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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

New wound care concept

Wound treatment practiceDo you know why wounds and suture wounds in the oral cavity do not purify even if there are various bacteria? For wounds in the oral cavity

1: Do not disinfect
2: Do not apply gauze
3: Do not apply cream
4: There are no restrictions such as bathing restrictions or not wet wounds

It is from.

The oral cavity is a special tissue, so it does not mean that it will not suppurate.

please consider. What happens to the wound if the reverse is done?

1: Disinfect
2: Apply gauze directly
3: Apply cream
4: Limit bathing and do not wash wounds

The above treatmentPrevent wounds from healingThat is true.

I went to a medical institution, paid for it, spent time, and had a lot of pain. Wound healingWhy doesn't anyone say anything even if it is done?
Is disinfection a tranquilizer?
Disinfection on the wound surface causes strong pain and creates a great stress for the living body.
In addition, pain when it is peeled off with gauze, pain when peeling sophratur, and the difficulty of bathing in summer. Life restrictions.

Scratches, but wounds.

Why don't you think more about the biggest physical injury in everyday life?

Wound treatment practiceFor children and athletes, the wound is an event of everyday life and is a concern ...

It is very strange for me.

Now, many food companies are being hit by society.
Expiration date disguise, production area disguise, reuse of leftovers ...
However, there are few people who have died or suffered health damage except Chinese gyoza at this stage.

But,Harmful goodsThere are companies that sell as if they were effective in the care of wounds. It is a big question whether there is really medical support.
What is this medically? A company that sells a lot of products makes great profits.

Wound treatment practiceIt is clear that using this company's wound care disinfectant on wounds will definitely worsen the wound and delay healing.

Make money with products that trick parents and bully children.

It is not a food damage.
Even if it is a serious health hazard, most consumers are still unaware.

“Silver-ion disinfectant has no sterilizing effect, small ○ made ○ public removal exclusion order”

There was also a report such as, but raise sales profit by advocating the ineffectiveness as effective.

Isn't it okay if anything sells?

From food companies to pharmaceutical companies. The day when society's eyes are facing severely is not far away.

I hope that no one will be affected by these harmful products.

Even though doctors, consumers, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have made it a problem product, the manufacturer has not yet recovered this product.

The reason may be that tens of millions have been sold so far.

If this product is truly harmful, it is thought that the healing of wounds in tens of millions of people has been postponed.

By all means, we expect answers from manufacturers regarding this product, many criticisms and recognition of harmful products.

We will introduce the contents of this site if you can see the opinions of those involved in the company.

Can I dry the wounds?

Can I disinfect it?

Isn't it filthy by spraying from above?

We would also appreciate it if you could publish data that this product will help treat wounds, prevent infection, improve pain and accelerate healing.

Since it has been sold for many years and is used by many consumers, this site may not be rated as a problem product.

This site is not intended to convey unilateral information, but to introduce all information that is considered useful.

We believe that the opinions of the manufacturer will surely convince many doctors and consumers.

Thank you.

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Powder spray-type disinfectant can cause severe scratches!

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

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Doctor Introduction

Doctor of Medicine Nobuhiro Suetake

Nobuhiro Suetake

Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

Sakae Clinic 院長
Vice President of Advanced Medical Sports Academy
Certified specialist of the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
Top Athlete Co., Ltd.CEO

Protect children and athletes from wrong medicine! In our hospital, we are striving to spread new wound care as a volunteer.

I have lived with 2 people with my dead mother who suffered from severely disabled people. I would like to continue activities that provide healing for people with disabilities, children who suffer from disabilities, and those who suffer from illness as long as their lives last. What you can do as a volunteer with a little effort. I want to start little by little.
● Showa 62 year 3 month Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
I try to improve the physical ability of professional athletes including Japan's Olympic athletes and main baseball players.
As a professional boxing trainer (Certified by JBC), he teaches and ranks the world rankers and develops world champions. President of the 88 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
● Specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery 219
Former board member of the Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery
Players belonging to 2004 years Participated in Athens Olympics Sakae Clinic Track Club (Track and Field Club)general manager
● Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified No.31532)
Professional baseball player Medical trainer
Various professional fighters exclusive trainers

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