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Academy lecture contents

On the 1th day,

TimeLecture subject, contents
10:00~10:50Functional anatomy theory I
11:00~11:50Functional anatomy theory II
12:00~12:50Autonomic neurology theory I
13:00~14:00Lunch (lunch discussion)
14:00~14:50Autonomic neurology theory II& Measurement training
15:00~15:50Exercise physiology / low frequency theory
16:00~16:50Safety / Contraindication Course
17:00~17:50Handling and preparation of Seguit system
18:00~18:50Basic energization practice using the Seguit system

On the 2th day,

TimeLecture subject, contents
10:00~10:50Autonomic nerve-related product course and autonomic nerve business
11:00~11:50Autonomic nerve approach in general,528HzMusic
14:00~14:50Body surface anatomical approach 1
15:00~15:50Body surface anatomical approach 2
16:00~16:50Body surface anatomical approach 3
17:00~18:50Body surface anatomical approach 4

On the 3th day,

TimeLecture subject, contents
10:00~10:50Body surface anatomical approach 5
11:00~11:50Body surface anatomical approach 6
12:00~12:50Body surface anatomical approach 7
14:00~14:50Body surface anatomical approach 8
15:00~15:50Body surface anatomical approach 9
16:00~16:50Symptom-specific approaches
17:00~18:50Body surface anatomical approach10

On the 4th day,

TimeLecture subject, contents
10:00~11:30Course-specific training
12:30~13:40Preparation-Practical mutual experience (1Eyes)
13:40~14:50Preparation-Practical mutual experience (2Eyes)
15:00~18:00Specialist final guidance & check
18:00~19:00Summary, certificate of completion

* Academy content and time can be arranged upon request.

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