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New wound care concept

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

As a general rule, wound treatment is covered by insurance. Scar treatment may be eligible for medical expenses deduction, please contact us.

(This is a general emergency measure only. Except when there are serious contamination wounds or many foreign substances.)

In the last few years, the way of thinking and treatment of wound care has changed significantly.

Until now, scabs and cuts should be disinfected first and then applied with clean gauze to make a scab. And without any doubt, doctors, health care workers, parents and sports leaders have gone through the process of disinfecting every day and covering the wounds with clean gauze.

But theseConventional treatment is a big mistakeis. The more you repeat the traditional procedure, the worse the wound will heal, the pain will increase, and a dirty scar will remain.For over 20 years, as a cosmetic surgeon, I have been working on clinical research on how to heal wounds in a clean and fast way.In tens of thousands of cases of surgery and wound care, including minor surgery, clinical experience and wound treatment theory were in perfect agreement. It is a painless, fast, clean, inexpensive and easy care. It is a new theory and treatment method that can be applied to children's wounds, athlete's wounds, etc.
It is only our hospital that performs the latest aging care, beauty treatment and wound treatment at the same time. If you have given up not only scratch marks but also pregnancy lines, please do not give up.

A scratch on a child of 3 A scratch on a child of 3 A scratch on a child of 3
Raw of my eldest daughter of 3 No disinfection or gauzeVitamin C derivative gelApply film and spread film dressing Scratch disappears in less than 30 hours, almost no trace is visible

Never use “disinfect” or “gauze” on children's wounds!
Never make a scab.

Correct wound treatment and how the wound healsDo you know why wounds and suture wounds in the oral cavity do not purify even if there are various bacteria?

Wound treatment and healing mechanism

Correct wound treatment and how the wound heals
Wound treatment can be handled as necessary and without using special medical materials. This article briefly introduces the new medical wound care methods and the healing mechanism for each type of wound, including shallow skin defect wounds, deep skin defect wounds, and suture wounds.

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Important points for wound treatment

Important points for wound treatmentIt should not be used for treatments / treatments that should not be performed not only because they do not only worsen the healing of wounds / healing immediately after being injured but also have a great risk and increase pain. Introduces important matters regarding wound treatment such as material and care after treatment.

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Types of medical wound dressings

Types of medical wound dressingsDetails on the characteristics and usage of typical medical wound dressings used in the latest wound treatment.

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Wound treatment practice

Wound treatment practiceIn my clinic, many martial arts players besides regular athletes come to treat post-match wounds. Among them, the wounds of striking fighters are often incised and bruised, and most cases require sutures. In this case, the wound care method will have a major impact on the wound healing period and subsequent competition performance. Athletes, instructors, and doctors in charge of treatment must be aware that a single wound care can significantly change a player's life.

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The actual treatment

Here are some case photos of new wound care.
The actual treatment

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State-of-the-art wound and scar treatment (beauty dermatology treatment)

Introducing the most advanced treatments for wounds and scars.

Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapy
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapySelf-platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a form of regenerative medicine that makes the most of the natural healing system inherent in humans.

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Treatment of scars by hyaluronic acid injection
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyAs a treatment for what remains as a “scar”, there is a method of making the scar inconspicuous by injecting hyaluronic acid.

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LED wound treatment
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyIn response to a light signal with a special combination, mitochondria increase energy production as if it was switched on, cells become more energetic, skin is activated, metabolism is increased and wound healing is promoted.

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Scar treatment with a fractional laser system
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyA state-of-the-art system that can treat scars by treating the skin by replacing the skin and prompting the regeneration of collagen by irradiating with fine irradiation of more than 1000 micro units per cm2 without peeling (peeling) the skin.

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Treatment of scars with VIVACE
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapy1㎝ needles of special structure are installed at the tip of 36㎝ equipment, and collagen and elastin are regenerated in the dermis layer by irradiating high frequency from the needle tip simultaneously with the LED, effective for scar treatment is.

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Treatment of scars with a growth factor
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyGross factor (cell growth factor) is a type of protein that controls the growth of all cells, including cells that produce collagen and elastin in our bodies. It works to activate cells and make the skin youthful.

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Vitamin C derivative promotes healing of scars
Skin regeneration applying self-platelet plasma injection therapyVitamin C derivatives enhance the function of fibroblasts, promote wound healing and suppress pigmentation. In some cases, a surprising therapeutic effect can be obtained.

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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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Doctor Introduction

Doctor of Medicine Nobuhiro Suetake

Nobuhiro Suetake

Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

Sakae Clinic 院長
Vice President of Advanced Medical Sports Academy
Certified specialist of the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
Top Athlete Co., Ltd.Representative Director

Protect children and athletes from wrong medicine! In our hospital, we are striving to spread new wound care as a volunteer.

I have lived with 2 people with my dead mother who suffered from severely disabled people. I would like to continue activities that provide healing for people with disabilities, children who suffer from disabilities, and those who suffer from illness as long as their lives last. What you can do as a volunteer with a little effort. I want to start little by little.
● Showa 62 year 3 month Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
I try to improve the physical ability of professional athletes including Japan's Olympic athletes and main baseball players.
As a professional boxing trainer (Certified by JBC), he teaches and ranks the world rankers and develops world champions. President of the 88 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
● Specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery 219
Former board member of the Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery
Players belonging to 2004 years Participated in Athens Olympics Sakae Clinic Track Club (Track and Field Club)general manager
● Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified No.31532)
Professional baseball player Medical trainer
Various professional fighters exclusive trainers


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The number of emails and telephone calls related to wound treatment has increased rapidly, and it has become impossible to respond. We will refrain from answering questions in situations where we cannot see you because it may cause misunderstandings.
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Sakae Clinic is the only medical facility in the country that introduces the most advanced beauty treatment for skin injuries in the sports field.

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