Hair growth/growth treatment

Men's Care Hair Growth Treatment
Hair growth/growth treatment
Hair growth/hair growth therapy that is only permitted at medical institutions
HARG therapy is a treatment method that directly delivers the active ingredients of hair to the scalp, developed through collaborative research in countries around the world.This is a hair growth treatment that is only approved for treatment at medical institutions.It has already been used in many cases in Europe and Korea, and its effectiveness in hair growth and thickening has been established. HARG therapy is a treatment that can be expected to have a synergistic effect by combining hair growth and growth injections, which are a mixture of hair growth ingredients such as various vitamins and amino acids, with protein injections extracted from Stem Cells.
Features of HARG therapy
HARG therapy is expected to be effective in hair growth, thickening, and hair growth for thinning hair, fine hair, and hair loss symptoms caused by various causes, and can be treated for both men and women."Hair Growth Hair Cocktail" is a blend of various vitamins, proteins, amino acids, etc. necessary for hair recovery, and "Stem Cell Extracted Protein" extracted from human fat Stem Cell, which can only be handled at medical institutions. Use the HARG Cocktail. ``HARG Cocktail'' is a ``hair cocktail'' containing vitamin B necessary for hair recovery, buflomedil, which has a vasodilating effect, and the amino acid cysteine, which makes up the hair protein keratin, as well as vitamins H, C, and vitamins necessary for hair recovery. Blend E and other ingredients to create cocktails tailored to individual symptoms.If your goal is normal hair growth, ``HARG Cocktail'' alone is sufficient, but in order to further increase hair volume and create a hair-thickening effect, we mix protein extracted from cells that have been cultured for 5 generations of adipose stem cells.By applying this HARG cocktail every 4 weeks using the napage method, papure method, or derma roller and repeating it 6 to 10 times, you will see improvements such as reduced hair loss and improved hair quality. is stimulated and begins to proliferate.
About treatment
About HARG therapy for men and women
There is a difference in the lifespan of hair between men and women due to hormones.It is said that hair usually lasts 2 to 5 years for men and 4 to 7 years for women, and the hair cycle repeats during that lifespan.When less hair enters the growth phase during this hair cycle, there are many cases of thinning hair.Based on the diagnosis of the director, we change the composition of the HARG cocktail to be injected and perform HARG therapy that is suitable for both men and women.
Treatment time, number of treatments, and maintenance
Treatment time Approximately 1 to 20 minutes per time Approximately 30 minutes when using anesthesia
 (Including massage and other treatment times)
Number of treatments We recommend 6 to 10 treatments to encourage hair growth.In most cases, the effects of treatment can be felt within 3 to 6 months.Many people can feel that their hair has grown, grown thicker, and become thicker.
Maintenance after treatment After 6 to 10 treatments, it is recommended that you visit the hospital for follow-up treatment once every two months to maintain your condition.
Mechanism of HARG therapy
The hair root, where hair grows, is mainly made up of hair follicles.A hair follicle is a bag-shaped tissue that is important in the process of creating and growing hair. In HARG therapy, the hair follicles recover and hair gradually grows by infiltrating the hair with a ``HARG cocktail'' that incorporates various growth factors.
The director will be responsible for all examinations and treatments. (Nurses will not perform the procedure)
Part once 120,000
Part once 720,000
Part once 1,080,000
Once all 150,000
Once all 900,000
Once all 1,350,000
Anesthesia once 3,000
Anesthesia 6-time course 18,000
Anesthesia 10-time course 30,000
*The unit is ¥.
*All fees are subject to medical expense deduction. (Transportation expenses for public transportation to and from the hospital are also covered.)
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
Risk, side effects, complications
Only temporary swelling and internal bleeding due to injection. To date, no infections or side effects due to the drug have been confirmed.

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