Risks and effectiveness of armpit surgery covered by insurance

Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, there has been a sudden increase in the number of patients who have had underarm surgery covered by insurance, but have left ugly scars or had no effect, so they are coming back for re-treatment. Underarm surgery is possible even if it is covered by insurance, but you should be careful as there are some clinics that perform very questionable surgeries. Be especially careful about clinics that advertise underarm surgery as covered by insurance. There are problematic clinics that advertise that ``armpit surgery is covered by insurance'' just to attract customers! Underarm surgery covered by insurance: In the Reiwa era, I am cautious... The reason is 1: They attract patients with insurance, and then upsell the procedures in the hospital, telling them that they will leave scars and have poor results, forcing them to pay for the treatment at their own expense. There are clinics that do that. 2: Underarm surgery performed on an outpatient basis is difficult to immobilize the affected area and is impossible to exfoliate over a wide area, making it extremely ineffective. 3: Due to insurance, there is little consideration given to scars, and many patients suffer from ugly scars after surgery. 4: His armpit surgery, which is a treatment from the Showa era, is a problem in the Reiwa era. There is a high risk of various complications occurring postoperatively. 5: There are many cases where the skill of the doctor is low. (Doctors with specialized knowledge and experience often do not recommend underarm surgery as a medical treatment covered by insurance, which is highly risky and less effective.) As a cosmetic surgeon, I have performed over 1,500 cases of underarm surgery. However, I do not think that this is the treatment method that should be used now in the Reiwa era. In the Showa and Heisei eras, surgery was established as the main treatment, so it was natural that it would be performed, but now that non-invasive treatments are available, people can undergo surgery because it is cheap and covered by insurance, and it is not effective and leaves many scars and various other symptoms. Many patients suffer from serious complications (skin necrosis, scar contracture, atheroma...). I believe that in my career as a cosmetic surgeon over the past 30 years, I have performed the most underarm surgeries in the Tokai area. However, if surgery is the only option, surgical treatment is unavoidable, but now there are highly effective treatments such as the EL method that have no downtime and no complications. It's best to think carefully. Postoperative immobilization is more difficult than patients imagine. Postoperative complications are more common than patients might imagine. This is because insurance covers treatments for malignant tumors, etc., which are the standard treatments, and the most scientifically effective treatments with established evidence are covered by insurance, so treatments covered by insurance should be prioritized. However, armpit surgery is completely different. I would like patients who are considering armpit surgery to think about whether surgery covered by insurance is really safe, effective, and suitable for them.

Japanese team wins the right to participate in the Paris Olympics!

Reading Time: <1 minuteThe Japanese team won first place in the qualifying rounds at the World Relay Championships held in the Bahamas and earned the right to participate in the Mile Relay Paris Olympics! congratulations. Athletes who practice vagus nerve function activation training "Lung Life" at our hospital Thanks to the wonderful running of Kaito Kawabata, the Japanese representative, the Japanese team took 3th place in the final. It was a race in which I definitely could have won a medal if I hadn't made Baton's mistake. https://www20240506.nhk.or.jp/news/html/10014441401000/kXNUMX.html If you run with the best members at the Paris Olympics, there is a good chance you will stand out. I look forward to it!

General meeting of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine held

Reading Time: <1 minuteThe first general meeting of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine was held on December 1st this year. It is attracting attention as a place for the study of cutting-edge medicine, including regenerative medicine.https://jaim2023.com/organization/  

Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists

Reading Time: <1 minuteIt's been almost 10 years since I started my career as an artist in earnest. As the world's only scientist and artist who is also a cosmetic surgeon, I create art using cutting-edge technology, 35 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, and craftsmanship. We explore and create the ultimate beauty using cosmetic medical lasers, surgical equipment used in cosmetic surgery, and other tools for creating art. Both cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are required to have excellent taste in this field of medicine. For it to be called beauty, it requires not only an understanding of beauty, but also the knowledge, experience, and medical technology to achieve it. Cosmetic surgeons are artists. Cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists change the color and shape of the skin by applying various drugs and physical stimuli to the skin, including hyaluronic acid, Botox, lasers, high frequencies, and ultrasound. Cosmetic surgery is a medical treatment that brings about visual beauty through changes in color and shape. The same goes for art. Artists use various art materials to create works by changing colors and shapes. Fortunately, as a scientist, cosmetic surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist, I am well versed in laser technology and the properties of light. We have been providing treatment for many years using various lasers and treatment equipment that utilizes cutting-edge technology. That experience and technology can be applied to next-generation art. In the art world where originality is valued, I would like to continue creating works until my works are appreciated around the world. My works are displayed in a gallery style at the Sakae Clinic, so please take a look when you visit.  

Mole removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteAt our clinic, the most common consultation we receive from patients is mole and wart removal. This is a standard consultation even in aesthetic medicine. General dermatologists also treat moles and warts, but the treatment and care methods are very different from those at medical institutions specializing in cosmetic dermatology. With cosmetic surgery, it can be removed with almost no scarring. The main treatment is covered by insurance.Consultations at medical institutions include moles → removal of warts → liquid nitrogen therapy as a general rule. Both treatments are standard treatments that have been used since the Showa era. At present, there is little treatment effectiveness or consideration for scars. Moles will definitely disappear with removal, but they will always leave a scar. Depending on the location, it is quite noticeable, and it is often more noticeable than a mole. This is an unavoidable procedure for performing histopathological examination. At the cosmetic dermatology clinic, he knows how to remove scars quickly and neatly so that there are as few scars as possible! is. For this reason, it is often removed using equipment such as carbon dioxide laser or electrolysis. Warts can be significantly improved or even disappear with oral or topical medications. Treatment in the Showa era Liquid nitrogen cannot be expected to have any therapeutic effect on large warts. My personal opinion is that it is a meaningless treatment and should not be performed, and I think it is a relic treatment method from the Showa era left in the Reiwa era. At our hospital, there are many patients who have undergone liquid nitrogen therapy for warts more than 10 times but had no effect at all, but whose warts disappeared after just one treatment. There are topical medications that can be considered a miracle cure, but they are not covered by insurance and the treatment costs are a bit high. However, don't worry, as medical expense deductions are applicable. At our clinic, we use treatment methods that cause the least amount of scarring, depending on the type, condition, and location of the mole, so that there is no burden on the patient. In principle, removal of the body is covered by insurance. Please feel free to contact us.  

Hype of underarm treatment

Reading Time: <1 minute (* The photo is for illustration purposes only.) As the temperature rises, we are receiving more inquiries from patients suffering from armpit irritation and hyperhidrosis. Isn't miraDry the treatment that is currently being advertised and promoted the most? This MiraDry hype and trouble are noticeable. Sakae Clinic's underarm bloat/hyperhidrosis treatment "EL method" (sakae-clinic.net) Approximately half of the new patients at our clinic are patients who had poor response, recurrence, or no response after miraDry surgery. Consultation for re-treatment. You can immediately lead a pain-free daily life without using a scalpel... Attractive keywords are lined up in MiraDry advertisements. However, the reality is that it is not possible to expect a complete recovery with just one treatment, which is extremely painless. In particular, there is the fact that MiraDry, which is administered by nurses, has little effect or frequently causes burns. Underarm odor is a disease called armpit odor syndrome, and doctors should be in charge of the treatment directly, but currently the treatment is left to nurses. As a result, there are a large number of patients who have had severe burns and scars that have no effect at all. What we can say is that there is absolutely no way that legitimate medical effects or safety can be expected from treatments performed by nurses. The same doctor who is in charge of the treatment from start to finish should provide explanations, treatment, guarantee efficacy, and ensure safety. I have received many consultations from patients at my local doctor's office who have had no effect on the treatment given by nurses, and I feel very sorry for him because this is a commercial-oriented treatment that is far from medical care. In aesthetic medicine, there are many medical institutions, managers, and doctors who prioritize profit over patient satisfaction and safe medical practices. In less than six months, she became the director of a major cosmetic surgery clinic...There is no way that a doctor with no experience in cosmetic medicine could even instruct her to treat her armpits. Is anesthesia before armpit treatment a problem? I think there is a possibility that this is happening. At our hospital, we never recommend high-interest medical loans, pushy up-sales, or same-day treatments. There is no need for nurses to even draw blood; I, as the director who is a specialist, am responsible for all counseling, examination, treatment, care, etc. When it comes to underarm pain treatment, she is superior to MiraDry in all aspects, including cost, safety, downtime, pain, and effectiveness.We hope you will consider using the EL method.

Human Techno Co., Ltd.

Reading Time: <1 minuteLast year, I started my own business, Human Techno Co., Ltd.Human Techno Co., Ltd. (human-techno.jp) is the culmination of my more than 25 years as a researcher, and the human operating system, the autonomic nervous system, is particularly attracting attention from all over the world. We are a corporation that conducts business related to updating the vagus nerve, that is, next-generation healthcare business. Microsoft is a personal computer OS Human Techno Co., Ltd. is a human OS aimed at his Microsoft in the healthcare field. The vagus nerve activation business will be useful not only in healthcare, but also in all fields involving humans, including femtech, sports, mental health, eSports, nursing care, and education. If we can activate the vagus nerve, which has a huge impact on not only our physical abilities but also our minds, there are endless business possibilities. Up until now, the importance of the vagus nerve has been little understood and has not received much attention, but a paper published in The Lancet last year found that vagus nerve damage is the main cause of the after-effects of the new coronavirus, and it caused a huge shock and reaction all over the world! The vagus nerve market is attracting a lot of attention! Nowadays, neuromodulation is commonplace in healthcare in countries other than Japan.


Since 2020, the number of papers has increased exponentially, and the vagus nerve stimulation market has become lively. At the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Medicine, of which I serve as a director, vagus nerve stimulation therapy, which is a form of neuromodulation, is attracting attention. A fusion of cutting-edge technology and medicine. We will utilize the experience of cosmetic surgeons and autonomic nervous system researchers to realize healthcare that has social significance. Evidence-based healthcare is a matter of course, but it is essential for next-generation healthcare.      

Care for Japanese World Relay athletes

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Bahamas vying for a spot at the Paris Olympics🇧🇸Kaito Kawabata, who will be representing Japan in the World Relays, visited the clinic for pre-game preparation.
Activation of vagus nerve function by hydrogen therapy, LLLT (PBM) using semiconductor laser, and Vagal Treatment.
You can race in your best condition.
Japan in the top 14🇯🇵You can qualify to participate in the team.
Mile relay team from Japan🇯🇵It will become the strongest member in history, and it will be an event with high hopes for a medal at the Paris Olympics.
We look forward to Kawabata's success.

It was adopted as a flyer and poster by the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine.

Reading Time: <1 minuteMy artwork was selected as the pamphlet and poster design for the 1st Annual General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Internal Medicine. I have received offers from other academic societies, and I am very honored. As the only cosmetic surgeon artist in Japan, I am happy to receive recognition from my peers. It seems that the aesthetic medicine clinic's goal of ``an image of radiant beauty coming from within, an image of fusion with cutting-edge technology'' is a perfect match.

Is exosome drip illegal?

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The other day, the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine commemorative lecture was given by Dr. Ryuichi Morishita.
At current beauty clinics, intravenous administration of reagents such as exosomes and stem cell culture supernatant liquid is out of the question. A talk with.
It seems that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will also take serious measures to regulate the situation.
Exosome drip, a reagent for athletes, is a must. This is an anti-medical act that should never be done.
It can be considered doping and should not be recommended.
No safety, efficacy, or evidence for athletes has been confirmed. This year, the Olympic year, we also receive questions from athletes.(I.e.I'm telling you.
Some beauty clinics recommend that it is not doping because it is not included in the doping drug list, or use the athlete's name in a press release, but athletes should definitely use exosome infusion. Please don't accept it.
It is clear that this is not the treatment that should be used at this time as it may cause problems in the future.
The Society of Cosmetic Medicine would like to share information about such incorrect medical practices.

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