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NEWA lift
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Pain similar to laser treatment *Treatment device with almost no downtime
This treatment uses blood plasma, which contains a large amount of platelets.
This therapeutic material is made by extracting platelets from the patient's own blood.

It is a recovery medicine that aims to cure by using the tissue repair ability of the growth factor of platelets contained in blood to enhance the intrinsic healing power. It is a treatment with very few side effects because it uses its own blood.

*Downtime is the period from treatment to recovery.

What is NEWA lift?

Tighten functionality
specialized facial equipment

NEWA Lift is a facial beauty device that concentrates only sub-microwave waves, which have been used in professional treatments, to tighten the skin.

Focusing on the skin's self-healing power in dermatology, the technology using sub-microwaves is used to deepen the skin with 3DEEP technology, which works on the skin's original functions.

NEWA lift

Features of NEWA lift

Dermatology technology DEEP technology

Long-term tightening effect that many people who use NEWA lift realize.

Sub-microwaves are applied between symmetrical electrodes to simultaneously reach three different depths of the skin.
It warms widely and deeply from the dermis to the subcutaneous tissue.

This is a full-fledged facial beauty device that focuses on ``skin tightening'' without adding any unnecessary functions, from the design to the parts to the gel.
The skin feeling brought about by the NEWA Lift technology is one of the reasons why so many people are satisfied.

3 easy steps,
Short-term intensive care

3 easy steps

Cleaning the NEWA lift ends in 4 minutes on one cheek and 8 minutes on both cheeks.
A treatment that feels warm to the back of the skin and feels a good feeling.
Carefully looking at the mirror and watching TV, the professional finish in no time.
The reason why the NEWA lift is so popular is that it can be used easily.


In-hospital experience5,000 Yen(5,500 yen)
NEWA lift62,800 Yen(69,080 yen)

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