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Cosmetic surgery double eyelids
double eyelid
Double eyelid surgery method/Over 30 years of experience and track record
In order to clean your precious eyes, we recommend that you undergo surgery from a doctor with many years of skill and experience. A director with over 30 years of experience and track record performs double eyelid surgery.It has been reported that treatments performed overseas include unknown medical backgrounds, no guarantees, crude and unsanitary operations, and lack of attention to detail.Please choose a medical institution that will leave you with no regrets for the rest of your life.
Double eyelid surgery
Director Nobuhiro Suetake operates
Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime treatment, we want you to receive the surgery to your satisfaction.This surgical method was announced by the director at an academic conference, so even if you meet someone immediately after surgery, they won't think you have unnatural double eyelids.
  • simple burial method
  • Levator palpebrae superioris muscle elevation + partial cut

The scar is almost invisible.No hospital visit required.Since this is a guarantee system, please contact us if you have any concerns after the surgery.
Pain-free care
During double eyelid surgery, a 34-gauge needle is used to inject the anesthetic into the eyelid to reduce pain for the patient.
Laughing gas anesthesia is also available.
The injection can be performed smoothly with less pain.You may think it's just a needle, but the slight thickness and sharpness of the needle make a difference in how painful the injection is.I can say that the pain has been reduced by more than half.You can now undergo the procedure with less risk of internal bleeding.
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10days later
cost Risks/side effects
160,000 (176,000) There is a possibility of internal bleeding.



9 months later
cost Risks/side effects
280,000 (308,000) There is a possibility of internal bleeding.
Simple burial method 2-point fastening (one eye) 112,000
Simple burial method 2-point fastening (both eyes) 160,000
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle elevation + partial cut 2-point fixation (one eye) 168,000
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle elevation + partial cut 2-point fixation (both eyes) 240,000
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle elevation + partial cut 4-point fixation (one eye) 196,000
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle elevation + partial cut 4-point fixation (both eyes) 280,000
Degreasing 150,000
*The unit is ¥.
*Treatment is free medical treatment (not covered by insurance).
*Degreasing is a set with other surgeries.
Risk, side effects, complications
The risk and frequent complication of double eyelid surgery is postoperative internal bleeding.
The possibility of internal bleeding is about 20%, and it may appear after surgery or may appear several days after surgery.
To prevent internal bleeding as much as possible, even if the thread is carefully passed with a special thin needle, the needle will hit the blood vessel of the subcutaneous tissue and cause internal bleeding.

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for internal bleeding to disappear, but since you can make eye makeup around the eyes from the 3 day after surgery, you can hide it with a foundation or concealer. Be aware that internal drinking may occur due to heavy drinking on the day.

Regarding infection, antibiotics are given before surgery, so there is almost no trouble due to infection in the past.

Swelling often decreases by about 2% in a few days, and the remaining 3% ​​is reduced in about a week. Swelling is likely to occur if eyelids are inflamed for a long time using eye petit or eye tape depending on the individual.

In this hospital, there is no report of any damage to the cornea or any trouble to the eyeball, because it is performed in such a way that the conjunctival surface is scooped and the thread never touches the cornea.

Use of contact lenses and eye makeup are prohibited for 3 days, but face washing is possible from the day. Please refrain from rubbing the upper arm for 3 days.

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