Alpha lipoic acid injection

alpha lipoic acid injection

What is alpha lipoic acid

Strong antioxidant effect

Alpha lipoic acid is involved in the vital energy metabolism of cells as one of the B vitamins. Alpha lipoic acid has a strong antioxidant effect and recycles vitamin C and vitamin E used in the body. Furthermore, it improves liver metabolism and exerts a detoxifying effect on food poisoning and heavy metal poisoning.

Alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid), along with coenzyme Q10, is attracting a great deal of attention not only because of its powerful anti-oxidant effect, but also as a dieting effect. However, alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) is produced in very small amounts and decreases with age. In our hospital, we have been injecting α-lipoic acid (alpha-lipoic acid), which can be ingested quickly and effectively by directly administering the active ingredient of alpha-lipoic acid (alpha-lipoic acid), which has been mainly consumed with supplements. I'm doing it.

Alpha lipoic acid injection

Effect of alpha lipoic acid

Amazing antioxidant effect

Alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid), which has antioxidant capacity 400 that of vitamins C and E, suppresses the increase of active oxygen generated in the body and prevents cellular oxidation. As a result, it not only prevents various lifestyle-related diseases, but it also helps keep skin young (anti-aging). In addition, alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) can be dissolved in both water and fat, so it spreads to every cell in the body, helps regenerate vitamin C, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10, Raise the bottom.

Due to increased metabolism
Diet effect!

Alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) has the effect of delivering glucose to the mitochondria in the cell, increasing the production of heat energy and promoting metabolism, so it is also effective for diet, swelling and cooling.

Alpha lipoic acid persistence

The amount of alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) produced in the body is very small, and although the amount of production decreases with age, food intake is not enough, so at a rate of 1 to 2 times a week It is ideal to continue the injection of alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid).


Initial examination fee 3,000 yen(Tax not included)
Alpha lipoic acid injection 1 times 2,800 yen / time(Tax not included)


The following effects can be expected.
Strong antioxidant (removes body rust)
Metabolism promotion → diet, swelling, coldness improvement
Detox (detoxification) effect
Fatigue recovery, improved shoulder stiffness
Various effects can be expected

In the case of the first visit, you will be counseled first, so you will need about 20 minutes extra time, but the second and later will be about 5 minutes.

About 1-2 times a week is recommended.

Because it is an injection, there will be some pain, but this hospital is a beauty clinic, so unlike ordinary insurance clinics, we are very careful to avoid pain and internal bleeding.

Since the components are absorbed directly from the blood vessels, the effect can be expected to be tens of times that of supplements.

If you have 1-2 injections per week, you do not need to take supplements.

Counseling reservation / free email consultation

Our hospital is fully booked to protect your privacy as much as possible. Please make a reservation by phone and come to the hospital. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

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