June 10, 2024

Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists

Reading Time: <1 minute It took half a year, but the PV for the solo exhibition at Sennyu-ji Temple, which was held last November, was completed. In search of ultimate beauty. We create works of art by combining 34 years of experience, knowledge, and technology as cosmetic surgeons. We will continue to work hard every day so that we can be recognized around the world. Thank you for your support  
June 06, 2024

The darkness of a cosmetic surgeon

Reading Time: <1 minuteIt has been 34 years since I started practicing cosmetic surgery. He became one of the few cosmetic surgeons who knew about cosmetic surgery in the Showa era. I have looked at the history of cosmetic surgery, but considering the recent decline in the quality of cosmetic surgeons, I am concerned about the future development of cosmetic surgery. There is a cosmetic surgery clinic group that is constantly recruiting people with no experience to become a director in 6 months and work 5 hours 3 days a week with an annual income of 30 million yen to 200 million yen. The quality of cosmetic surgery is not so low that you can become a director in six months with no experience. 200 million yen! ? If this were true, I would want to change jobs as soon as the hospital closes. What does this mean? This is impossible when considering legitimate medical practice. Being a cosmetic surgeon can be fun, make money, and be admired. As long as you can use SNS well, skills and knowledge are irrelevant. They teamed up with unscrupulous influencers and unscrupulous beauty YouTubers to attract patients through hype. Exosome business, MiraDry business, diet business...all prioritize business. The existence of an organization whose top priority is profit, whose managers are not doctors either. There is a reality that is far removed from medical care. A world is unfolding where experience, knowledge, and technology are completely irrelevant. Many patients come to our clinic for consultations who are worried about scars and after-effects after cosmetic surgery. It is important to find the correct information to avoid falling victim to an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon.
June 05, 2024

Problems with anesthesia for armpit pain treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe receive many inquiries about re-treatment from patients who have received miraDry treatment but found it to be ineffective or have had a recurrence. Currently, more than half of the patients who come to our hospital for the first time who wish to receive treatment for underarm pain are patients who have undergone MiraDry treatment. Many patients complain of strong anesthesia pain and severe swelling and pain after surgery. It is highly unlikely that you will experience severe pain from anesthesia before armpit treatment. The anesthesia uses a local anesthetic called xylocaine. The chemical name is lidocaine hydrochloride and the pH is acidic. In fact, the pain during anesthesia is more painful than the pain from needle injection, and is caused by the infiltration of the acidic liquid xylocaine. At our hospital, we do our best to prevent pain so that our patients experience almost no pain. 1: Mix in an alkaline drug called Meiron to adjust the pH. 2: Dilute 2% xylocaine to 0.17%. 3: Inject with a thin needle. 4: Slowly inject the anesthetic. The pain can be significantly reduced by steps 1-4. Even elementary school students can safely undergo anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery treatment is self-funded and unlike insurance treatment, it requires medical skills and hospitality to eliminate pain and the patient's fear and anxiety as much as possible. We will provide treatment in a safe environment with the skills of not only the doctors but also the staff. Patients who experience severe pain from the anesthesia before miraDry treatment can undergo the treatment with peace of mind.
June 03, 2024

Participating in the 112th Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery (2)

Reading Time: <1 minuteOn May 30th and 31st, I participated in the 112th Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery held at the ANA InterContinental Hotel. There were some venues where there were so many participants that there was standing room only. Unfortunately, the quality of participants was poor. A comedy doctor who is not a doctor? There were quite a few participants from China, but their manners were not good. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt very uncomfortable. During presentations, talking privately, taking prohibited photographs, cutting into people's lines... I noticed a lot of insane behavior that doctors would never do. It may be good to have a successful conference due to an increase in the number of participants, but quality is also important. Priority should be given to doctors who have paid a high participation fee to participate. I was surprised at the announcement and PR that was too biased towards companies. Is there little evidence? ... The ultimate area is related to regenerative medicine. The number of fields that need to be considered most carefully is that there is no such agenda, and there are only announcements that exaggerate the benefits... Standardization and other issues are needed before announcing the benefits of gray zone exosome therapy and stem cell culture supernatant drip infusion. I felt the dark side of beauty medicine because there was no talk of any evidence. This is a session that is no longer an academic conference. Isn't it a good idea to openly promote the fact that there is no standardization or evidence at an academic conference? At the session at the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine, Dr. Akira Aoki, the president of the board, presented ideas based on EBM.
June 02, 2024

Participating in the 112th Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery (1)

Reading Time: <1 minuteI participated in the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery on May 30th and 31st. I was hoping for an academic presentation, but I'm disappointed, but I think this is more of a problem than PR for a company. I was often disappointed to hear that some doctors were presenting presentations that were considered to be similar to those of the Showa era, and that some doctors were announcing that the surgical techniques were equivalent to those of the Showa era. In particular, regarding the topic of gynecological labia minora reduction surgery, I was surprised that the surgical technique was a Showa era technique and was not performed with consideration to wound healing. In the presentation about labia minora reduction surgery, let's do small stitches, let's do medium stitches...that's impossible. There is no need to close sutures on mucosal surfaces such as the labia minora. The reason is that suturing is done on the mucosal surface, which heals better than on the skin, and should be sutured relatively roughly to avoid leaving suture marks as much as possible. The idea that the finer the suture is, the better, is a mistake when it comes to suturing, as it can impede blood flow and delay healing at the suture area. Also, due to the design, the incision was made abruptly, and the sutures did not match well. He designed the area where it was extremely difficult to design, and after anesthesia, he clamped the intestine with a spatula and made an incision, and the wound lined up perfectly at the same time as the incision. Incisions should not be made freehand. I was very disappointed because the presentation showed that other basic cosmetic surgery techniques were not properly learned. Since this is an academic conference, I would have liked to see new surgical techniques and surgical techniques that are beyond the standard presented. Patients are not aware of this fact. Presented at an academic conference... Amazing! You might think that. If you are aiming for a high-quality academic conference, you may need to carefully examine the topic of your presentation.
June 29, 2024

Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo Party & Solo Exhibition

Reading Time: 2 minutesMay 26th BVLGARI HOTEL TOKYO GALA Party & solo exhibition was held at BVLGARI HOTEL TOKYO. The Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo has never exhibited an artist's artwork before, and I had the fortunate opportunity to be the first artist to hold an art exhibition there. As an artist, I am proud to be able to exhibit my work at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo, known as Japan's best hotel, with its elegant, sophisticated interior, beauty, and spectacular views. This time, I have been working on creating a special artwork for a solo exhibition at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo. I am happy to be able to exhibit my work and have it seen by many people. Over 30 years of craftsmanship and experience as a cosmetic surgeon, knowledge of scientists, and precise creative techniques using cutting-edge lasers and cosmetic surgery equipment. Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists. We will further hone our artistic beauty sensibilities and work hard to provide patients with the best beauty care with confidence in our daily medical treatments.
June 02, 2024

Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists

Reading Time: <1 minuteIt's been almost 10 years since I started my career as an artist in earnest. As the world's only scientist and artist who is also a cosmetic surgeon, I create art using cutting-edge technology, 35 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, and craftsmanship. We explore and create the ultimate beauty using cosmetic medical lasers, surgical equipment used in cosmetic surgery, and other tools for creating art. Both cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are required to have excellent taste in this field of medicine. For it to be called beauty, it requires not only an understanding of beauty, but also the knowledge, experience, and medical technology to achieve it. Cosmetic surgeons are artists. Cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists change the color and shape of the skin by applying various drugs and physical stimuli to the skin, including hyaluronic acid, Botox, lasers, high frequencies, and ultrasound. Cosmetic surgery is a medical treatment that brings about visual beauty through changes in color and shape. The same goes for art. Artists use various art materials to create works by changing colors and shapes. Fortunately, as a scientist, cosmetic surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist, I am well versed in laser technology and the properties of light. We have been providing treatment for many years using various lasers and treatment equipment that utilizes cutting-edge technology. That experience and technology can be applied to next-generation art. In the art world where originality is valued, I would like to continue creating works until my works are appreciated around the world. My works are displayed in a gallery style at the Sakae Clinic, so please take a look when you visit.  
June 31, 2023

Thank you very much for this year.

Reading Time: <1 minute The medical treatment for 2023 ended yesterday. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the patients, vendors, and related parties who visited our hospital. Thanks to your tremendous support this year, we were able to provide the most cutting-edge and advanced aesthetic medicine. Personally, from November 24th to 26th, I was able to make my debut as an artist and co-host my first solo exhibition at the Imperial Family Gohanakoin temple, Sennyu-ji Temple, with world-renowned artist Hiro Toraksho. Cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are the ultimate artists. It is important to hone not only her knowledge and skills, but also her sense of style, and her clinical skills as an artist are also required. As an artist, I will continue to work hard until I receive worldwide recognition. Next-generation art creation using the world's most advanced aesthetic medical technology. As the world's only cosmetic surgeon artist, I'm aiming for the world again next year!
June 22, 2023

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid injection

Reading Time: <1 minuteHyaluronic acid injection is an effective treatment that can definitely improve wrinkles naturally. There are three types of wrinkles. Treatments are different for each type of wrinkle. ​ XNUMX: Expression wrinkles XNUMX: Wrinkles in the groove XNUMX: Wrinkles due to sagging There are roughly three types of wrinkles. XNUMX. Expression wrinkles can be effectively treated with Botox injections. His hyaluronic acid injections are effective for wrinkles in the grooves. XNUMX: For wrinkles caused by sagging, his HIFU treatment called Ultraformer is effective. Recently, more and more dermatology and dental facilities are offering hyaluronic acid injections. Vendors also hold injection seminars, but many doctors believe that injections are easier than surgery. However, it is impossible to master the technique of injecting the appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid into the targeted layer of the skin based on a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, just by practicing on dozens of cases. It requires many years of experience, intuition, and manual skill. I have provided guidance to many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, but there are only a few who can master the technique to inject the product into any area without any problems. In particular, if hyaluronic acid is injected into a blood vessel with the wrong layer at the time of injection, necrosis will occur in the tissue in the area of ​​the feeding artery. Although I have never personally experienced a single tragic case like this, the reality is that it has happened quite a few times at other medical institutions. Particular care must be taken when injecting lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows. At our clinic, we perform hyaluronic acid injections that are safe and pain-free, with a natural finish and a fully guaranteed treatment effect. Please feel free to contact us.  
June 21, 2023

Nose bridge formation by petit plastic surgery

Reading Time: <1 minuteSmall plastic surgery using high-concentration hyaluronic acid injection to create a nasal bridge is one of the procedures that has many needs and can be easily performed with almost no risk or downtime. Rather than making your nose higher, just adjusting the bridge of your nose can make a big difference in your impression. A so-called aquiline nose, a wavy nose, can make you feel uncomfortable because the line of the bridge of your nose disappears and is disconnected. Treatment time is only about XNUMX minute The risk is that internal bleeding may occur. There is no chance of swelling or post-operative infections or allergies. Please feel free to contact us.

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