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No need to disinfect the sutured wound (surgical wound)

In healing wounds that have been sutured, the wound that has been sutured (surgical wound) is "temporary healing"The wound surface is completely covered with epithelial cells from 24 to 48 time. In other words, the wound sutured by surgeryComplete closure in 48 hours at the latestYou.

What does this mean?"Bacteria will not enter through the wound after 48 hours after surgery."about it. In 48 time, epithelial cells cover the wound exactly. If this "wound" closes in 48 time after surgery, there is no room for bacteria to enter.

So bathing is no problem. Rather, you should take a shower or bath. The wound should not be filthy with sweat, secretions, or dirt stains.

As a result, wounds after surgery have nothing to do with disinfection.

Some doctors say that disinfection of post-surgical wounds is done because "the wounds do not suppurate". Is it true?

Does the doctor really think that disinfection can kill the wounded bacteria and prevent infection?

If so, as a medical student, you need to re-study wound healing. Let's read the textbook firmly.

of course,"Maybe, but bacteria enter from the side of the thread being sewn, so we are disinfecting it so that it doesn't enter through the thread hole."Some doctors may argue that. . I have a strong idea. In short, the idea is that the skin around the wound should be sterilized to prevent infection.

Suppose this idea is correct and that disinfection has completely sterilized the skin around the wound.

There is no problem as long as this “sterile condition by disinfection” is maintained. Physicians who respond to the above argument think that once sterilized, the skin is sterilized for a long time.

How long will it remain sterile?

10 hours? 24 hours?

There are always resident bacteria on the skin. It lurks deep inside the pores. No matter how much the skin surface is disinfected, it is absolutely impossible to annihilate these resident bacteria.

Saying “disinfection of wounds” is actually a cotton ball dampened with a disinfectant, and it is only slightly stroked around the wound, which maintains the disinfection effect for many hours, It is hard to believe that they are completely eradicated. At best, sterilization for about 1 hours? It seems to be an effect.

Also, post-surgical wound disinfection is usuallyOnce every morningis not it.

However, the bacteria to be disinfected do not divide and multiply in a cycle of 24 time. The normal bacterial life cycle is much shorter than 24 hours.

Can I disinfect 1 days, 10 times, and 20 times?

If you do this, even ignorant doctors will be worried about the damage to the wound.

Do not disinfect by ritual.

Are you disinfecting the wound in consideration of the wound theory?

Disinfection is not only painful but also tissue damaging.

There have been no cases of 20 cases where the wound was infected without disinfection from experience as a clinician for more than 1 years.

On the other hand, there were actually cases where wounds were opened due to delayed disinfection and delayed wound healing.

So as a cosmetic surgeon, we will not disinfect wounds for more than 10 years.

Of course, the act of directly applying gauze to the wound is never performed.

Over 10 years ago, I suffered without being understood by my colleagues.

Filthy act that doesn't disinfect? When.

But now I can say that disinfection is not an act that should be done to the wounded part.

If there is a doctor who can explain where the idea of ​​disinfecting a surgical wound without worrying about contamination comes from, I would like to discuss it.

At least the plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons around me share the same view. (In other words, it is a theory and treatment policy that professionals who heal wounds insist on.)

Infection should be prevented by proper treatment and antibiotics, not disinfection.

If you see this website, please refuse if you are going to have surgery and your suture is going to be disinfected.

at homeScratch dryDo not buy Macilon or Isodine and disinfect suture woundsPlease contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.Please. Pain will increase and healing will definitely worsen.

The same applies to burns. It should never be disinfected.

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