Hypervitamin infusion

Aging care hyper vitamin drip
Hypervitamin infusion
Free medical treatment (not covered by insurance)
Aging care from the inside
Vitamin C exerts a strong antioxidant effect by oxidizing itself, but at that time, a large amount of hydrogen peroxide is generated.
When hypervitamin drips are administered into the blood, normal cells can neutralize hydrogen peroxide, but cancer cells cannot neutralize this and die.In other words, hypervitamin drips act as an ``anticancer agent'' on cancer cells, and as an activator on normal cells.
In addition, since there is no toxicity or damage to normal cells, which is common with ordinary anticancer agents, there is little concern about side effects.

Currently, it is used as a new adjuvant / alternative therapy for cancer treatment, the prevention of viral diseases, and the effects of cell activation.

Even if you take large amounts of vitamin C with oral preparations, you cannot reach a certain level in the blood. It has been confirmed that various effective effects can be brought into the body by directly administering hypervitamin by intravenous drip and raising the blood concentration at a stretch.
The director, Nobuhiro Suetake, also administers this intravenous drip at intervals of two weeks for the purpose of aging care, health maintenance, and promotion.
Hypervitamin drip was also used for cancer treatment for a relative.
Treatment time About 30-40 minutes
Risk, side effects, complications Pain and swelling at the needle insertion site
This will be treatment with medicines that will be used under the personal responsibility of the doctor.
Medicines used
Name: Ascorbic Acid Injection USP 500mg
  • Those who are worried about cancer prevention and recurrence
  • Those who want to improve immunity
  • Those who easily get acne and those who are hard to heal
  • Those who are concerned about dullness and tension
  • Those who smoke or drink
  • Those who are worried about virus infection
  • dull skin
  • aging
Whitening effect
It enhances the function of fibroblasts, which are the source of skin firmness and elasticity, and maintains firmness and elasticity.
Removal of active oxygen
Protects the skin from active oxygen that causes aging such as acne, wrinkles and spots.
Moisturizing effect
Increases the production of moisturizing factors and makes skin difficult to dry.
Fatigue recovery effect
It has a strong antioxidant effect against harmful active oxygen and accelerates general fatigue and fatigue recovery.
Improving immunity
By increasing the function of lymphocytes, immunity is strengthened and infections caused by colds and viruses are prevented.
Initial examination fee 3,000
1 times 25,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).

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