Reading Time: <1 minute Our hospital has been manufacturing doctor's cosmetics in-house since we opened our doors. We purchase cosmetic raw materials from raw material manufacturers and mix them within our clinic facilities to produce lotion-type vitamin C derivative lotions, which are basic cosmetics. There are few doctors who are familiar with the basic knowledge of weight loss and manufacturing methods for manufacturing cosmetics, and even those who do not have the knowledge of private practitioners can easily create doctor's cosmetics in the hospital. Cosmetic production tips] We have released the video VIDO of volume 3 of the series. The advantage of in-house manufacturing is that it is possible to make fine adjustments, adjust the amount of methylparaben with preservatives, change to phenoxyethanol, etc., and manufacture what he calls preservative-free formulations. General cosmetics contain various preservatives to ensure a three-year shelf life. It has the advantage of being able to produce so-called raw cosmetics, and is suitable for those who are reluctant to add preservatives. However, you should be careful with cosmetics that do not contain any preservatives, as they are prone to oxidation and may even be harmful to your skin. As long as you are practicing cosmetic dermatology, a minimum knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and manufacturing is essential.