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Medical hair art
What is medical hair art?
Medical hair art is permanent makeup that injects pigment into the scalp to make it look like actual hair is growing.
It started in the UK more than 10 years ago, and is now very popular in South Korea, where it has become a hot topic as a hair loss treatment for beauty purposes.
It is a common treatment in Western countries, and in Korea, it is popular among women as a form of permanent makeup, not only for thinning hair but also for making the forehead and face look smaller.
Like permanent eyebrow makeup, pigment is injected into the skin and the color is maintained for several years.
Currently, this treatment is performed by people with medical qualifications such as doctors and nurses.
Medical hair art is an evolved version of permanent makeup, and is a method that goes beyond makeup to the realm of treatment.
Sakae Clinic's medical hair art is a technique that uses a needle to inject pigment into areas of the scalp that appear to be thinning to a depth of about XNUMX mm to make them look like hair.
  • there is no pain
  • Doesn't bleed
  • not infected
  • It won't be unnatural
Immediately after the treatment, you will feel like your own hair, and thinning hair will become less noticeable.
It is also recommended for those who have no hair at all or those who want to hide noticeable partings and hairlines due to thinning hair.
Unlike hairspray, it won't look unnatural or stain your hands or clothes.
It is OK to wash your hair the day after the treatment.
Treatment time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
No anesthesia is required and there is no downtime.
Nurses do not perform the procedure at our hospital.
It is expected that his reputation as an artist will increase worldwide.Nobu SuetakeThe director, Nobuhiro Suetake, will be in charge of the treatment directly.
The director, who has over 30 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon and has the skills and knowledge as the only cosmetic surgeon and artist in Japan, develops techniques and is in charge of treatment.
Number of treatments cost Risk: side effects
2 times 90,000 (99,000) None
Desired part (3㎠) 180,000(198,000) <2 doses>
hairline both sides 180,000(198,000) <2 doses>
Frontal area Full hairline 250,000(275,000) <2 doses>
Top of the head 400,000(440,000) <2 doses> ~
800,000(880,000) <2 doses> ~
*Unit is ¥.
* Retouch fee is 30% off the initial treatment fee.
* Above 
Dedicated needle fee, pigment fee, care drug fee after treatment, medical examination fee, treatment cost for treatment area and surrounding hair
Contains everything.

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