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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

New wound treatment

Wound treatment can be handled as necessary and without using special medical materials.

1: The wound is not disinfected.

2: Do not apply gauze directly to the wound (OK from the top of the dressing).

3: Immediately wash the wound with tap water (remove foreign objects as much as possible).

4: Use only adhesive bandages (do not dry the wound).

5: Cover the wound with food wrap (may be covered with petrolatum) or immediately with a medical covering (available recently at pharmacies) (you can cover gauze and protective material from above) .

6: In preparation for wound treatment,Vitamin C derivative gel(A commercially available doctor's cosmetic containing sodium ascorbate phosphate).Vitamin C derivativeHas the effect of increasing fibroblast activity, promoting wound healing and suppressing pigmentation. In some cases, a surprising therapeutic effect can be obtained.

7: Bleeding is simply pressure.

8: Immediately visit a specialized medical institution if there is a stab wound, deep cut, foreign body contamination, or major destruction of the tissue.

9: Never use cream on wounds. Cream is a surfactant and is cytotoxic and should not be applied to wounds.

10: In principle, showers and bathing are permitted from the next day. There is no problem even if the wound surface is wet.

11: When treating other people's wounds, be sure to wear disposable gloves (not necessarily clean) to prevent infection. Do not take care of others' wounds with bare hands.

Some people feel uncomfortable, but the above is medically new wound care. Recently, research on wound mechanisms has progressed, and the use of appropriate wound dressings based on wound healing theory can dramatically shorten the wound healing period.

Actions that should not be performed in principle

Wound treatment practiceDisinfection to wounds
Antiseptics such as isodine, hibitene, oxyflu are also contraindicated. Not only will wound healing be delayed, but the risk of infection will increase and cause severe pain. There is no need to keep

Wound treatment practiceApply gauze directly to the wound
A treatment to dry the wound and should not be performed


Wound treatment practiceApply cream directly to the wound
The cream base contains a surfactant and is irritating and should not be used.Scratch dryDrugs that dry wounds or irritate even products other than cream should not be used

First-aid treatment of wounds made on site

● Care materials

1: white petrolatum, 2: food wrap, 3: gauze (can be non-sterile), 4: tongue depressor, 5: disposable gloves, 6: fixing tape, 7:Gel containing vitamin C derivative(It is a product of Doctors' cosmetics at a pharmacy.reversal plus ac plus gel")

● Notes

・ If it is washed with tap water at the site, there is no need to stick to cleanliness

・ Disinfection on the wound surface does not prevent infection.

● Actual treatment

1: Cleaning the wound with tap water (until the foreign matter can be removed)

2: Cut the food wrap to fit the size of the wound

3: Add white petrolatum to the wrap (in this case, a small amount is enough)

4: Cover the wound firmly with a wrap with petrolatum

5: Apply gauze to protect the wrap

First-aid treatment of wounds made on site

Treatment of wounds at medical institutions

● Care materials

From the left 1: Duoactive ET, 2: Biocrucible, 3: Alginate coating material, 4: Comfy Alcus dressing

● Actual treatment

1: Cleaning with wound tap water (cleaning with purified water or physiological saline is unnecessary even in medical institutions)

2: Bleeding wound is covered with alginate coating

3: Bio-crucible film dressing

4: Put a film dressing over the alginate coating

5: Apply gauze from the top of the bio-clusive (all treatment gauze need not be clean gauze)

Treatment of wounds at medical institutions

How medical wounds heal

Let's briefly explain how the wound heals.


In shallow skin defects, the wound is healed by covering the exposed dermis with epidermal cells. At this time, epidermal cells move and divide from the pores and cover the exposed dermis. In addition, there are also migration and division from the surrounding epidermis cells, and shallow wounds with remaining pores are almost completely healed within a few days with appropriate care.


In deep skin defects (those that reach subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscles, and bones), granulation tissue appears and migration and division of surrounding epidermal cells occur. The granulation tissue has the property of contracting, and the wound is gradually closed by closing the wound.


For suture wounds:

1: Platelets in the wound are activated and aggregate to cause hemostasis.
2: Leukocytes (neutrophils) infiltrate into the tissue. 3: Macrophages infiltrated into the tissue.
4: Epidermal cells cover the wound surface.
5: Fibroblasts produce collagen.
6: Capillaries proliferated.


On the wound surface, many cells including platelets gather and try to heal wounds by secreting cell growth factors. It should be recognized that the wound surface is not purulent but a normal wound healing process. If the wound surface is closed and a moist environment is maintained, cell growth factors will appear more and more, and healing will be possible in a short period of time.

On the wound side, exactly the same phenomenon as cell culture occurs. The medium is the wound surface and the culture is exudate. A culture solution is always required for culture. Without the culture, the cells will die. In other words, the wound surface should never be dried. Do not apply gauze directly to the wound surface.


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The actual treatment

Here are some case photos of new wound care.
The actual treatment

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State-of-the-art wound and scar treatment (beauty dermatology treatment)

Introducing the most advanced treatments for wounds and scars.

Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapy
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapySelf-platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a form of regenerative medicine that makes the most of the natural healing system inherent in humans.

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Treatment of scars by hyaluronic acid injection
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyAs a treatment for what remains as a “scar”, there is a method of making the scar inconspicuous by injecting hyaluronic acid.

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LED wound treatment
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyIn response to a light signal with a special combination, mitochondria increase energy production as if it was switched on, cells become more energetic, skin is activated, metabolism is increased and wound healing is promoted.

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Scar treatment with a fractional laser system
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyA state-of-the-art system that can treat scars by treating the skin by replacing the skin and prompting the regeneration of collagen by irradiating with fine irradiation of more than 1000 micro units per cm2 without peeling (peeling) the skin.

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Treatment of scars with VIVACE
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapy1㎝ needles of special structure are installed at the tip of 36㎝ equipment, and collagen and elastin are regenerated in the dermis layer by irradiating high frequency from the needle tip simultaneously with the LED, effective for scar treatment is.

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Treatment of scars with a growth factor
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyGross factor (cell growth factor) is a type of protein that controls the growth of all cells, including cells that produce collagen and elastin in our bodies. It works to activate cells and make the skin youthful.

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Vitamin C derivative promotes healing of scars
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyVitamin C derivatives enhance the function of fibroblasts, promote wound healing and suppress pigmentation. In some cases, a surprising therapeutic effect can be obtained.

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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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