to skin where the keratinized layer is not normal (damaged skin, dry skin, atopic wounds, etc.), the surfactant contained in it will peel off the fangs and attack the wound. .

What is cream?

Cream = surfactant

Surfactant isDestroy cell membrane

    ↓   ↓   

For healthy skin
May be used

  Be careful when applying to damaged skin or wound surface

[7] Vaseline

Used as a base for pharmaceuticals such as ointments and cosmetics such as cosmetic creams. It is also used as a lubricant and skin moisturizing protective agent.

Regarding white petrolatum used for wound care ..>

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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