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Wound treatment practice

Wound treatment practiceIn my clinic, many martial arts players besides regular athletes come to treat post-match wounds. Among them, the wounds of professional boxers and kickboxers who are striking fighters are often cut and bruised, and often require stitching. in this case,The wound care method will have a significant impact on the wound healing period and subsequent athlete performance.

Incisional wounds with a simple suture and dermal sutures have the same appearance, but there is a great difference in tissue healing in the dermis. In the case of non-athlete people, dermal sutures may not be performed, but in the case of batting fighter, if the wound hits the punch and the wound is opened, TKO may be lost. Reinforcement of is essential.

Wound treatment practiceIn general,It takes two years, at least half a year, to complete the wound healing process, including the dermis.. In the meantime, if external force acts on the wound, the wound will open easily. For this reason, dermal sutures are important for the care of wounds. Insufficient wound sutures can lead to hematoma, and infection can cause necrosis of surrounding tissue and cause a significant prolongation of the healing period.

Wound treatment practiceCurrently, as a JBC certified professional boxing trainer, I am in charge of training and care for professional boxers.If you take the right action immediately after the match, the wound will heal in a surprisingly short time.

As a second, we will also examine and care for the wounds cut by players during the game, but proper care after the game will have a major impact on the life of the player as a professional boxer. Especially world-class playersPlayer life ends with a slight wound care mistakeIt can happen.

Wound treatment practiceIn the case of a complete cut leading to the dermis, healing is impossible in about 3 months. For professional boxers who are preparing for the next match in about three months, simple stitching is not a new wound care.Athletes, instructors, and doctors in charge of treatment must be aware that a single wound care can significantly change a player's life.

Do not disinfect suture wounds and do not apply gauze directly. Cover with an alginate coating and apply a film dressing over it.

Wound treatment practiceAs a general rule, sutures on the face are removed on the fifth day, and other parts are removed in one week (mostly no need to visit the hospital). Bathing is permitted from the day after injury. There is no reason why the affected area should not be exposed to water.Touching water does not delay wound healing or infectIt is

Avoid postures and exercises in daily life that apply vertical external force to the wound, and keep the wound at rest. If you are scared and do not clean the affected area at all after suturing, the dirt and dirt will change and the bacterial flora will grow. In this way, proper care at medical institutions is also important.

Wound treatment practiceFinally, we hope that new wound treatments will be widely disseminated to many sports leaders, school officials, healthcare professionals, and parents of children. I sincerely hope that you can practice and disseminate new wound treatments with reference to this site.


Wound treatment practice Wound treatment practice Wound treatment practice

Wound treatment practice Wound treatment practice

Do you need to be a beautiful athlete?

A wound that heals cleanly is quick and less painful. Therefore, wounds on athletes should be cured cleanly, and should not be considered as a medal for sports competition. Knowing the new care method and taking proper care can heal the wound as: (1) very little pain, (2) the wound disappears in a short period of time, and (3) a beautiful scar. First of all, let's introduce the care of wounds that can be easily handled by coaches and related personnel at the competition site.


1) Wash the wounds thoroughly with tap water. Never disinfect (use disposable gloves when treating other people's wounds).

2) If there is bleeding, press to stop bleeding. At this time, the use of gauze for temporary hemostasis is good.

3) If ready, cover with hydrocolloid dressing (commercially available band-aid wound power pad, visitorm). If not, put food wrap, protect it with gauze and fix it with tape. In this case, if you have prepared petrolatum, you should apply petrolatum to the wound and cover it with wrap.

4) On the next day, check the condition of the wound and replace the wrap.

Currently, the same medical wound dressings are available in pharmacies, so it is recommended that you make sure you have them ready.

The actual treatment

Here are some case photos of new wound care.

The actual treatment 
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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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