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Regarding white petrolatum used for wound care

White petrolatumVaseline (vaseline) is also called petrolatum. There are yellow petrolatum and white petrolatum depending on the color, and white petrolatum is said to have higher purity. White petrolatum is defined in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia as "purified by decolorizing a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum." Used as a base for pharmaceuticals such as ointments and cosmetics such as cosmetic creams. It is also used as a lubricant and skin moisturizing protective agent.

Vaseline used for wound care should be white petrolatum with fewer impurities.

White Petrolatum -White Petrolatum-

■ Doctoral documents

・ This product is a product obtained by decolorizing and purifying a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum.

・ Properties: This product is a white to slightly yellow ointment-like substance of uniform quality and has no smell or taste.

This product is hardly soluble in water, ether or absolute ethanol.
This product becomes a clear liquid when heated.

Melting point: 38-60 ° C

・ Storage method: Airtight container

■ Annotation document

・ Although it is hardly soluble in water, the maximum number of water that can be held at about 20 ° C by 100g is usually said to be 6-16.

・ Usage: Ointment base

・ This product is neutral, hardly irritating, does not change much in viscosity due to heat and cold, and is a stable and excellent ointment base that is less susceptible to rancidity by light and moisture like vegetable or animal oils and fats. is there.
・ Slight penetration into skin.

-Since it can be blended with almost all drugs without change, it is widely used as various ointment bases and cosmetic bases.

・ Apply this agent as a protective agent to wounds, granulations, cracks in limbs, and scratches.

■ Difference from liquid paraffin

• Liquid paraffin and white petrolatum are components of petroleum.

-Liquid paraffin consists mainly of liquid hydrocarbons at room temperature.

■ Difference from yellow petrolatum

-White petrolatum is further decolorized from yellow petrolatum, and there is essentially no difference.

■ Impression

・ We have been searching for oils that are kind to the hands when they are dry or when they have their hands.

・ There is little toxicity, no skin penetration, no irritation, and it is one of the most excellent oils.

・ Since it is the same ingredient as the lustering agent for commercially available wood, you can think of it as a substitute for a white horse without buying it!

・ If you use it as a lip before going to sleep in winter, your lips will be squeezed the next morning.

・ I will continue to look for ways to use it well.

(A lot of trials ^^)

■ Reference

・ 14th revision ・ Japanese Pharmacopoeia commentary, Yodogawa Shoten

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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