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Types of medical wound dressings

1) Polyurethane film / dressing material

Wound treatment practiceIn the product name,Tegaderm (3M),Opsite (Smith & Nephew),IVXNUMX (Smith & Nepnew),Biocrusive (Johnson & Johnson)etc.

It is a transparent film with one side being an adhesive surface, allowing water vapor and oxygen to pass through, and preventing the inside from being steamed. Used for wounds that do not bleed or for blister protection and pressure ulcer prevention.

2) Hydrocolloid dressing

Wound treatment practiceProduct name isDuo Active (Convatec),Comfeel (Coloplast), Tegasorb (3M), Absolute Cure (Nitto Medical)Such.

It is in the form of a sheet with a waterproof adhesive surface on the outside. The outer waterproof layer blocks it from the outside air. Aqueous colloidal particles become a wet gel by absorbing the exudate, and this moist environment provides an optimal environment for granulation growth and epithelial cell migration, blocking oxygen in the outside air, so that the capillaries of the wound are compensated. Formation is promoted. Because the colloidal particles on the wound surface gel, they do not adhere to the wound surface. Thin duoactive that is easy to adapt to the wound surface is very useful for use in fresh trauma and skin defects in a cylindrical part like a finger.

3) Polyurethane foam dressing material

Product name isHydrosite (Smith & Nephew).

The outermost polyurethane film is impervious to moisture and the innermost is a non-sticky thin polyurethane with a thick hydrophilic absorbent foam sandwiched between them. The middle layer has high water absorption, absorbs exudate, retains moderate moisture, and maintains a moist environment on the wound surface. Since the dressing material itself does not melt, a wound surface with a large amount of exudate is a good fit. It is also effective for fingertip damage. Covering the fingertips with hydrosite reduces the pain due to the thickness and cushioning of the dressing itself.

4) Alginate coating material

Wound treatment practiceIn the product nameCultstat (Convatec),Sorbusan (Arcea),Algodham (Medicon), Clavio AG (Kuraray) etc.

This is a non-woven fabric made from alginate extracted from seaweed kombu. Alginic acid absorbs 15-20 times its own weight and gels when it absorbs water containing sodium ions such as exudate. This gel maintains the moist environment of the wound surface. By releasing calcium ions during gelation, it has an extremely strong hemostatic effect. Even if it is difficult to stop hemorrhage with normal compression like fingertip cutting, it is possible to stop bleeding easily by covering it with alginate and sealing it, and raising the affected area. This dressing is ideal for “skin-deficient wounds with bleeding” and is sufficient for the treatment immediately after injury.

5) Hydrogel dressing material

In the product nameJeri Palm (Bamboo Tiger),New Gel (Johnson & Johnson),Intranet (Smith & Nephew),Granuger (Convatec), Clear site (Japan Sigmax)Such.

Hydrophilic polymer molecules create a cross-link, take a matrix structure, and contain moisture. The amount of water varies from product to product. The amount of water varies from 97% to 60%. Normally it is sealed with film dressing. This coating material is most effective for "open wounds with a dry taste" with little exudate. It can also be used for open wounds with deep depressions. When wounds with tissue defects are filled and sealed with this dressing, rapid granulation growth occurs, and the depressions flatten with granulation fairly quickly. The

6) Plus Moist

Wound treatment practiceSatoshi NatsuiHas been developed for wound dressing. It can be purchased without a prescription at a dispensing pharmacy or hospital pharmacy, not a general pharmacy. Absorbs excessive exudate from the wound (drainage) due to its excellent absorbency. Prevents sticking to the wound due to dryness and protects gently. Can be applied smoothly, greatly reducing pain during replacement. The structure is such that the skin other than the wound is difficult to swell and skin problems such as rash are unlikely to occur. Can be cut with scissors freely according to the size and shape of the wound. Because it is made of a thin and flexible material, it fits various forms of wounds and does not compress the wounds.

Plus Moist details

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Commercial wound dressing

Scratch Power Pad (TM) (Johnson & Johnson)

Scratch power padThis is the first application of a hydrocolloid material that has been used to treat bedsores, burns, and trauma in medical settings such as hospitals as a wound care product for the home. By using hydrocolloid material, a new scratch care concept ("Moist Healing") has been realized that "If you cover the scratch perfectly and hold the body fluid (exudate) coming out of the scratch mouth, the scratch will heal faster and more beautifully".

■ Features of scratch power pad (TM) 5

1. Cure scratches quickly and cleanly
2. Relieve pain
3. High adhesion and excellent waterproof and antibacterial properties
Also when taking a bath or shower
4). Supplied comfort, skin color translucent and not noticeable
5). Can also be used for burns (but minor burns)

■ Let's choose the size according to the size of the scratch

Scratch Power Pad (TM) works well by sealing the scratch mouth with a single piece. Use a scratch power pad (TM) that is suitable for the size of the scratch opening to ensure that the scratch opening is sealed.

■ What is a scratch power pad (TM)?

Scratch Power PadTM is an unprecedented scratch care product that enhances the natural healing power with just a squeeze, cures scratches quickly, reduces pain, and does not leave scratches. The secret is the hydrocolloid material. This is the first application of a hydrocolloid material that has been used to treat bedsores, burns, and trauma in medical institutions such as hospitals as a wound care product for the home. By using hydrocolloid material, Scratch PowerPadTM is a new scratch care concept ("Moist Healing") that "If you cover the scratch perfectly and hold the body fluid (exudate) that comes out from the scratch mouth, the scratch will heal quickly and cleanly". Will be realized.

Scratch PowerPadTM, which takes full advantage of the natural healing power of skin and cures scratches quickly and cleanly, is not an emergency treatment only for protecting wounds. This is a next-generation wound care product that has evolved into an advanced and emergency medical device that can quickly cure wounds.

Scratch Power PadTM is the first Japanese wound care product that has been approved for the indications of "promoting healing," "reducing pain," and "maintaining a moist environment."

■ Secret of Scratch Power Pad (TM)

Scratch Power PadTM has a two-layer structure. The outside is a polyurethane film that prevents bacteria and water from entering. The inside is made of hydrocolloid material. Hydrocolloid materials are made up of an adhesive that sticks to the skin and hydrocolloid particles (hydrophilic polymers) that absorb and protect moisture. These hydrocolloid particles absorb the bodily fluid that comes out of the flaw mouth and swell to form a gel-like cushion like a jelly.

■ Indication

“Promoting healing”, “Reducing pain”, “Maintaining moist environment”, “Protecting” wounds such as cuts, scratches, scratches, scratches, shoe slips, and minor burns.

Meaningless medical materials

Sofura tulle

Wound treatment practiceWhen I was just a doctor, I had experience using a medical material called Sofuratu directly on a wound. I feel embarrassed now.

Home page of Dr. NatsuiThe material is "cotton + anhydrous lanolin + white petrolatum + fradiomycin sulfate". Speaking of cotton, cotton and fradiomycin are well-known antibacterial agents, and petrolatum is well-known petrolatum. It is introduced.

Furthermore, the only thing I'm not familiar with is “anhydrous lanolin”, which seems to be often used as a base material for cream when I look at sites like “Let's make cream using herbs”. I also investigated lanolin persistently, but this was “purified wool grease recovered as a by-product when weaving wool into a wool. It is a pale yellow waxy substance with a melting point near 40 ° C, a higher alcohol. "And wax esters of higher fatty acids". And have been investigated in detail.

In short, it seems to be thought that the ointment base material containing the antibacterial agent is kneaded into the mesh-like cotton. The problem isIs this effective for wound healing?That's it. Both are questioned.

Of course, as you can see in “Cotton + Anhydrous Lanolin + White Petrolatum + Fradiomycin Sulfate” above, this is not the “Wound Dressing” recommended at this site.It is no different from harmful gauze. Therefore it should not be used for skin defect woundsThat is the conclusion.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Natsui, who was very sympathetic and clearly stated the meaninglessness of Sofuratu.

Most doctors still think soflaturs are useful.

12 years since I opened my own cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology clinic.

From the beginning, Sofuratu has not been in the clinic.

I did not intend to use it because it was harmful to the wound.

A doctor who knows this is a teacher who specializes in beauty but doesn't have sophratures.

I never forget that I made such a stupid statement.

My experience is that not only does the scratches dry,The wound and sophratur are firmly attached, and when they are peeled off, they bleed with great pain.Because I was convinced that I thought it was unnecessary.

For cosmetologists who are always thinking about how to heal wounds quickly and cleanly Soflatur is an enemy of wounds similar to gauzeThat's how it was.

But for some reason, hospitals and doctors all over Japan are spreading the idea of ​​“soflaturs when they are in trouble because of wounds” and are commonly used. . "Sofuratu faith"? .

Could I ask the reason?

Is it for antibacterial effect?

I consider it meaningless.
Rather, there is no denying the possibility of infection caused by the use of soflatur. This is because the fine fibers of sophrature may remain as foreign matter on the wound.

In any case, as a cosmetic surgeon, Sofurature will never be used in the future, nor will it be used by patients or doctors who I am instructing.

Regarding the need for sophratur, there is almost no risk of infection with new wound treatments for general skin trauma.

If the possibility of infection is low, it is not necessary to use it unnecessarily, and if used, it may cause severe pain and bleeding, and damage to the wound tissue.
I myself have experienced the pain of peeling Sofuratu and I was sorry for the patient, but I used it as a matter of course in my days as a resident.

If you can clearly point out the usefulness of soflatur, which is used naturally as well as gauze in daily medical care, and the state of necessary skin trauma, you can also get the opinions of manufacturers and other clinicians I'm happy if you can.
This site introduces the correct application and usage of Sofurature.

Although the manufacturer's instructions include antibiotics, it can be expected to have a bactericidal effect, but maintaining a normal wound condition can help prevent infection.

We believe that it is time for a clinician to review the use of sophratur.

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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