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Antioxidant and aging care effects of vitamin C

Vitamin C exerts a powerful antioxidant effect when it is oxidized, but at the same time it generates a large amount of hydrogen peroxide.When hypervitamin drips are administered into the blood, normal cells can neutralize hydrogen peroxide, but cancer cells cannot neutralize this and die.In other words, hypervitamin drips act as an ``anticancer agent'' on cancer cells, and as an activator on normal cells.In addition, it does not cause toxicity or damage to normal cells, which is the case with ordinary anti-cancer drugs, so there is no need to worry about side effects.

Currently, it is used as a new adjuvant / alternative therapy for cancer treatment, the prevention of viral diseases, and the effects of cell activation.

Even if you take large amounts of vitamin C with oral preparations, you cannot reach a certain level in the blood. It has been confirmed that various effective effects can be brought into the body by directly administering hypervitamin by intravenous drip and raising the blood concentration at a stretch.

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