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AGA genetic testing
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Early treatment is important for male pattern baldness.
AGA is an abbreviation for Androgenetic Alopecia, which means male pattern baldness.After puberty, the hair on the forehead and the top of the head begins to thin on one or both sides.Genetics and the influence of male hormones are generally thought to be the main causes. AGA is progressive, and if left untreated, the number of hairs will continue to decrease and gradually become thinner.For this reason, early care for AGA is important.
AGA genetic testing
A genetic test will tell you whether your age-related alopecia is progressing or whether androgenic alopecia drugs are effective.
A person's genes contain individual DNA information inherited from their parents.It does not change throughout your life, so it is only a one-time test regardless of the age at which it is performed.If you are concerned about thinning hair or whether there is a possibility of it happening in the future, we recommend that you undergo genetic testing. AGA is largely due to genetic factors, and children (especially males) whose parents have a gene that predisposes them to hair loss are more likely to develop it.By examining genes, it is possible to predict the possibility of developing AGA.Genes cannot be changed during your lifetime, but knowing your own constitution is important for prevention and early measures.Hair thinning does not necessarily result from actual hair loss, and environmental factors (stress, diet, lifestyle, etc.) are also a major factor, so by improving your lifestyle and taking appropriate measures, you can prevent AGA or delay its progression. .
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Among the genes, there is a gene called AR gene that is related to hair loss. The role of the AR gene is to receive male hormones that enter the body through capillaries. It is said that the lower the number of repeats in the base sequence of the AR gene (CAG repeats/GGC repeats), the higher the risk of developing AGA (androgenetic alopecia).
The AGA genetic test is a test that only needs to be taken once for genetic determination.
AGA is progressive, so it is important to know the symptoms early.Even if your AGA is not progressing much at the moment, we recommend that you get an early test as this will allow you to determine the future progress of hair loss.
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