Flow of treatment

Flow of treatment
Flow of treatment
1. Reservation by phone
We accept reservations for counseling by phone.
If you have any questions about the treatment or surgery before making your reservation, please call orContact FormPlease feel free to contact us.​
2. Receptionist
We will ask you for the name of your reservation.
3. Explanation of guidelines from specialized counselors
After carefully listening to your requests, our professional counselors will explain the treatment method and contents, and provide post-treatment simulations.
Since we are counselors who have actually experienced the treatment, we will carefully explain the process during and after the treatment in detail until you have no worries.
* Please be aware that not all the treatments performed at this hospital are experienced.
4. Examination and counseling by specialists
Suetake, director of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatologistWe will carefully examine and present case photos to help you with your concerns and wishes.
5. Procedures for applying for treatment
If you are satisfied with the application form and the contents of the procedure, you will be asked to sign a consent form.
* Please bring a seal (other than killer whale).
* Minors are required to bring either consent form or parents.
6.Payment of treatment fee
In addition to cash payments, we accept debit cards and various credit cards.
Please check the pricing page for details. We don't recommend loans at this hospital because it puts a burden on patients.
For course use, payment in installments (no interest) is available upon request.
As a general rule, the director is in charge of all treatments.
  • Depending on the type of treatment, treatment may be completed in 1 times, or it may be necessary to visit the hospital several times. The director will explain in detail.
  • In the case of facial treatment, it is necessary to remove makeup except for removing moles, injecting hyaluronic acid, and injecting BOTOX. Make-up removers are available, so please bring your own make-up tools necessary for your return trip.
8.After treatment/surgery
After most treatments, you can return home immediately.
We have a dedicated powder room and a dedicated lounge so you can take a rest and have a cup of tea if you want to be picked up.
9. Aftercare
Aftercare charges are included in the treatment fee. Please be assured that your doctor will not change.
If you have any concerns after a while, please feel free to contact us via toll-free number or email counseling.
10.Provide director's books and treatment materials
We provide the director's books and surgical materials to all patients scheduled for treatment.

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