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Published by Fukushodo Inc. Full contact Karate 2010 year 2 monthly issue

Coaching clinic 2008 year 8 month issue

I had the opportunity to serve as a ring doctor for mixed martial arts and batting professional competition events.
A ring doctor is absolutely necessary for fighting competitions.
The ring doctor is not an acupuncturist or judo reducer, but a specialist doctor.
It seems that orthopedic and surgical doctors are often in charge of the work.
The ring doctor will check not only during the game but also before the game and to check for injuries after the game. Actually, this medical check is a tough job.
It is necessary to check each athlete's conditioning and physical information so that they can play safely. There are many players who try to conceal major injuries and ophthalmic diseases.
Since the martial arts of striking are inevitable damage to the brain, we want you to eliminate the risk as much as possible in advance and to play in the perfect condition.

It is a specific medical check, but in a limited time examination,

1) Blood pressure measurement  2) Body temperature measurement  3) Pulse rate measurement  4) Interview

5) Cranial nerve function check  XNUMX) Heart sound check  7) Breathing sound check

8) Check by inspection

Will be the main.

What I am surprised to see is that there are many athletes whose body temperature exceeds 37 ° C.
Some players exceed 37.5 ℃.
However, it does not generate fever, but trained muscles generate heat and are in a so-called warm-up state.

Ring doctors during the game are required to make important decisions such as diagnosing player damage and stopping the doctor.
Identifying injuries can have serious consequences, and premature doctor stops also affect athlete performance, motivation and athlete life.
In particular, for wounds cut by punching or batting, we carefully examine the depth, location, and length to determine whether the game can be continued.
When I stop the doctor, when arteries and veins rupture, hemostasis is difficult and a large amount of blood is mixed into the eyeball and the visual acuity is greatly reduced, a deep incision that reaches the muscular layer will hit the wound deeper If there is a possibility.
Considering the future of player life, this is a natural decision.
The game will also be stopped immediately if eyeball destruction or facial fracture is suspected.
Athletes may not feel pain under extreme conditions, and the results may differ from the players' wishes.

In addition, if the legs are staggered and unable to walk satisfactorily after going down, it is a serious brain and it is extremely risky considering the damage to the brain and reduced neck tension.

If the head is hit with a reduced neck tension, the brain may shake greatly, causing significant damage and causing acute epidural hematoma, which is extremely dangerous.
Accidents where a boxer loses consciousness after a match and die are often due to acute epidural hematoma.

Ring doctors are indispensable to protect the lives of athletes.
It is an honor and responsibility to be a ring doctor.

This time, I was in charge of ring doctor of HEAT 12, the biggest event of mixed martial arts and batting martial arts held in Zepp Nagoya on November 1, 2009. I would like to introduce you.

HEAT is a venue for fighting players from Nagoya. Martial art gym Shimura Dojo is in 2005. The 1 tournament is the club OZON, and the 2 tournament "HEAT 2nd." It was held.
Since the start of 2007, the first 3 tournament “MARTIAL ARTS REMIX -HEAT-” was held at ZEPP NAGOYA, Nagoya's event transmission center, and the first 4 tournament, “MEGABATTLE HEAT4 from Nagoya” , “HEAT5” was held at the Nagoya Congress Center.
HEAT4 introduces Nagoya's first octagonal wire mesh ring and is making new efforts such as adopting kick rules in the first wire mesh in Japan. From Nagoya to the world, with the concept of Japan vs. the world, we always continue to challenge new things while pursuing the beauty of martial arts, not just strength, an amateur called HEAT Challenge Match / HEAT NEW AGE CUP We are also exploring new players, such as providing a gateway to the tournament and the finals. From the center of Japan "CENTRAL JAPAN" Nagoya, we will send a hot fight to the world that is not bound by existing concepts, such as mixed martial arts, kickboxing, muay thai, karate, women's martial arts, professional wrestling.
High-level battles have attracted the attention of fans and have established themselves as the largest martial arts events in the Tokai region.

The work of the ring doctor at HEAT starts with a medical check of the athletes before the game. Blood pressure measurement, pulse rate measurement, body temperature measurement, cranial nerve check, heart sound, breathing sound check, and interview are performed. After that, we will briefly discuss the referee and game rules and how much damage the doctor will call and stop.
At the end of the medical check, we will wait for a watch and a doctor call at the doctor's seat on the ringside.
Doctors always wait for 2 players for players who feel sick or suffer damage after the match.
When you are called by the referee, you will immediately check the player's scratches and damage status, but it is also necessary to watch the game to make sure you know the situation of the game and the damage.
This year's HEAT12 was followed by a heated game and many doctor calls.
The most common was the forehead tearing by batting.
If you have reached the muscle layer or blood vessels are damaged and it is difficult to stop bleeding with pressure, the doctor will stop immediately. If the game continues in this state and the opponent's punch or kick is hit, the skin will be severely damaged and the damage will be serious.
Athletes are reluctant to stop the game as much as possible, but it is unavoidable in a sport with rules.
In this tournament, the player who stopped the doctor had batting and the skin between the eyebrows was split and bleeding was less than 4 centimeters, but the wound reached the muscular layer and I could see the thin veins, so the game could not continue I decided.
There is also the idea that it is a little more, but if there is a high possibility that the next damage will be replaced by a large damage, it will be a doctor stop.
The main event was a match between K-1 JAPAN GP 2005 runner-up FUJIRA Masafumi and K-1 tryout and the unbeaten new Tanaka STRIKE Yuki who won the Muay Thai 300 win. It was an opponent who needed to win for Bupyeong, who was injured for a long time and left for the first time in 1 in 4 months. Suddenly, Bupyeong's punches and kicks were clean hits on the face. Tanaka was in a down and pretty state.
Although his feet were staggering, he rushed with a deserted attack.
At this time, Tanaka's head that rushed violently hit Bupyeong's forehead, and blood spouted from Bupyeong's forehead. Immediately a doctor call from the referee checked.
Although the depth of the wound was shallower than the athlete who gave the doctor stop in the previous game, it was difficult to bleed because of fine vein damage. In the case of arterial injury, stop immediately, but in the case of venous injury, you may get lost when you stop.
The referees, players, and organizers were strongly urged to continue the game, but medically they were at a loss as to whether or not to stop the doctor.
Bleeding has been reduced somehow with compression hemostasis of about 1 minutes. If bleeding increases again, stop the game immediately, check the doctor, and restart the game on the condition that the judgment is made again at that time.
Tanaka already suffered brain damage, and after resuming, Bupyeong won the KO victory in about 10 seconds.
The other doctor was Tanaka's medical check, who lost KO, and I rechecked Bupyeong's creation.
Fortunately, I was relieved that the game was completed and the audience, players, and organizers were satisfied.
Depending on the doctor's stop decision, it depends on whether a big industry is successful or it ends halfway.
Sometimes players' achievements and life are changed.
Although it is a job with great responsibility, it is a challenging job for myself who loves martial arts.

In this tournament, there were 1 fainted KO players.
The other party's punch entered the face and lost consciousness in an instant. The eyes swam and the viewpoint was not fixed. The referee stop immediately. The doctor call was received and there was no response to the call for a few seconds, but my consciousness returned and my brain was unconscious.
After leaving the stretcher, a doctor accompanied me in the waiting room, and after 2 hours, there seemed to be no problem, so I explained the precautions and allowed me to go home.
There were also players who were KOed for a moment.

The fighting dragon player who participated in the semi-final struck the opponent player unilaterally with overwhelming power immediately after the start of the game and pushed it to the verge of fainting, but because he was attacking without guarding, the lucky punch released by the opponent was Hit the face. The referee stopped when the consciousness was far away due to the punch of the opponent who fluctuated. I don't know what a heavyweight game has. I was resting on the ring for a while and watching the situation, but I walked on my own without any problems. A tremendous reversal play, the fans of the venue would have been excited. In this case, a vital sign check such as brain damage check, breathing, heart sound, etc. will be conducted to the urgent player.
Serious damage to the brain is unavoidable because there is no tension in the neck if damage to the head is applied in an unconscious state.
A player who is fainting KO will in principle be sent off on a stretcher.
Accidents that kill a player must never happen, and both referees and doctors are required to have the experience and judgment to see if such damage has been given to the player instantly.

Until now, I have been able to make a decision as a ring doctor with confidence from my experience working as a female mixed martial arts ring doctor and professional boxing second.
However, there is no medical equipment at the venue.
Intubation kits and artificial respiration bags are available, and there are provisions in case of accidents, but prompt response, cooperation, and absolute necessity are absolutely necessary.
Fortunately, there were players who were injured, but fortunately there were not players who could not walk with great damage.
Many fans would have been satisfied with the fact that they were able to watch real fights by the top fighters of the last minute, and they were on their way home.
In the future, as a ring doctor, I will try my best to make it possible for players to play games safely.

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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