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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

So that there is no misunderstanding

No disinfectant is needed,No direct disinfection of wounds requiredI have told you.

There is no need for disinfectant.

Of course, disinfection before surgery or medical procedures (joint puncture, blood sampling, etc.) is necessary, and in some cases, disinfection of the skin surrounding the wound may also be necessary.

There are pros and cons of disinfecting contaminated wounds.

When disinfection is absolutely necessary, there is no standard in all cases.

But,This HP tells you how to treat common scratches, cuts and burns.

For those with immune abnormalities or special treatments for malignant tumors etc., intensive wound care and specialists should be performed on the whole body management,Not all of the wound care I tell you is true.

Animal bites, fractures, wounds with extensive tissue destruction, and burns should be treated by a specialized medical institution.

There is no problem with gauze if it is not directly applied to the wound.

Gauze is used for hemostasis, and it may be used when wiping off wounds with contaminated wounds.

There are now many great wound dressings on the market, so the use of gauze is greatly limited when considering wound healing theory.

What about first aid!

It will be gauze after disinfection about the beginning!

There are many questions, but please wash and apply Saran wrap.

This will not dry the wound.

In addition, there is no strong pain to peel off the tissue when peeling gauze. Even better, apply petrolatum and apply saran wrap.

If you just got scratched, it ’s disinfection, gauze.

I was surprised to find many trainers and sports instructors.

The wound healing process starts from the moment of injury.

It ’s most important right after being injured.

We believe that if we understand the wound healing theory well, there will be fewer such inappropriate questions and treatments.


Gauze is necessary when controlling exudate, receiving filth, wiping off blood, exudate, necrotic tissue, and compressing hemostasis.


There are also thoughts that disinfection is more effective for necrotic tissue, contaminated wounds, deeply contaminated wounds, and wounds that may have a focus of infection.

There is no standard for when to disinfect and not disinfect, and it is left to the attending physician. Disinfection is sometimes necessary to reduce the amount of pathogenic bacteria.
The doctor also has the idea.

However, the judgment and response of such wounds should be left to specialists.

Although cosmetic surgeons have severe opinions that they do not speak to wound care, I mainly do sports trauma care (excluding orthopedic diseases) in addition to cosmetic treatment.

As a trainer, it is necessary to communicate the meaning of disinfection and gauze, bathing restrictions, and standards of care.

In addition, we want to convey the care for general injuries of sports sites and children based on the experience of wound treatment for many athletes.

Recently, products containing silver ions have been developed, and it seems that the concept of disinfectants has gradually changed.


What can you do without knowing the sports scene?

Is it okay for the athlete to see the wound if he sees it?

Wound treatment can be left to plastic surgery.

If you sew it tight, it doesn't matter about disinfection or gauze.

However, as a trainer and doctor, I would like to see an athlete rather than just a wound.

The advantage of healing wounds as soon as possible is important for professional athletes.

My personal view of disinfection is a bit radical, but there are other great treatments besides disinfection.

In this case, disinfection is absolutely necessary! If you have any opinions, please let me know and I will introduce them on this site.

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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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Doctor Introduction

Doctor of Medicine Nobuhiro Suetake

Nobuhiro Suetake

Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

Sakae ClinicDirector
Vice President of Advanced Medical Sports Academy
Certified specialist of the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
Top Athlete Co., Ltd.CEO

Protect children and athletes from wrong medicine! In our hospital, we are striving to spread new wound care as a volunteer.

I have lived with 2 people with my dead mother who suffered from severely disabled people. I would like to continue activities that provide healing for people with disabilities, children who suffer from disabilities, and those who suffer from illness as long as their lives last. What you can do as a volunteer with a little effort. I want to start little by little.
● Showa 62 year 3 month Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
I try to improve the physical ability of professional athletes including Japan's Olympic athletes and main baseball players.
As a professional boxing trainer (Certified by JBC), he teaches and ranks the world rankers and develops world champions. President of the 88 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
● Specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery 219
Former board member of the Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery
Players belonging to 2004 years Participated in Athens Olympics Sakae Clinic Track Club (Track and Field Club)general manager
● Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified No.31532)
Professional baseball player Medical trainer
Various professional fighters exclusive trainers


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