Vagus nerve stimulation therapy (Vagal treatment ear care)

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy (Vagal treatment ear care)
Vagus nerve stimulation therapy  Virgal treatment ear care
Vagus nerve stimulation therapy
Virgal treatment ear care
At our hospital,Vagus nerve stimulation therapyWe also provide ear care (stimulation therapy to the vagus nerve sensory area of ​​the auricle).
Our highly knowledgeable and skilled therapists use their hands and special vibration, heat, and rolling devices to relax the auricle and surrounding muscle groups.

The effectiveness of ear care, which is vagus nerve stimulation therapy, has recently become a hot topic.
[Exosome drip]
[Stem cell culture supernatant drip]
Moreover, evidence and logic are being established, and safety is guaranteed.
(Many related papers exist)
The vagus nerve innervates almost all organs except the genitals, bladder, and descending colon.
The vagus nerve (English: Vagus nerve) is one of 12 pairs of cranial nerves, and is also called the Xth cranial nerve.
It is a typical parasympathetic nerve, showing a complex course and distributing to the neck, thoracic organs, and even abdominal organs.
It has the largest distribution area among the cranial nerves and is mainly composed of parasympathetic nerve fibers, but it also competes with the sympathetic nerves and controls the movement and secretion of the vocal cords, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and digestive glands. It shows an extremely complex route with many branches.
The vagus nerve originates in the lower medulla oblongata and has many branches that are widely distributed in various organs.
The motor and sensory nerves of almost all internal organs from the neck to the abdomen (the lower end of the digestive system is the right 1/3 of the transverse colon) are controlled by the vagus nerve, and its functions include regulation of heart rate, peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, and sweating. It is involved in speech, sensing blood gas partial pressure in the aortic body, and somatic sensation in the external auditory canal.
The fibers are mainly parasympathetic, but there are a variety of nerve nuclei involved, including the dorsal nucleus of the vagus nerve, nucleus pseudonucleus, nucleus ambiguus, nucleus fasciculus solitary, and solitary nucleus.
It also branches into the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which contains efferent fibers, within the thoracic cavity.
The recurrent laryngeal nerve inverts and ascends, innervating the muscles of the pharynx and larynx.
This shows that the vagus nerve also innervates many muscles in the mouth and plays an extremely important role in speech and opening the pharynx.
The vagus nerve innervates nearly every organ except the genitals, bladder, and descending colon.

The sensory branch provides superficial sensation from the posterior inferior wall of the external auditory canal, the posterior part of the tympanic membrane, and the small area between the bases of the auricle and mastoid, the dura mater of the posterior fossa, the esophagus, the trachea, the bronchi, and the pharynx. tell. It also transmits some of the visceral sensations from the thoracic organs and abdominal organs, andsolitary nucleusThis brings us to
The motor branch innervates the soft palate, pharynx, and most of the pharyngeal muscles, and its cell body is located in the nucleus pseudobulbar of the medullary tegmentum. Most of the efferent parasympathetic nerve branchesdorsal motor nucleus It begins in the visceral motor branch and branches into all organs other than the pelvic organs as a general visceral efferent fiber.
The video above provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the anatomy of the vagus nerve.
About the vagus nerve
Function and anatomy of glossopharyngeal nerve: glossopharyngeal nerve/vagus nerve
Cranial nerve: vagus nerve
033 10th cranial nerve: Vagus nerve (efference)
During the 7th chat “Vagal nerve stimulation 2”
Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS)
The vagus nerve is one of the most important control towers that connects the brain and the body, and is responsible for a huge number of functions.
Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS) directly targets the area where the vagus nerve is distributed in the auricle.
This is a treatment method that uses electrical stimulation.

In recent years, clinical trials have been conducted for epilepsy, depression, autism, intractable headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, functional dyspenia, post-stroke rehabilitation (upper limb function), etc., and its effects have been reported worldwide. .
When electrical stimulation is applied to the vagus nerve area of ​​the auricle, the stimulation is transmitted to the brain, and is then transmitted to various parts of the brain (midbrain, thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala, hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, cerebellum, etc.) via the brain's neural network. has been shown to affect nerve activity and blood flow.
Femtech and ear care
Effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS) on changes in autonomic nerve activity during the menstrual cycle
The autonomic nervous system is closely involved in a woman's menstrual cycle.
The autonomic nervous system has been linked to psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression during menstruation, as well as physical symptoms such as abdominal pain and headaches, and stimulating the vagus nerve in particular may alleviate these symptoms.
The paper below from Niigata University of Health and Welfare explains the details and results of the study.
Ear care, etc. If a method to easily perform transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation becomes widespread, it is expected that it will have revolutionary effects such as improving menstrual pain, PMS, postpartum depression, and menopausal symptoms. It can also be applied in the tech field.
Vagus nerve stimulation therapy is essential care for women's mental health.
Combination of vagus nerve stimulation is effective for arm dysfunction after cerebral infarction
Jesse Dawson and his colleagues at the University of Glasgow, UK, conducted a study on patients with persistent moderate to severe arm weakness after a cerebral infarction. conducted a randomized controlled trial to investigate the effects of vagus nerve stimulation, and reported that arm motor function was significantly improved when combined with vagus nerve stimulation. Result isPublished in Lancet magazine April 2021, 4 issueWas done.
Vagus nerve stimulation has great effects and is expected to be further utilized in the field of rehabilitation in the future.
Can transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation improve alertness and work performance?
Research on the effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation is introduced in the Morisawa Mental Clinic article. In the article's conclusion,
“It has been shown that transcutaneous nerve stimulation may be able to reduce the effects of insomnia, such as fatigue and decreased work ability.Currently, this nerve stimulation device is approved for headache treatment in the United States. However, it was considered to be an option as a way to promote wakefulness with few side effects.
It has been with.
[Lung activation] also activates the vagus nerve, and in addition to the alerting effect and increased work efficiency introduced in the article, it also suppresses inflammation in the body and activates the brain.
In other words, various cytokines are controlled, and it is thought that the same effects as exosome drip therapy or stem cell culture supernatant therapy can be obtained.
It is an anti-aging technique that can be easily performed in a short period of time without any risks and does not cost a lot of money, and can be applied to all fields including education, nursing care, healthcare, and sports.
Effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation on pain perception
Since chronic pain is affected by continuous stress on the mind and body, it has been suggested that it is involved in autonomic nerve activity. Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS) has attracted attention in recent years as a method for externally regulating autonomic nerve activity.
Research at Niigata University of Health and Welfare has produced results that suggest that tVNS may be used for various pain treatments.
Compared to acupuncture treatment, tVNS is sure to attract attention in the future, as it may be superior in terms of risk, ease, cost, evidence, and theory. About research at Niigata University of Health and Welfare You can read it.
Characteristics of vagus nerve stimulation therapy
Stimulating the vagus nerve area in the auricle increases immunity and is useful for beauty and health, such as stiff shoulders, eye fatigue, beautiful skin, constipation, and hormonal balance.
  • 1.Auricle cleaning
  • 2.Manual auricular stimulation
  • 3. Manual stimulation of the vagus nerve region of the auricle
  • 4. Stimulation of the vagus nerve area of ​​the auricle using a heat/vibration device (combined with aroma)
  • 5. Muscle tension relief care for the muscles around the auricle
  • 6. Approach to temporalis muscle and sternocleidomastoid muscle
Massaging the ears and stimulating the skin through ear cleaning has a highly relaxing effect, and it also has the effect of resting the brain, activating the vagus nerve, and regulating the body's autonomic nervous balance.
At our hospital, we have partnered with Human Techno Co., Ltd. to develop ear care technology under the supervision of specialists, highly skilled and experienced therapists, and autonomic nervous system researchers.
We are working to popularize Virgal Treatment (ear care) as a care method with evidence.
We regularly hold Virgal Treatment Academy and strive to develop Virgal Treatment Therapists.
Features of Virgal Treatment Academy
  • 1. Supervised by a specialist (supervised by a medical doctor)
  • 2. Top-notch instructors, including specialists, autonomic nervous system researchers, and experienced therapists
  • 3.Academy is small group size
  • 4.Academies are held at medical institutions, high-end salons, luxury hotels, etc.
  • 5. Learn thorough evidence, logic, functional anatomy, etc. from specialists
  • 6. Curriculum that allows you to learn advanced techniques in a short period of time
  • 7. Can be put into practice immediately
  • 8. Treatment can be performed even in a small space
  • 9.Efficacy that you can feel the effect in a short time
  • 10. Advanced neuromodulation (therapy that adjusts (modulates) nerve function by stimulating nerves with electricity, magnetism, drugs, etc.) technology with great promise (covered in the media)
I am supervising the development of the world's first vagus nerve activation device. (vibration, bone conduction music, thermal stimulation)
Co-developed with Kado Co., Ltd., a cutting-edge technology and design home appliance company.
Development of transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation device (TVNS)
  • Numerous papers released around the world
  • High safety
  • Effective for all diseases (immune diseases, cancer, inflammatory diseases, heart diseases, psychiatric diseases...)
  • Effective for improving athlete performance
  • Effective for improving children's concentration and gamers' performance
  • Effective for dementia and paralysis after stroke, making it suitable for the elderly
  • Also for children with developmental disorders
Stimulating the vagus nerve area of ​​the auricle using vibration, heat, and LED irradiation ear care equipment
  • Improve neck tension Medical healing with Iacare
  • Vibrations and thermal stimulation of the auricle and sternocleidomastoid muscles relax the respiratory muscles and activate the vagus nerve.
  • The ultimate healing device for mental health
  • For various symptoms such as constipation, eye strain, stiff shoulders, headaches, and insomnia.
  • What is lung activity (vagus nerve activation) aroma?
    Aromatic ingredients such as essential oils have been proven to be particularly effective in regulating the autonomic nervous system, and it is expected that the effects will be further enhanced by breathing slowly and using aromas during ear care. Pulmonary Aroma has been developed based on the expert knowledge of a medical doctor, and the ingredients that are more likely to affect the autonomic nervous system are carefully selected, and can be expected to be highly effective.
    Lung vitality aroma “ACTIVE”
    Contains essential oils that are said to make the sympathetic nervous system dominant.
    You can get good results by using it when you want to get motivated before training or a match, or before a meeting or when you want to increase motivation in a business setting.
    Lung vitality aroma “RELAX”
    Contains essential oils that are said to make the parasympathetic nervous system dominant.
    Great for cooling down after training or games.
    Or when you want to calm your excitement and get a good night's sleep.
    Effects of direct vagus nerve stimulation on the cerebrum
    It is expected to be effective in cerebral areas such as autism, treating paralysis after cerebral infarction, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, improving concentration, and possibly improving autism.
    • Dementia improvement
    • Improvement of autism symptoms
    • Improvement of inflammatory diseases
    • Improvement of paralysis after cerebral infarction
    • Stress care
    • Improves intractable headaches and epilepsy
    • Improvement of developmental disorders
    • Improved concentration
    • Improve physical performance
    15 minutes of hydrogen oxygen inhalation + 30 minutes of Virgal treatment ear care 20,000
    *The unit is ¥.
    *Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).

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