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Gummy Smile
Can be treated quickly with botulinum toxin injection
Gummy smile is a state where gums appear when you laugh.
Botulinum toxin is injected into the levator labii superioris muscles to prevent the upper lip from rising too high.
It has the effect of weakening muscle movement and gradually causes muscle atrophy, which can treat gummy smiles.
The therapeutic effect appears after XNUMX days and lasts for about XNUMX months.
Director Nobuhiro Suetake, who has over XNUMX years of clinical experience as a cosmetic surgeon, will personally perform the treatment.
Immediately after the treatment, you can wash your face, put on makeup, take a bath, and play sports.
Treatments at our hospital are guaranteed results, so if the patient requests, retouching within one month is free as long as it does not cause unnatural results.
This will be treatment with medicines that will be used under the personal responsibility of the doctor.
Name of botulinum toxin used
Made by ALLERGANformulation ofPRSS.JAPAN Co., Ltd.Purchased by requesting personal import agency.
*At our hospital, we thoroughly manage the botulinum toxin in accordance with established methods by explaining all information such as the effectiveness, risks, contents, and storage methods of the botulinum toxin to patients verbally and in writing, and recording it in medical records. .
Please rest assured that injections and care will always be carried out by our director, Nobuhiro Suetake, who is a specialist, and will not be performed by nurses.
Internal bleeding at the needle insertion site
Disappears within a week
Vagus nerve response
Pain at the needle insertion site
We use extremely thin needles to minimize pain.
Redness at the injection site
The injection site may become temporarily red.
Swelling at the injection site
Information disclosure
If the manufacturer reports a case of side effects or complications due to botulinum toxin injection used at our hospital, we will definitely disclose the information on our website.
  • Pregnant
  • breastfeeding
  • Those undergoing treatment for malignant tumor
  • People taking long-term steroids
  • People with immunodeficiency
  • Those who are trying to conceive
  • People with nerve/muscle diseases that cause muscle weakness
  • People who have had an allergic reaction to botulinum toxin injections
cost Risks/side effects
1 (80,000) once There is a possibility of internal bleeding.
Gummy smile improvement 80,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).

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