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How to cure skin defect wounds

How to cure skin defect wounds

■ If pores and sweat tubes (= skin appendages) remain, the skin will regenerate from there.

In the case of an epidermal defect, the epidermis can be regenerated as long as the dermis is alive, and the epidermis cannot be regenerated if the dermis dies. It is a very simple theory.
Now, this dermis, which is a very strong tissue. Although it is abundant in blood flow, it rarely dies and is very resistant to infection (it means that it is okay to have a little fungus).

However, the only weakness of this dermis is dryness. When it is dried, the dermis will die sooner or later and become black crust. In other words, the crust is a mummy of dead epidermis and dermis.

■ If no skin appendages remain, the granulation covers the wound surface, and then the skin migrates and proliferates from the surroundings to the granulation surface. • The granulation itself contracts and the wound becomes smaller.

At this time, if the wound surface is dried, the granulation will die, and even if the granulation is covered, the epidermal cells cannot move if the surface is dry. In other words, drying such wounds is like allowing the epidermal cells to walk in the desert without water or food.

Wound healing is tissue culture

Medium ⇒ Wound surface

Culture solution ⇒ exudate

↓ 5 days later

Culture medium is required for culture

Without medium
Cells die

A culture solution is needed to heal wounds

Do not dry the wound.
It will not heal unless the wound surface is wet.

What is the wound's jukujuku?

Cell growth factor (Growth Factor)

Various cells are producing

Promotes and activates the division of various cells.

The strongest tissue culture solution!

In fact, this “jijiku” is neither purulent nor containing germs.This is the result of the body working hard to heal the woundIt is.

A “jerky” state is the most workable state for cells that heal wounds. In other words, it can be thought that the cells that have gathered at the wound secrete various things in order to create an environment where they can work most easily.

Meaning of wet therapy

Meaning of wet therapy

If closed, cell culture will proceed
Wound heals immediately

Growth factors are important for healing wounds. Growth factors are mainly proteins produced by platelets and macrophages. Each growth target is a growth factor that acts on platelets, a growth factor that acts on epithelial cells, a growth factor that acts on angiogenesis, etc. There are growth factors. Low concentrations of growth factors affect target cell migration, while high concentrations of growth factors promote the growth of the cells. That is, the growth factor is initially secreted and has a low concentration, which triggers the target cells, and when the concentration gradually increases, the cells proliferate at the migration destination. For this change from “low concentration to high concentration”, it is advantageous that the wound is sealed. If the growth factor that is produced flows out steadily, no matter how long it waits, it will not become “high”, and the cells will be released, but will not trigger the growth. In short, collagen production, epithelialization, and angiogenesis go well in a closed environment. And it will be understood from common sense that the temperature closer to the body temperature is more advantageous for migration and proliferation for the target cells, and this temperature retention is brought about by the closure by the wound dressing.

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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