AGA (male pattern baldness) treatment

Men's care AGA (androgenetic alopecia) treatment
AGA (male pattern baldness) treatment
AGA(male pattern baldness)
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Internal medicine effective for AGA (male pattern baldness)
AGA (androgenetic alopecia)
Oral medicine effective for
This is an ``oral medication'' to suppress the progression of male pattern baldness.The ingredients of androgenetic alopecia drugs were originally developed as a treatment for prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer, but after abnormal hair growth was observed as a side effect, their use as hair growth agents expanded.It is a drug that has already been approved as a ``drinkable hair growth agent'' in the United States.

Androgenetic alopecia drugs that are effective for AGA (androgenetic alopecia) have the ability to prevent hair loss by suppressing DHT, a powerful male hormone that suppresses the function of hair matrix cells that cause hair thinning.
How to take
Take 1 tablet daily.Effects such as a reduction in hair loss will begin to appear in about 1 months after taking the drug for male pattern baldness, but you will need to take it for 3 months before seeing any results.

If you stop taking it, AGA will progress again.We recommend that you continue to take androgenetic alopecia medications and use topical medications.
Topical medicine for male pattern baldness
In addition to oral medications that are effective for male pattern baldness, there are also topical medications that are prescribed after a doctor's diagnosis.

By using oral and topical drugs together, a synergistic effect on hair growth and growth can be expected. Apply the topical medicine to your scalp and massage gently 1 to 2 times a day.A 3% improvement rate for hair loss has been observed.

Please use it correctly according to your doctor's guidance and prescription.
Although there are a large number of privately imported and parallel imported generic products available on the Internet, we recommend that you get a prescription from a medical institution.
Side effects of male pattern baldness drugs
Women should not take it.The active ingredients of oral medicines may be absorbed into the body through the skin, so pregnant women or women who may become pregnant should also avoid touching oral medicines that have been crushed or cracked and the coating of the tablet has come off. .
It is said that there is no particular problem if a man takes oral medication and a woman becomes pregnant.
Initial consultation fee (first time only) 3,000
Male pattern hair loss drug (1mg) 84 tablets (3 months) 23,400
Male pattern hair loss drug (1mg) 168 tablets (6 months) 42,600
Generic male pattern baldness drug 84 tablets (3 months) 17,400
Generic male pattern baldness drug 168 tablets (6 months) 34,200
*The unit is ¥.
* Revisit fee is free.

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