Hot tub

Relax in the hot tub

What is a hot tub?

Healthy body and beauty in daily bath

A bicarbonate ion bath that has been developed from a thorough analysis of home-made natural carbonated springs (medical spas) in the country, and achieves the same neutral pH as the therapeutic springs and blood. The action of the active ingredient increases the warm bath effect, dilates the capillaries, increases blood flow, and improves metabolism.

When the hot tub is dissolved in hot water, fine carbon dioxide gas is generated. The carbon dioxide gas generated in the hot water is immediately neutralized to become neutral bicarbonate ions and hydrogen ions and dissolves in the hot water. If you can bathe in lukewarm water of 41 ℃ or less for 15 minutes, blood flow will rise and warm from the core of your body.

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Hot tub features

Relax in the hot tub
  • 1
    Triple effect of bicarbonate ion, hydrogen ion and citric acid!
    Bicarbonate ion cleans only the old keratin and does not remove the necessary moisturizing ingredients, making your skin lively, smooth and moisturized.
  • 2
    Kalki to zero
    Hydrogen ions make the calcium zero, making the hot water very soft. Can be used with confidence for those with sensitive skin and those with atopy.
  • 3
    Remove dirt from pores
    Cleans the scalp odor (mineral stains) as well as the odors of your feet and sweat.
  • 4
    Effect is 24 hours
    The generated carbon dioxide gas dissociates into bicarbonate ions and hydrogen ions and dissolves in hot water, so you can enjoy the 24 time effect even after foaming. The same effect can be realized if the family who comes in later can cook it.

How to use the hot tub


Fill the bathtub in your home with a tablet. The home bath is about 200 liters, so it will be a 3 tablet. If you soak in hot water for more than 15 minutes, you can take a bath effectively. * By setting the temperature of the hot water between 38 ℃ and 40 ℃, you can bathe for a long time without straining your body.

Face wash

Fill a large washbasin with hot water and put 1 to 2 tablets. Do not use soap, but wash your face while slowly soaking hot water in your skin. You can feel that the skin after washing is moist and smooth.

Foot bath

1 to 2 tablets are a guide. A large container that can be immersed under the knee is recommended.


HOT TAB Athlete RLX 30 Tablets 2,500 yen(Tax not included)
HOT TAB Athlete RLX 100 Tablets 7,200 yen(Tax not included)

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